Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rosebud Salve in a Tube

I've always loved Rosebud Salve, the cult-favorite, multipurpose balm that soothes dry lips, hydrates anywhere you apply it, calms and heals irritation (feels good on cuts), and soothes the sting of minor burns. If there had been anything I could find to criticize in the past, it was that little round pan. It was quite inconvenient to carry around in my makeup bag. Rosebud Salve was limited to my desk and bedside.

Someone at Rosebud must have gotten the vibes from me - and all the tube lovers in the world. Rosebud Salve in a Tube ($6) is now available! I can have it with me 24 hours/day.

Rosebud Salve has a hint of rose scent, which adds a delicately aromatic touch without overpowering or cloying as a more heavily fragranced product might. It's a mini moisturizing miracle! The product matches the hype.

You can buy the new tube at Sephora, my usual source for Rosebud. I'm a happy gal. I have one in my purse now.

Photo courtesy of Sephora


Anna said...

i much prefer my lip products in a tube instead of a tin- seems more hygienic that way

Charlestongirl said...

Me too, Anna! Although I try to have clean hands when I dip into my cans of Rosebud, the tube is much better.