Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why You Should Enter the Suave Naturals Giveaway Contest

My Suave Naturals Body Lotion and Suave Body Wash set in the new scent, Everlasting Sunshine, arrived at my house. These fragranced body-care products are even better than I had imagined. They sent me into a peaceful place. I love the scent!  The predominant effect is floral, with the passion flower leading. The vanilla is a backup player.

I've worn the Body Lotion to bed two nights in a row. I have to adore a fragrance to wear it to sleep. In my view, bedtime is no time to experiment. I don't want to get up several hours later and scrub, after being distracted by a scent I don't love. Nothing of that sort happened. I'm falling asleep with my arm at my nose!

I used the Body Wash this morning in the shower yesterday. The love persisted! If you haven't ordered the giveaway contest yet, you should! These products will delight you, and I've got two sets to give away - thanks to the generosity of Suave. Please make sure to enter the contest on the contest feature, not this one.

Photo courtesy of Suave Beauty

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Andrea said...

sounds delightful............I would love to win this giveaway !!