Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rouge d'Armani Sheers - Skin Lacquers Collection

Rouge d'Armani Sheers ($30) offer my favorite sheer coverage with gorgeous color and a gleam. Adding to the relatively new color collection of Sheers, the Skin Lacquers Collection captures "a nude chromatic palette to enhance the lips and cheeks, inspired by the lacquered perfection of a flawless porcelain doll." These beauties offer a chic, easy-to-wear look straight from the runway.

Armani's innovative Color-Fil moisture technology contains an outstanding "moistcapt agent" that is able to retain twice its volume in water, forming an imperceptible film with a rich, non-sticky texture. The results, as tested in the United States on 105 women representing three categories: Caucasians, Hispanics, and African-Americans?
  • 100% of women believe it gives an even color finish.
  • 98% believe it provides a moisturizing feeling on lips.
  • 97% believe that it smoothes the lips.
They really do feel fabulous on the lips. Leave it to Giorgio Armani to offer stunning color with a feel that's as fine as his sensuous fabrics.

As with the glosses in the Skin Lacquers Collection, Giorgio Armani Beauty offers suggestions for the colors that might entice you. I selected two pinks, both recommended for porcelain skin tones: #503, shown at left above, and #504, shown at right. There are six shades available. Now that I've tried two, there are, hopefully, more in my future.

To enhance soft, porcelain skin tones, try:
  • Rouge d’Armani Sheers # 503 in Blush, 
  • Rouge d’Armani Sheers #504 in Cult, 
  • Rouge d’Armani Sheers #505 in Dewy.
    To enhance summer tanned skin, try:
    • Rouge d’Armani Sheers #200 in Terra,
    • Rouge d’Armani Sheers #201 in Boudoir,
    • Rouge d’Armani Sheers #202 in Dolce.
    I took my swatch photos in full sun, with #503 shown at the top of my arm, and #504 below (don't look for the names on the tubes). As you can see, they are very different pinks. I had palpitations when I first tried #503. The mauve pink is drop-dead gorgeous. I will definitely be ordering a second. I need one for my handbag. The #504 shade is a true pastel pink - very pretty, just not as heart stopping as the other. It's hard got any color to compete with #503 - in my view.

    Isn't that terrible? Calling a perfectly pretty shade somehow less than its sister shade? Your shade may be #504. Don't let me influence you. It's very pretty.

    These are great lipsticks. You can use them on your cheeks, as Armani suggests, just like any other lipstick. I've smudged lipstick on my cheeks when I was away from home and needed some color. The old, well-worn trick works just fine, but I wouldn't do that if I had a blusher in front of me.

    On my second pass through Giorgio Armani Beauty's Web site, I am fairly sure I'll try one of the browns to go with my second #503. I am such an Armani Beauty enthusiast! I'm also afraid that I'll miss the chance, so excuse me while I go order.

    Want to see them? Your favorite counter or online source for Armani color should have the new Skin Lacquers Collection.

    Photos by Best Things in Beauty


    Evelyn said...

    ooo 503 is lovely! Even though I don't have porcelain skin I'd enjoy wearing this one. :)

    Linda M said...

    I ordered all the colors and love them all. My favorite is......504 LOL. I can wear NC and NW 20. I'm pretty nuetral in color and 504 is a my lips but so much better color. It's the color I've been looking for a long time.

    Charlestongirl said...

    Hi Evelyn, you don't need porcelain skin to enjoy #503. It's just gorgeous!

    Charlestongirl said...

    Fabulous, Linda! Isn't the sheer color beautiful?

    yesplease1816 said...

    Do you prefer the Rouge d'Armani Sheers over Dior Addict Extremes or Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, CG? I recently tried, and fell in love with, the Burberry Lip Mists and have been looking for another sheer lipstick formula to compare it to. I am loving the look of these Giorgio Armani ones!! I just wanted to get your opinion first, though. Thanks in advance!!

    Charlestongirl said...

    Oh gosh, Yesplease, I am not good at making choices like that. I think I prefer the Armani Sheers to Rouge Coco Shine for everyday, but not for all occasions.

    yesplease1816 said...

    lol, sorry to ask you to make such a hard decision CG! :P And thanks! I am definitely going to order an Armani Sheer sometime this week--the Rouge Coco Shine is still on my list though!

    Juan said...

    I just bought #505, I figured a brighter candier pink was something I didn't have lol. I LOVE the metal magnetic case, LOVE that it's probably the largest stick of product in the "balmy" hybrids that have become popular in the last year (armani weighs in at .14 oz!) but I have a question for you... I've only had this for less that 24 hours, but something about the formula isn't HITTING ME like it did for the Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shines... something about this armani seems to almost... powder up? idk, i'll give it more time but what are your thoughts on the GA sheers compared to chanel, and the Guerlain? Love your blog btw, huge fan :)