Monday, July 9, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Pallid Incandescents Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

Dustin Lujan's new, limited-edition Le Métier de Beauté Pallid Incandescents Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95), a collection of fun summer hues inspired by the complexity of light, arrived at Bergdorf Goodman last week and was sold out that same day. Dustin had requested more pieces than he received, but he was philosophical about it. I might have been apoplectic. If you are disappointed because you wanted it and cannot purchase it, Dustin told me he would start a waiting list - no promises. If the demand is there, it might be possible to get a second production run.

Before I got to the Kaleidoscope when it arrived, I had fun with the box, shown below and autographed by our friend, Dustin. That extra touch is always sweet.

My photo of the color trays at the top of this feature was taken with clouds. You can even see them in the top of the Kaleidoscope. I wish my photo were brighter, but now that I've used the colors, I can't take another "virgin" photo.

The colors, from top to bottom are Flush, a matte, buttery pink; Lambent, a gleaming turquoise; Refulgent, matte/satin coral; and Ultraviolet, a gleaming lilac. It should be clear that none of them are duplicates from prior Kaleidoscopes. Dustin made sure of that.

I was able to take my swatch photos in full sun. I swatched each shade, top to bottom, using a sponge-tipped applicator. You can see the matte pink at the top of my arm. It's pinker than I am, so it's visible. It's a great base shade.

The green and lilac colors are almost incandescent - hence the name, I'm sure. They pop on the skin. Both pastels (all shades, actually) are applied heavily in my swatch photos, but you can apply these colors with a brush and a light touch and achieve a pastel wash of color with ease. They are very pretty for summer. If you're tan, they will flatter you enormously.

The matte coral or peach isn't my best shade, but I can wear it applied lightly with a brush - or layered with the pink. Dustin recommends you wear Pallid Incandescents using Le Métier de Beauté's couches de couleur layering technique to give a soft lavender hue or used in reverse order to achieve a more vidid look. "I really want to encourage color placement with four great shades that can be used together or alone," Dustin said. He also said he wanted to encourage us to play with color, using one, two, three or all four shades - however we please - rather than layering - to achieve a pretty popping look.

I am sorry to show you something that's officially sold out. However, if you want Pallid Incandescents, call Dustin at (212) 872-8612 and ask to be put on a waiting list. Tell him Charlestongirl encouraged you. You never know how things will work out.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

Despite the silliness of the oxymoron name ( Dustin, you did say you were a jokester :-) ), this pallette is even more beautiful than the promo picture indicated it would be. Thank you, Dustin, for coming up with something that departs from the creative redundancy that had begun to plague LMdB. LMdB should thank you as well because it is obvious from the quick sell out that your beyond gorgeous Kaliedoscope has restored faith in the brand's artistry. Simply put, it is stunning. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more originality and gorgeousness from you and LMdB.

Charlestongirl, you lucky woman, you! That Kaleidoscope is drop dead beautiful. Every one of those colors speaks to me. Hopefully, the response to this palette sends the message to LMdB that we want more new and exciting color combinations like this set.

Charlestongirl said...

I've got to send this link to Dustin! Got sidetracked tonight by news of an old friend's death. (Went over to his house to see what I could do to help his family. Glad I did; they didn't know how to get the word out. Left me sad, though.)

I did ask Dustin what's next. He's not sure, but I know we can expect more artful work from him before too long. Had I not been on the list for this palette, I'd be jealous of those who were! As it is, I had to wait for it to wing its way to Virginia.

These pastels pop!

Unknown said...

WOW! Eileen is right! It is even more beautiful than I expected from the promo pics. I should have been quicker!

Anonymous said...

This is truly beautiful--I love it! So glad I was able to order this... awaiting it's arrival now... can't wait to play with it. Thank you so much for sharing!

Charlestongirl said...

PP, I agree. It's much prettier than the promo photos.

Charlestongirl said...

You'll have fun when it arrives, Mlle. Epatant!

Cindy's Societal said...

I love that it comes in the silver packaging!! Reminds me of Smoldering Embarkment (which I missed out on) :D

Dlori said...

I love these quads but this one really caught my attention. Is it as beautiful in real life as it appears in the pictures and does it blend well? What do you think of these colors? Thanks.

Diane K.
kleimanlaw at aol dot com