Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coming Attraction: Les Expressions de Chanel Collection Will Launch on Black Friday

Black Friday will be extravaganza day for Chanel shoppers. Not only will Le Volume de Chanel launch officially, a wealth of new color will be introduced with Les Expressions de Chanel. See update below.

I got a few photos at Saks Fifth Avenue today. In-store photos of photos are always dark and disappointing, but they're the best I'll be able to do until I get my hands on the gorgeous new Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow Palettes ($58) and Illusion d'Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadows ($36).

Each harmony of complementary colors provides one quad and one shade in Illusion d'Ombre.  All of the "expressions" are paired with Le Volume de Chanel Mascara and Ligne Graphique de Chanel eyeliner. Click on the photo above to enlarge it.

Coral Expression - radiant shades from natural beige to peach - offers a repromote quad, Eclosion, along with a new Abstraction Illusion d'Ombre (shown above) in a peach rose shade. The liquid eyeliner is black.

Plum Expression - a range of plum hues with hints of metallic silver - offers a new quad in Variation (light rose, silver grey, deep purple, and light, shimmering plum) paired with a Purple liner and repromoted Illusoire (purple) Illusion d'Ombre.

Brown Expression - earth tones with glints of gold offers a new Intuition quad (light pink, gold, chocolate brown, and shimmering brown-grey) and an Illusion d'Ombre shade, Vision. A limited-edition Ligne Graphique de Chanel liquid eyeliner will be available in Platine, a silver-grey.

Want to pre-order and save the hassle of Black Friday crowds?  Give the Saks Fifth Avenue Chevy Chase team of Georgia, Loyd, and Marie a call at (240) 497-5363.They can ensure you get your new makeup without leaving home.

Update 11/4: A "frequent shopper," Emilie, let me know that the quads are available at the Neiman Marcus Web site and in store. I am headed up there now. There is free shipping right now at Neiman Marcus.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Sara_BeauTime said...

These quads and creme eye shadows already launched in Europe months ago. If I recall correctly, it was around May. Of course the formula is the baked one we used to have, and the creme eye shadows are very much for summer with very light shimmer. I wonder what they have in mind when they are launching those in winter but still they are gorgeous, oh yes that are ;-)

Charlestongirl said...

Sara, I can't figure out how Chanel determines their launches: who gets what when. :)

No matter what the colors, though, they will sell just fine over the holidays. :)

Sara said...

Oh the gold creme eye shadow would match to the holiday season very well! It has even more sparkles than Armani ETK #18 ;-)

elle said...

I ordered the 2 new eye quads via Bloomingdales a few days ago - they weren't supposed to ship until next week but surprisingly came today! They definitely seem more finely milled than the European versions from what I've seen online. I am looking forward to the new illusion d'ombre shades as well!

Evelyn said...

I have one piece of each of these sets but they do sound lovely put together.

Marta said...

Pretty! Off to find some pics and swatches of the European launch--thanks Sara for the info!

Walls said...

Ooh, the liquid liner. I nabbed one last year when it was on limited release on Of the liquid liners I've used, I achieve the best and longest-lasting results with this one, so I will buy at least one shade when this collection debuts. I love the precision of the brush (the bristles never splay) and the ever so thin line I can achieve for subtle yet distinct definition. For those who want a genuine black liquid liner, as in one that dries to a true black, they will want to grab one or two of these liners.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It's true that these launched here in Europe before the summer had even started. Is it very bad that there was a little bit of happiness that we actually got something first for once?

Chanel's releases always confuse me and I don't understand why certain colours are entirely omitted from certain releases in different countries. Surely they must understand that the more they offer, the better chance of a sale? It can't cost more to offer those shades if they are already manufacturing them for another country. It's baffling.
OK, I do understand the Asia-exclusives somewhat, since that one is quite consistent and they even have certain collections tailored specifically for them (Chanel Le Blanc, DIORSNOW) that don't even make it across in part.

Anyway, after that ranting tangent (sorry!) I want to add my opinion on this collection. I was most looking forward to the two new Illusion D'Ombres at the time, especially Vision, the gold one, but didn't end up buying either one.
I personally didn't like it as I found the glitter too chunky and not refined like the other colours in the range. It was the same at multiple counters with fresh testers. I'm hoping Apparence from the winter collection will be a nice alternative, but I'll wait and see when it comes out nex week.

Abstraction looks a lot like the Dior 1 Couleur Eye Gloss in Sunset, from the summer collection, so those who own it might want to keep this in mind - they were virtually identical on my skin (and I'm pale - about the lightest foundation shade in most brands).

I suppose with the specials most brands seem to have in the US for Black Friday (of which we don't have an equivalent, just Christmas shopping), it just made sense to delay it for then. Anyway, it's a nice little collection to expand the permanent range of eyeshadows quickly, speaking of which, I have hears the Ombre Contraste Duos are being discontinued, heard any word of this?