Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chanel Lucky Stripes Iridescent Powders for Eyes and Cheeks from Las Vegas de Chanel Collection

The Las Vegas de Chanel was launched exclusively at Chanel's newly renovated Chanel Boutique at Bellagio. Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup and eye behind the collection, was inspired by the vibrant colors and luxury of Las Vegas. The exclusive collection features Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliant, Precision Lip Definer in Vegas Gold, Le Vernis in Gold Fingers, and a very exclusive creation, a face highlighter palette in Lucky Stripes. The centerpiece of Chanel's new Las Vegas de Chanel Collection is definitely the Lucky Stripes Iridescent Powders for Eyes and Cheeks (Poudres Irridescentes Yeux et Joues) ($95).

I was able to snap a few photos of Lucky Stripes in the late afternoon, when the sun made a very brief appearance before it set. Yesterday, my FedEx guy showed up late in the day, so I had missed the best photography window. I also snapped a few photos of the palette, including the one above, before I dug into it. I took my swatch photos this morning.

As you can see on my arm, the blended effect, swiping horizontally across all the shades, is golden. I think Lucky Stripes should be categorized as a shimmering, warm gold highlighter (the warmth comes from the peach and and brown stripes). I had to swatch the powder extremely heavily to get decent photos; it's sheer. I applied multiple layers of each swatch with a sponge-tipped applicator. A blended swatch of all shades is shown at the top of my arm. Just for fun, I swatched the peach color alone and the gold color alone in thin stripes on my arm - not easy to single out. You'll see a swatch of all of the colors blended and applied with a dense blush brush at the bottom of my arm.

Chanel appropriately named Lucky Stripes iridescent. It's very sparkly. This highlighter would not be office-appropriate in my world. It's part of the Las Vegas Collection, so the showy, theatrical look fits. Those pretty stars in the palette will be history after a few applications. I abused my palette just to see if they were somehow embossed deeply. They aren't.

The powder itself is very "powdery." When I used/tested the powder the first few times, swiping across it with a sponge and brush, I had sparkly powder particles flying everywhere. In a sense, not color or palette design, it reminds me of Ombres Tissées Iridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges. When I open the compact, there is powder everywhere. In the short amount of time I've tested it, I've seen the color fade while the shimmer remained. In fairness, I've only had it since yesterday, and I haven't applied it with foundation underneath.

Like all Chanel products, the Lucky Stripes Iridescent Powders for Eyes and Cheeks is nicely packaged. The compact comes in a velveteen envelope, and in a separate velveteen envelope, I found a tapered brush, suggesting an application on the cheekbones.

Did I "need" Lucky Stripes? No. It's one of the "products of the moment," and I felt like I needed it for my blog. I'd recommend you consider your current stock of sparkly highlighters and whether you need another. If you do, Lucky Stripes will delight you. The lovely Gloria at the Chanel at Bellagio Boutique helped me. You can reach her at (702) 765-5505.

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


natassha68 said...

Hi, Ithank you for the swatch of lucky stripes, I was wondering if you would compare this at all to MAC Shimpagne???

Charlestongirl said...

Sorry, Natassha!

Although I ordered two MAC products last week and have ordered a few things in the past, I'm not a MAC person. From the photos of MAC Shimpagne I've seen, I would guess it's entirely different.

natassha68 said...

Alrighty , Thanks though for your responce !

vintageporcelaindoll said...

Very dazzling, I love the peach and gold hues, they seem like they'd be very flattering. Great swatches as always!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Vintageporcelaindoll!

The narrowness of the stripes makes them hard to pick up individually. It's possible, but not practical.