Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tarte Maracuja Blush & Glow

I used to get press releases from Tarte, alerting me to the latest and greatest from Tarte, one of my favorite makeup companies. I didn't get the word from Tarte about Maracuja Blush & Glow ($32), leaving me to discover these multitasking wonders on my own. Fortunately, I browse Sephora online often, and I found them. They appear to be a Sephora exclusive.

As is often the case when I'm shopping online, I couldn't decide what shade might be best for me, so I ordered two to start. One is better for me than the other (see below), but I'm pleased to have both. Maracuja Blush & Glow is fabulous. I love the concept, the clever packaging, and the colors.

Maracuja Blush & Glow is a duo that boosts the complexion with a rosy and luminous glow. The two-in-one delivery system adds a beautiful radiance wherever you want to shine, while the hydrating formula adds comfort and treatment. Maracuja oil instantly absorbs into the skin for a high dose of essential fatty acids and vitamin C.

There is a creamy liquid luminizing "tint" in the tube. You can apply the tint to your cheeks over foundation, blush, or on bare skin. Just blend it with your fingertips to highlight. You can also mix it with your foundation (just like Giorgio Armani Beauty's Fluid Sheer). Use the colorful the end that looks like a lipstick as a blush. It shimmers without a boost from the luminizing tint, while offering a pop of color.

I purchased Sunlight, described as shimmering peach, and Candlelight, described as shimmering champagne. After I placed my order, I saw swatch photos of Moonlight and realized I need it too. I'll buy the shimmering pink later.

I was able to snap some swatch photos on a day recently when the sun and clouds were flirting. Clouds always affect color in my photos, dimming the "life" in colors. My photo directly above shows swatches of Sunlight. Candlelight is shown in the photo below. I'm going to reference the components of Blush & Glow for each of description here as the "creamy solid," the lipstick-like tip that provides a color punch, and the "creamy liquid," the illuminating tint. In both swatch photos, the solid is shown at the top of my arm, and the liquid is smudged below.

Sunlight is significantly more colorful than the photos at Sephora make it appear. The creamy solid is a beautiful coral peach - perfect for spring and summer - while the creamy liquid offers a sheer golden bronze tint that's warming. I would use this tint it as a bronzer. It works as a bronzer for fair skin (mine). Sunlight carries a lot of color and would be better suited to someone with darker skin than mine.

Candlelight was a delightful surprise. The creamy solid provides a shimmering warm, peach pink (in person it reminds me of warm rose gold). Others will see golden peach. No matter how you interpret the color, it's stunning. The creamy liquid is golden. When blended, it warms the skin, adding a warm highlight. Of the two combos I purchased, Candlelight is the most appropriate for my coloring.

Blush & Glow is unique and pretty. I've read conflicting opinions about the packaging. These tubes with a lipstick-like end arrive disassembled. It's a breeze to screw off the "traveling" cap and screw in the creamy solid, which has a clear, protective cap. I've had no trouble with application. The creamy solid glides easily over my skin, and the creamy liquid is easy to dispense and blend.

To some extent, Tarte's Blush & Glow is like having mini NARS Multiple and NARS Illuminator in one cost-effective package. You get a lot more creamy liquid than creamy solid with Blush & Glow. That's the only thing I'd change. More creamy solid, please!

You can purchase Tarte's Blush & Glow at Sephora. I had already purchased mine when I saw it in the store last weekend. I also discovered new shimmery Amazonian Clay blushes. Wow!

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Kiran said...

The candlelight is so pretty!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Cheery Lane! Definitely my favorite of the two.

I can see, though, how those with darker skin will adore Sunlight. :)

Leticia said...

I really like Sunlight!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leticia! Lucky you to have skin that can "carry" Sunlight. :)