Monday, June 4, 2012

Flirt! Kittenesque Perfume Spray Captured Me

I can be a terrible perfume snob - maybe not as bad as some of my friends, but I don't seek out or try mass market fragrances very often. I love the niche brands. That makes me doubly glad that Flirt! reached out to me with the new Flirt! Kittenesque Perfume Spray ($39.50).

Inspired by the classic leopard print (a la Dolce & Gabbana or Roberto Cavalli, some of my favorite designers), the latest Flirt! fragrance is a "purr-fect" fit for the Flirt! "it girl" - and me, it appears.

"Release the tigress within with this luscious oriental fragrance," says the promotional information. Hello, Flirt! Tigers are striped. You've got a leopard on your hands. Not only that, I don't get oriental, which isn't my favorite genre.

The beautiful scent is a fun, flirty blend of summer fruits and sensual, creamy accents that give the fragrance depth and richness. "Let your wild side prevail and Flirt! with the possibilities." Whatever, just try it!

Kittenesque opens with gorgeous top notes of mandarin, juicy raspberries, and tangy blackberries, drizzled with a tantalizing peach nectar for a succulent mouthwatering start.  Doesn't it sound like a cocktail? It is, in a sense - an appetizer for the senses.

The playful heart of this lovely fragrance includes some of my favorite notes: warm orange blossom, intoxicating jasmine, and the tempting sweetness of honeysuckle, which I'm about to experience at my back door.

Creamy hazelnut and soft sandalwood blend with the deliciously supple tonka bean and lush (and prominent) vanilla to create a soft, but sexy base. It's the nibble on your arm vanilla, not the cheap cupcake reminder I get from some vanilla bases. It's more like the fancy hazelnut pastries I get at an exclusive local bakery.

I am in a serious relationship with Kittenesque. Who doesn't love its notes? They go beyond some of the most expensive fragrances I've purchased recently, mingling my favorite fruity florals with multiple gourmand base notes - all for less than $40, about 1/3-1/4 what some of my new niche perfumes cost.

Bottled in a signature Flirt! rectangular glass bottle adored with a fashionably fun leopard print with hot pink accents, Kittenesque intrigued me from the moment I unwrapped and sprayed it (it was provided gratis for review). I asked my friends at work to sniff and tell me what they thought. To a one, they loved it.

This gorgeous Kittenesque Perfume Spray is available exclusively at Kohl's - online and in-store. I don't get to Kohl's as often as I'd like. All of the stores in my area are "outside the Beltway." I need to go. Not only do I miss Flirt!, which I've always loved, I want to see the new Vera Wang makeup. There's a short trip in my future.

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Mary Ann said...

May check this out sounds like a scent a may like. Just got a 30% coupon from Kohls as well. But even at $40 that's a good buy. I'm trying to be good. Fall makeup is just around the corner.

Charlestongirl said...

Wow, Mary Ann, that would make the price even nicer!

Dovey said...

I adore the leopard print of the bottle! Jasmine + Honeysuckle sounds like a fresh combination for summer :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Dovey!

Isn't that the cutest bottle?

Cynthia said...

I hate to admit it but a cute bottle can sway me to purchase and this is definitely one of those bottles!

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Cynthia. You won't be the first one who loves a pretty bottle. Look at all the Serge Lutens bell jar fiends. :)