Monday, November 19, 2012

Coming Attraction: Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Eye Kit for Holiday 2012

Yippee! I finally got my hands on a photo of Le Métier de Beauté's Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95) for Holiday 2012, and I think it looks beautiful. I know little about it - other than the fact that it will be available (in stores and online) at Neiman Marcus. I am not sure whether it will be exclusive to Neiman Marcus. Since the Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Lip Kit is a Neiman Marcus exclusive (you can pre-order it online now), I assume the eye kit will be exclusive also.

The dark and light silvers should play well with the peachy pink and beige shades, giving us many options.

I believe the Bauhaus Kaleidoscope Eye Kit for Holiday 2012 will be available in late November. Don't quote me on that, please. I've received very little concrete information.  What I do know is that Michael Reinhard can take your pre-order. Give him a call at (202) 966-9700, extension 2258 or 2236, to order.

Photo courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté


Jo said...

WOW! Thanks for the heads up on this CG. I'll keep my eye out for it - it's beautiful!

Cindy's Societal said...

Aaaaaghhh!!!!!!! So pretty!!! :D :D :D

I need to figure out a way to get one of these babies.

Charlestongirl said...

Jo, I have a feeling that it will be limited. Sometimes, brands don't make enough product for the demand. Wish I knew why. If I were they, Ii would want to sell as much as possible.

Try to get your hands on it quickly. I'll let everyone know when it hits the counters.

Charlestongirl said...

Well, let me know if you need a personal shopper.

Nemo said...

Is there someone at Tyson's whom I can call to preorder?

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, I'd recommend you call Lisa Corsino, the LMdB rep, or Loula Ayoub or Marilyn Shubert.

Char said...

CG... it's been a long time, when will it be launched? Don't wanna miss it. *pouting*

Can you call LMdB to push? XD