Friday, December 24, 2010

Chanel Ombres à Paupières Quatuor in Regard Perlé for Spring 2011

Chanel's Quadra Eye Shadow, 20 Regard Perlé ($56) for Spring 2011 should not be overlooked just because we are all smitten with Ombres Perlées de Chanel. Ombres à Paupières Quatuor in Regard Perlé has a lot going for it.

The photo of Regard Perlé on Chanel's Web site is not true, so I took my own. It's much closer to the appearance of the four shadows in the compact. The only problem with my photo is that you can't really see the green in the upper left shade in the quad. What I find interesting is that the green cast that I can see clearly with my eye in the pan doesn't translate onto my arm. The shade is much more charcoal on the skin - similar to what the camera captures. I haven't had it long enough to play with the color in different lights or with other colors to see if I can force the green into the limelight.

There is nothing revolutionary about these four shades - they are simply pleasing. I swatched the quad clockwise, starting at the top left. All shadows were applied with a sponge-tipped applicator, and my photo was taken in sun.

The pink shade is pretty; I like the tone. The ivory shade is a great highlighter. I've even used a light application as a wash across my lower lid and as a base for layering other shades to create my own look. It's useful! The star of the show for me is the peach shade. It's peach, but it also has nuances of gold and bronze. It's a stunning hybrid of all three colors, and I suspect I'll wear it more often than the other three shades. If you have blue or green eyes, the peach shade will make them pop!

The texture of these shadows is creamy for a powder, and you shouldn't suffer from shadow fallout on your cheekbones. The shimmer - more of a gleam - is tame. It's much tamer than other Chanel shadows of late, so I think it will be a nice addition to your spring makeup wardrobe.

You can see and purchase Ombres à Paupières Quatuor in Regard Perlé and the rest of Les Perles de Chanel at Chanel's own Web site and Chanel counters everywhere.

Photos by BTiB


Polarbelle said...

I really want this. But I wanted the pearl palette more, and I am like totally in love with Cham Pale. I didn't think I would be, but oh the glory of the subtle shimmers, mmmmmm, mama like! So I'm on the fence about if I need this too. Feel free to push me to one side or the other. lol

Eileen said...

This quad is an easy to wear, delightful breath of spring air. It will be refreshing after all the glitter and glitz of the holidays to softly glow rather than shine :-) Although there are plenty of colors out there (many by Chanel) that are similar to those that are in this quad, none will have this creamy formulation and luminescent pearl glow. That's what makes this quad a must for all you Chanel fans. For those who have not yet tried Chanel, this quad would make a wonderful introduction.

Re: Fallout. I've read some comments wherein readers ask about fallout. I have not experienced any fallout with this quad or any of my other Chanel quads. I use Kanebo Sensai eyelid base, which is moisturizing, and I lightly tap off any excess pigment that is on my brush. I find that my shadows apply smoothly and evenly and that they stay put throughout the day even when I've built up the pigment for more intense color. If a shadow has a lot of visible glitter, I pat it on first and then blend. But fallout? Not a problem.

Charlestongirl said...

Hmmmm...You don't "need" this one Polarbelle. It's really nice, though, so if you can afford to get it, do! The sheen it imparts makes it unique, even though you probably have shades that are similar.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen, nicely put!

I don't get that fallout either, and I also use a primer. I brought it up because of the bad rap Chanel has received over fallout and the texture of some of its more sparkly shadows.

Unknown said...

I use Shadow Insurance and found that the green showed far more clearly over the primer, than just on the skin, that "iridescence" seems to come through more clearly! It's just beautiful!