Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Shadow in Pot of Gold

The Non-Blonde and The Beauty Look Book have both featured Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Shadows ($26) recently. They left me more than curious - interested enough that I've placed two orders with Barneys New York. I received Pot of Gold Prismasilk Eye Shadow with my first order.

I was notified a day after I ordered that other shades I selected were back-ordered. That was a bummer. I ended up with only one eye shadow. Fortunately, I ordered other Sunday Riley makeup to try. At least I received one eye shadow to "discover."

Sunday Riley's multifunctional wet or dry formula can be used as a traditional eyeshadow or as a precision eye liner. The ultra-fine, long-wear formulation is air-milled for exquisite texture and rich, stay-true color. Micronized spherical pigment particles impart effortless blendability and instantly satisfying color payoff.

The Prismasilk Eye Shadows are offered in a range of finishes, from matte to satin to illuminating shimmers. I am always drawn to shimmer shadows, and Pot of Gold (#112) looked perfect for me (as much as one can tell with online swatches).

I took my swatch photos in full sun - and cold, dry wind that kept blowing specs of "stuff" onto me and the products I was photographing. Despite all that, I think my swatches show the stunning gold of the well-named Pot of Gold pretty well. It's not bright yellow gold, but it's not antique gold either. I think it's a blend of those two shades - a blend that I love and a color I will wear frequently.

The texture of this Sunday Riley eye shadow is nice and creamy for a powder. It applies evenly and easily, despite the powdery fall-out around the compact (a feature of many powder eye shadows). I applied it for my photos with a sponge-tipped applicator, and there was virtually no debris. I've tested it with a brush, and it applied well, but with a little debris that I cleaned up easily. If you use a slightly damp brush, there's no fall-out. Once applied, the gleaming (not glittery) color lasts for a full day.

When I first unwrapped Pot of Gold, my reaction to the packaging wasn't positive. I thought the clear plastic top on the compact, embossed with "SR," looked cheap. After I thought about it, I realized that it would be useful for easy identification if I had a handful of Sunday Riley eye shadows - a goal. The price is reasonable, so I got over it quickly.

I have a list of shades I'd think I'd enjoy next. Once Barneys restocks after its gift bag event, I'll order more. I think I'd like to have some of the shades Gaia and Sabrina bought next. They are variations of neutral shades that are in my comfort zone. When I have more shades, those clear plastic tops will come in handy.

Have you tried Prismasilk Eye Shadow? What do you think?

Photo at top courtesy of Barneys; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


KathyT said...

They look so pretty, but it's hard not being able to see them in person. They seem like complex colors. I am going to check on them again when Barney's restocks, and I might have to find one or two to try out.

Nemo said...

I notice cheap packaging, too. And poor service. Such was the case with my recent Armani order from their web site itself. My order was never acknowledged, nor was I informed that it was shipped. When it finally arrived, it was in a cheap brown box packaged as nonprofessionally as I have ever seen. My husband said any larger package falling on it would have crushed it. The Armani eye palette had no splatter shield, no brushes or applicators, and it is more expensive than Chanel, which comes with both a shield and applicators. Furthermore, the eye pencils I ordered--gold and copper--were cheap, too. Worst of all, the entire tip on the gold pencil broke off in the corner of my eye! No sharpeners included. All was returned and never again will I order Armani.

nikki said...

I almost pulled the trigger on few a while ago. I got one of the blushes instead and it is nice!

Charlestongirl said...

KathyT, I love the one color i was able to get. I'm looking forward to getting more. A guy a Barneys said he would give me a call when more stock arrives.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo,

So were your issues with Armani or Barneys? I am confused by your comment.

Charlestongirl said...


I'm afraid Gaia and Sabrina have created a new addiction for me.

Nemo said...

Not with Barney's. I have never ordered from that store. No, I ordered the Eye Palette #2 and the 2 eye pencils directly from the Armani site.

Eileen said...

Hi Nemo,

I hope you reported the lack of order confirmation and shipping notification, and the poor quality of the shipping packaging to Armani. Automated confirmation e-mails and tracking numbers have become so ubiquitous, there is no reason for Armani to keep their customers in the dark.

As for your quad's lack of applicators, if you look at photos of Armani quads, it is pretty obvious that they don't come with applicators so there shouldn't have been any surprise or disappointment there. Armani blushers don't come with them, either. There are brands, both high and low end, that don't provide them; the assumption being that a woman will prefer to use her own brushes. True or not, it is what it is.

As for the "splatter shield", are you referring to that bit of clear plastic that is sometimes found overlaying a new product? It is not meant to be a permanent feature of the palette and is there only to protect the product during shipping and handling. Once again, a lot of brands, both high and low end, don't even bother using them. If your palette was damaged in transit, then you should definitely notify Armani and make arrangements to return it.

Armani sharpeners! You're definitely not the first to complain about a "missing" sharpener. Sharpeners are available, but you have to ask the SA at the counter to get one. That's not a problem if you're at the counter, but if you order on-line, then you're out of luck.

