Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kō Denmark Organic Jasmine + Neroli Roll-On Perfume

I'm tipsy from another rollerball! Kō Denmark Organic Jasmine + Neroli Roll-On Perfume ($45) is created with pure flower oils. Jasmine and neroli oils are known for their enticing scents. Both oils were originally traded along the silk road in the 16th century by European aristocrats. I'm carrying that legacy around with me in my little roll-on fragrance.

Barely two inches tall, this little wonder is packed with purity. The ingredients are organic grape alcohol, Indian jasmine grandiflorum absolute, and Tunisian neroli essential oil. That's it! Three ingredients! With nothing to confuse the pure scents of jasmine and neroli, this little fragrance is intoxicating. I know we overuse the word "intoxicating," but I don't know a better way to describe a scent that pulls in my nose like a magnet finds stray paper clips.

Kō Denmark’s has based a small, boutique line around its two pure organic key ingredients: jasmine and neroli. It takes one ton of flower blossoms to produce just 16 ounces of oil, which makes those two flowers five times more precious than silver! As an antique silver lover, I find that amazing. It also explains the price of this little wonder.

In an "Underground Beauty" article in Allure, I found the following teaser.

Most of us would be hard-pressed to recall an experiment we performed in high school chemistry class, but Henriette Holst has made a career out of one. The assignment? Create a soap from vegetable and plant oils like jojoba. Her grade? 11 out of 13 (her school was in Denmark). Holst continued making the soap for family and friends through college and then, five years ago, turned her hobby into a business. The first product she sold - a jojoba-and-organic-aloe-juice lotion scented with jasmine and neroli flower oils - has developed a following around Seattle. "I wanted a top notch moisturizing lotion for my sensitive skin that was free of artificial fragrance and preservatives," Holst says. She spent two years researching essential oils, consulted an aromatherapist and chemist along the way, and drew on her Danish roots to design the packaging.

How could I not try it? I love jasmine and neroli, I have sensitive skin, and there's always a reason cult fragrances are so popular (just use Child as your example). I decided to introduce myself to the line by purchasing the rollerball. Now I must have the body wash and body lotion. Then I'll be a total Kō groupie. I plan to order them so that they arrive in January, a brutal, sterile month when fragrance treats are a delight. I can't think of a natural scent I associate with January - or February. Once the natural world stirs, I make associations. Months bring memories from the garden. Even December - not the most active time in the garden - is associated with pine, which so many of us carry into our homes. January? I draw a blank.

If you want to try a fragrance that's extremely portable and will stop others in their tracks, try Jasmine + Neroli. You can find it at the Kō Denmark Web site; Beautyhabit, where I bought mine; and b~glowing, which introduced it recently.

Photo courtesy of Kō Denmark


On the Glam said...

Laura Hoffman's Tunisian Neroli is one of my all time favorites. I'm obsessed with Neroli scents so I'll definitely have to give this a try!

Charlestongirl said...

Yum, love Lisa Hoffman's fragrances! If you love neroli, you will love this one. Combined with the jasmine, it's heavenly.