Monday, December 6, 2010

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Rose Demure, Demi Buff, and Blush Allure

Three new lipsticks, three new loves! There were three new Ultra Slick Lipsticks ($32) in my Edward Bess box from Bergdorf Goodman. When I talked to my favorite gals from Edward Bess, all three shades sounded irresistible, and my faith was rewarded when I tore into my box. Three different shades of pink - all gorgeous - in "one fell swoop."

Here they are, shown in my photo at right. From left to right, they are Rose Demure (#14), Demi Buff (#15), and Blush Allure (#16). They are a wardrobe of pinks!

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick is described as seductive, a way to accent the curves of your lips with irresistible, radiant color. The creamy, long-wearing formula delivers superior hydration (really, it's not "just a claim"). Ultra Slick smoothes and shapes the lips with an exclusive treatment for a sensual pout. I like the way it feels on my lips, and it's as long-lasting as any "long-lasting" lipsticks I like (meaning they feel good).

I have mentioned many times since April, when I purchased my first Edward Bess cosmetics, that I find his line elegant, luxurious, and extremely satisfying. There's something about his colors that makes me think of his birthplace, Charleston, South Carolina, one of my favorite cities in the world. My new lipsticks, along with the new Deep Shine Lip Glosses, could not be more pleasing. They are awesome pinks for anyone - warm enough for warm-toned skin and flattering and warming for us cool types. I don't know how he continues to successfully create shades that work for so many of us.

At left are swatches - I wanted you to see how gorgeous each shade is. At the top on my arm (the photo was taken in full sun), Rose Demure is "the perfect light rose." Having just the right amount of intensity, it gleams on my lips, adding the color that my complexion doesn't offer. Demi Buff is shown in the middle. A rose-toned brown (or brown-toned rose), it's perfect for wearing with purple, red, and other shades of clothing that can't take co-exist with pink lipsticks and blushers. This shade, when added to the rose in my lips, is stunning. Blush Allure is a very light pink - lighter on my lips than it looks on my arm. It's a very light pink on my lips, but the coloring in your own lips will determine how the shade translates on you. I have a pink jacket that I'll start wearing again in January, and the lipstick and jacket are going to be smashing together. I don't always try to be matchy-matchy (I'll wear taupe eyes with a grey outfit), but some lipstick shades just fit with certain shades in my clothing. I talked to a makeup artist about that this weekend. He agreed that lip color and blush can be jarring if they don't coordinate with what you are wearing.

I really can't select a favorite of the three - too hard. However, if I had to choose only one (under some kind of dire threat), I think it would be Demi Buff. Rose, charming, feminine, and "grounded," Demi Buff makes me look alive - it's one of those lip colors that "just works," enhancing my natural lip color, but making it better. It's a shade I think I can wear with everything (not just red and purple), so I suspect it has to go in my purse to have it on-hand at all times. That means there's a second one in my future.

Ultra Slick Lipsticks do have a fruity scent and taste, but they don't seem as fragranced to me as the lightly fragranced Deep Shine Lip Glosses do. I would prefer that they had no fragrance, but fortunately, the scent and taste don't stick around as long as the lip color does! If you do prefer some flavor on your lips, you'll find Edward's lipsticks and glosses to be sheer perfection.

Hearing from Susan Babakhanova and Jennifer Schwartz at Bergdorf Goodman that there are new Edward Bess colors is always exciting. I can tell that Edward takes his time when creating new shades; there's nothing rushed about the results. I suspect he's a perfectionist. When the Bergdorf experts told me that the new lip colors were all pinks, I jumped for joy. Since I have to shop by phone, like most of you, I order with their help, and they have never been wrong. Isn't that amazing?

I'm going to have fun this week trying all the combinations of my new lipsticks and lip glosses from Edward Bess. I'm sure I'll realize I have 36 new lip shades - not just six!

You too can become an Edward Bess regular - even if you don't have a local source. If you want to order from Bergdorf Goodman, just give Susan or Jennifer a call at (212) 872-8826. They provide professional and friendly assistance, and they will keep you informed when new items are anticipated. They have helped me select Edward Bess shades that are perfect for me, and I'm sure they can do the same for you. Now, Edward Bess devotees in Los Angeles and Houston can see and purchase the line at Neiman Marcus. I'm insanely jealous. How is it that the DC area doesn't rate an Edward Bess counter? We are supposed to be the center of the universe (just kidding).

You can also see the complete line at Edward Bess online and visit with Edward Bess at Facebook. See if the magic of this elegant makeup lures you.

Photo at top courtesy of Edward Bess


Anonymous said...

You can also buy Edward Bess online at x

Charlestongirl said...

Gals, that comment references a UK site.

Eileen said...

A lovely review, Charlestongirl. I bet your beauty brain has been working overtime coming up with various ways to combine your new glosses and lipsticks. As always, thanks for sharing your goodies with us. "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning . . . " :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Eileen!

Now about that song. I think it has the same qualities as "It's a Small World," and I will be hearing it in my mind for days! One trip to Disneyland or Disney World, and "It's a Small World" will be with you for a LONG time.

L.P. said...

Great review! Have a question-- is Demi Buff too similar to Tender Rose or Deep Lust to own both?

Anonymous said...

I think I need Demi Buff.


Gaby said...

I got the Blush Allure also and was surprised at how light it was though still a pretty color. Definitely more of a spring look for me. Sorry I missed you on Saturday at Neimans, got there later in the afternoon. I couldn't believe how busy it was !!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Veuve, you are asking the gal who wants everything Edward Bess to choose? It's "way different" from Deep Lust, which is much more brown-coral. Did you mean Tender Love by chance? Also different! You need Demi Buff - we all do. It's incredible.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Gabriela! I am so sorry I missed you. I left around 1:00, maybe 1:15 - who's checking when they are having a blast? Hope you had fun! It was hopping with Chantecaille fans.

I agree that the Blush Allure is surprisingly light on the lips. It will be a better spring and summer shade than a holiday shade (when we may want to pack a little more punch with color). For now, though, I'm going to be living in Demi Buff!

MarciaF said...

Gorgeous lipsticks but I can't do the fragrance of them. Oh well, money saved.

Charlestongirl said...

Have you tried them, Marcia? The fragrance really does wear off quickly. They are not at all like the fragranced "Brits" I can't wear.

L.P. said...

Thanks, Charlestongirl! I did indeed mean Tender Love in my previous comment. Demi Buff is on my wishlist now!

Charlestongirl said...

Great, Veuve, I think you will LOVE it! Let me know, please. I always like to hear how others like the things I love.