Sunday, August 7, 2016

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in Candeur et Expérience from Fall 2016 Le Rouge Collection N°1

Chanel's Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in Candeur et Expérience (#268, $61) from the Fall 2016 Le Rouge Collection N°1 was not designed for the timid. When I first saw it in print, I thought there was no way I would purchase it. Then, after a professional application, avoiding the red shade on my eyes, I was sold. Amazing how those things happen to beauty mavens.

Because this quad isn't your everyday palette, Chanel offers suggestions for how to use it.

A is supposed to be your highlighting shade, allied over the entire lid. B should be used to shade and contour. C, the brick red, is also suggested for shading and contouring. D is a shade you can use to intensify. On me, we used it as an eyeliner.

As usual, my photo taken in full sunshine is displays the colors more accurately than Chanel's photo above. The shades have more life in them than Chanel would leave you thinking on their Web site.

I swatched with a sponge-tipped applicator and took my photos in full late-morning sunshine. I swatched clockwise, starting with the upper left warm brown and finishing with the dark red.

All three browns are warm. I especially like the two on the top level. They are vibrant. The red, when layered with the browns gives you the effect shown on the model (Kristen Stewart) at the top of this feature. It blends to produce a copper shade.

My eyelids are particularly sensitive to red dyes, so we applied the red shade as a blush on me - very lightly. Our application was much lighter than I was able to achieve with a sponge-tipped applicator, but it was hot outside, and I didn't feel like running into wash the oily eye makeup remover off my arm and start again with a thin layer of moisturizer. So what you see is an uneven application. I hope you get the idea of an intense color that can be moderated with your blush or powder brush for a lovely autumnal shade.

It's actually pretty on the face, but I think I'd opt for Rouge Profond when given the choice. I hope you can see that the colors - no matter how you use them - coordinate nicely to produce the avant garde effect for which Ms. Pica had aimed. If you want to watch a film on application, hop over to this link and click on the tutorial. It appears my computer still isn't entirely ready to roll. I can't get it to play (ARGH!).

Le Rouge Collection N°1 has arrived at Chanel counters. For those of you who don't have easy access to one, please call Nicky Hashemi at (202) 966-9700. Use my name. Ask for the Chanel counter. If you want to order online, just hop over to this Chanel link.

Photos at top courtesy of Chanel; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...

The red shade is beautiful. It can be blended with the darkest shade or used in the crease as Eileen suggested. It is a part of the eye quad. It was not intended to be used as a blush. Any counter person who would suggest such a thing is simply trying to make a sale from someone s/he sees as an easy mark. Wearing the red shade as a blush is like making Secretariat pull a milk wagon.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, I totally disagree with you. It was my idea to use the red as a blush. You don't really think makeup artists confine themselves to vendor descriptions?

Maybe you might want to take a course in pigments for fun.

meredith said...

I like that Chanel is going outside the box...I haven't bought a quad from Chanel in a long time because I felt that they were hit and miss and always more of the same. This is something I would try but would probably have a savvy MUA work with me on first. I'd want to know their suggestions for using that red. I'm totally intrigued. Thanks for sharing this-I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

With or without the red this is a very pretty eyeshadow. All the instagrams and youtube videos show that one can go light handed or more dramatic with this. Using the eyeshadow as a blush is a great idea and it doesn't have the fragrence or lanolin alcohol that the blushes have.

Jill said...

Thank you for the swatches CG and the idea about using the red as a blush. I use eye shadows as highlighters sometimes too so why not blusher? I loved when you mentioned that before. It's made me so so tempted to get this quad but I think with your swatches here it's just not going to work with my coloring. I wouldn't use it enough to justify. Still gorgeous and I'm glad for all it will work for because I know you'll be looking beautiful!!

Eileen said...

I'm not going to go into raptures over the palette because I've already done that--several times! LOL. Suffice it to say that I find the russety-red shade eminently wearable as an eyeshadow. If warm browns suit you, do not be intimidated by the red. It adds richness and depth to the other shades. In short, they all work together to create gorgeous gradients of color that smolder. Can someone use the russety-red shade as a blusher? Sure, why not, although Chanel has already created a stunning red blusher to go with this particular collection--Rouge Profond. It reminds me a bit of Rouge from the Byzance pre-fall 2011 collection.

Hi Meredith,

Once you've played with the red a bit, you'll be surprised at just how versatile a color it is. To avoid the bunny look, just keep it away from the inner corners of your eyes which are red to begin with. If you're young, you can get away with emphasizing the red color the way Christine at Temptalia did. If's positively stunning on her! If you're a geezer like me (lol), you'll want to be more subtle with it. But what I find interesting is that even though more than four decades separate Christine and I, we can both successfully wear this palette. Lucia Pica's concept is genius!

Tatiana said...

Even without the red shade, this one made me look like I was either dog tired or crying my eyes out. Just not for me.

Charlestongirl said...

Tatiana, and that's OK. That's why each season there are so many introductions. Something for everyone.

Nan P said...

Thank you Charleston Girl for your creative way of showing us that brick red without compromising your eyes to the red dye sensitivity. I think we can all agree this quad is stunning and there are different ways to use it, as well as it just might not be some peoples' jam. Hey - that's OK - right? Personally I like it on myself the way it's demonstrated on the Chanel site video, but that's just me ☺️ I'm new to commenting but have followed you for a long time, and I love hearing about and seeing products I might not have necessarily discovered on my own, as well as the tips and comments of others. Be well and have a good week y'all!

Alison said...

The red is the only color in the quad I can pull off, it;s a great crease shade. But browns are not my thing. If I got it I would use the other colors for the brow. I love the blush though.

Unknown said...

Dear Charleston Girl, I brought this quad even through I really do not need another quad. This quad is something different from Chanel and hopefully a sign of things to come in the future. The texture and pigments are great for mature eyelids and blending is easy, this is a joy to use, I tried the red as a touch of blush with a light hand with a better than expected outcome. I am now using this quad as a basic as these colours and textures mix and matches with so many other eyeshadows palettes.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Nan! Glad you joined us in these comments.

Charlestongirl said...

Heather, you mentioned the texture. I found it very creamy for a powder. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Wear whatever color or apply wherever you wish.
I have been told by many how I should be.
Too old now to care what people think about me.
Life is fleeting and too short.
Like your posts and other people's comments.
The comments are so fiery is like we are talking about politics.