Thursday, June 17, 2010

IF Eau de Parfum by Apothia

I feel like a honey bee when I spray IF Eau de Parfum ($80) by Apothia. I can't keep my nose away from it. If you like white flower fragrances, you will adore IF.

IF is the last of the fragrances I had purchased at Henri Bendel in February and saved for later. I like to unwrap treats when I need them. After feeling battered and bruised after some tough incidents at work, I unwrapped IF. A quick spray lifted my mood, and my curiosity soared.

IF had been suggested by Giuseppe Intili after I professed my love for white flowers and tuberose. What I couldn't figure out right away was what additional scents contributed to an almost instant euphoria for a floral fragrance lover. I did some quick Google searches (IF isn't new), looking for an explanation for my feeling that I had stumbled upon a secret garden. I found nothing overt in the reviews that explained my attraction. So, I wore IF every day this week, asking myself as I sprayed it, "What is that divine note mixed with my beloved tuberose?"

I think I've got it! It's honeysuckle. What's really strange about all the online reviews I read is that they imply that IF offers a quick citrus (grapefruit and yuzu) burst, followed by exotic flowers and a sexy musk dry-down. Okie dokie. Maybe I am a total loser when it comes to recognizing or characterizing scents. To me, IF is not citrusy at all. It's floral through and through - a white flower lover's dream. There isn't much of a dry-down either. It's floral and then it's gone. The ephemeral pleasure is the only thing I can find to criticize about IF. It doesn't hang around for long - a few hours at most.

If you would like to try IF Eau de Parfum, it's carried at Amazon and Ron Robinson online. I purchased mine at Henri Bendel. You can order a sample for $5 at Ron Robinson.

Photo courtesy of Ron Robinson

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