Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lancôme Rouge in Love High Potency Lip Color

Lancôme's newest lip color is Rouge in Love High Potency Lip Color ($25). Here's how Lancôme introduced it.

True love stays, never fades. Finally, the long-wear lip color you love to wear. This collection of radiant, high-potency colors, with up to six hours of wear, is surprisingly featherlight, offering delightful comfort. Discover the lip color that describes you best, and let your lip color speak to uncover your mood, any time of the day.

The astounding 21 shades are categorized in three moods...

Jolis Matins (Pretty morning) - ready‑to‑wear and luminous fresh day shades that recreate daylight on the lips with mother of pearl for subtle and soft brilliance. Jolis Matin shades are identified with the letter "M" in the shade number.

Boudoir Time - Trendy, punchy "it" shades that give color to the lips thanks to intense, contrasted mother of pearl. These shades offer an intense, bright color reflection. They are perfect for evening. The Bourdoir Time shades are identified with the letter "B" in the shade number.

Tonight is My Night - offers sophisticated, intense, and luminous shades to give depth to the lips and brighten a night out with a deep lacquered effect. The Tonight is My Night shades are identified with the letter "N" in the shade number.

You know me; I'm a Jolie Matins kind of gal. The first color I selected was #217M, Delicate Lace. It belongs to the Browns-Neutrals family and is described as a nude, mauve rose. The other color families are Dark Brown, Pinks-Berries, and Red-Corals. Each shade within these color families is also categorized into one of the three "moods."

Many of the other shades are more intense - and might overwhelm my workday face. Delicate Lace is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and preferences. Because Rouge in Love offers full-coverage lip color, I can't wear (comfortably) shades that are too intense. Delicate Lace looks like it was made for me. Long-wear color is facilitated by a new generation polymer, which makes this ultra-light lipstick extremely comfortable. An "oil-concentrated deposit on the lips" offers the comfort of a balm. Shiny silicon creates the brilliance of a gloss, allowing a one-step process for out-the-door brilliance.

If you have any doubts about Delicate Lace, take a look at these swatch photos, which were taken in full sun. Not only is the color gorgeous, the shine is magnificent. You may wonder why I'd make room for another mauve-rose-pink lip color. Feel this one on your lips, and you'll understand. Factor in the excellent wear time, and you'll want to give Rouge in Love a whirl.

I purchased my Delicate Lace at Neiman Marcus. The new lip colors are available or will be available soon at all Lancôme counters. You can also find them at the Lancôme Web site. I'm going to be checking out additional shades. Lasting Kiss and Sweet Embrace are calling my name.

Photo at top courtesy of Lancôme; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Leticia said...

This looks beautiful! Perfect for a softer look

Maggie said...

I can't wait to get some of these! I almost caved yesterday, with my very trusted SA commenting on how creamy and long-lasting they are. I have to say, the color range is superb.

nikki said...

My SA called and told me I needed to get some of these! I went up there and they are gorgeous! I got roses in love and it is gorgeous!!!! I got the last one too. They must be popular already!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leticia!

The color I selected is soft and pretty. So are some of the others. Many though, offer a kapow effect. :)

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Maggie, your trusted SA wouldn't steer you wrong.

Charlestongirl said...

Oh my, Nikki! I had no idea they were selling through so fast. Cool!

Anonymous said...

The colors are lovely. As we age, all of us (myself certainly included develop prominent veins and tendons) that do not photograph particularly well. I certainly appreciate and applaude your dedication to The Best Things
In Beauty, but...but,

makeup magpie said...

I had been wondering what this shade would look like. Apparently it is the shade Kate Winslet wore at the Golden Globes. So pretty! Thanks for the swatches & great review :)

Kris B peonylover@yahoo.com said...

I bought 2 of these lipsticks LOVE them- they really do last a good 4 to 6 hours and are creamy