In truth, Nemo, you sound so disenchanted with your order, that perhaps you'd be better off returning everything. If I were you, I'd also send Armani a concise e-mail listing my concerns. You probably won't get a response, but the companies do pay attention to legitimate complaints about their service and products.

Maggie said...

The color looks really nice, and I've been lemming these ever since I saw them on TBLB. But...I'm not about the packaging*. These may be something I hold off on until I have a chance to see them in person.

*I'm not really impressed by Chanel or Edward Bess packaging either. For that much money, I sort of want the bling and heft offered by Guerlain and Dior, you know? But those are my Pisces magpie inclinations coming to the fore.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to try Sunday Riley eyeshadows but all (!) the colors I wanted were out of stock at Barneys. I was told they "hope to restock" in a few weeks! By that time I might already forget all about them - we have so many toys to play with, right? As for the packaging, it does look cheap, no question, but I was planning to depot those eyeshadows. Will see...

Regarding Barneys' service - it IS poor and slow. They would send me a wrong item and refuse to exchange it, insisting they sent me the right one. I could wait for their packages to be delivered for up to 2 weeks - and I live in NY! Sure, it would be much easier to just pick up my orders if it wasn't so difficult to find any parking spot around there. Unfortunately, some brands (or items) I'd like to have are exclusive to Barneys, otherwise I would never...

As for Armani - I got 3 packages from them this year and, frankly, every time I was amazed that my items came to me intact. Their communication was all right, I received order confirmations and shipping/tracking info on time but Nemo is right about their packaging: it is very unsafe.

About lack of brushes or applicators, however, I'm only glad they don't include them. In fact, I'm rather annoyed with the "included" applicators. Why in the world one would use those sponge applicators or cheap scratchy tiny brushes? OK, maybe sponge applicators are good for one-time swatching - but actually using them on your eyelids?! Paying $56 - 95 and more for a quad or a kaleidoscope, I think we better invest in good application tools. I wish companies would include more of the actual product instead of unusable applicators.
Sorry for such a long comment.

Nemo said...

I thank each of you for your support and advice. I find myself sticking to the tried and true more than ever these days. And for me, that means Chanel and LMDB. Today I wore my Chanel Prelude eye quad from this past fall and I fell in love all over again. I get ticked when we end up shelling out our hard-earned $ for a name rather the product which all too often these days sucks.

Nemo said...

And now let me say something wonderful about a new brand of makeup: Tom Ford. I bought a TF eye shadow quad, a lipstick and the TF lip lacquer from Love it all! Of course, the Saks service is impeccable. And so the TF makeup products! Remember, these are $$$$. But in this case you do get what you pay for, and more. The eye quad is big and hefty with large pans of color. Nice, well thought-out applicators. Color stays, looks lovely. The lipstick (and lip lacquer) has a nice vanilla scent that is pleasant but not overpowering. It lasts and lasts. So does the lipstick. I bought the lip lacquer (one color only) instead of the gloss because of price (lacquer is cheaper) and because I have too many glosses now. The TF lip lacquer is by far my fav makeup product ever. You can wear it over any lip color, or alone, and wow is it sexy. Here's to Tom Ford makeup. There's a brain behind his products.

Charlestongirl said...

Got it, Nemo. I agree with everything Eileen said. No need for me to restate it. :)

I learned a couple of years ago that one must ask for the sharpener, something that's impossible to do online. That's silly. It should be packaged with the product. As for the softness of those pencils, I did provide a warning. It takes absolutely no pressure to apply the color. Too much, and the tip smashes.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Maggie,

While I'm not impressed with the packaging, I got over it once I realized how nice the product is. I guess it's all relative. I have many palettes that cost far more that look good, but didn't provide me with such satisfaction.

Charlestongirl said...

Ni Nina!

No reason to apologize for the long comment. That's what we're her for!

Isn't it strange that Barneys seems cleaned out of the Sunday Riley eye shadows? They were even before the three-day beauty bag event. I'll wait a few weeks while my pocketbook refreshes and try to order again.

Maybe I've been lucky. I have never received a box from Armani that was poorly packed or damaged/crushed. I'm sorry to hear several of you have.

I find those little sponge applicators virtually useless, as you do. Why do luxury cosmetics makers make such a production of including them?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo!

I'm chuckling re TF. A brain, definitely, but an ego too. :)

shelley said...

I love your reviews, especially since we are close in age (I think), and most beauty bloggers are in their 20's or 30's. I am very curious about the S.R. eyeshadows. I went to the Barney's website but couldn't find out which eyeshadows had which finishes: matte, shimmer, etc. How can you tell? Is it obvious? Also, are there any written descriptions for each of these shadows? I wondered if I needed to click something different. Thanks for any info you can give me.

BooBooNinja said...

I'm glad you pointed out the packaging. I thought the same way.
I was wondering -- I am a matte-lover, but I *am* looking for a taupe with a similar finish to "Pot of Gold". Would you be able to suggest anything for me?