Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Bobbi Brown's new Tinted Eye Brightener ($30) was inspired by requests from her fans. Bobbi’s Tinted Eye Brightener is now available in a new portable vial with a soft doe-foot wand for easy and seamless application. The soothing lightweight brightener instantly reduces the appearance of under-eye circles and evens out skin for a refreshed and flawless look.

Tinted Eye Brightener provides sheer, natural looking coverage and comes in shades of Bisque and Peach, which neutralize undereye discoloration and darkness. In addition to the new, convenient packaging, the brightener is available in two new shades (not available in its predecessor) to complement a wider range of skin tones.

I'm not sure these shade circles are perfectly representative of the actual colors. I purchased Light Bisque at the recommendation of my friends Diron and Vernon at Nordstrom Tysons Corner Center, and it is much less pink than the circle above. If the sun will come out full force today, I will get a swatch photo and attach it to this feature.

Tinted Eye Brightener is formulated with hops extract to reduce the appearance of dark circles; a blend of licorice extract, vitamin C and bamboo extract to brighten and
even out skin tone; and gentian extract to soothe the skin.

Here are Bobbi's recommendations for application. Always prep the under-eye area with a lightweight eye cream and allow it to absorb. Then apply Tinted Eye Brightener at the inner corner of the eyes and underneath, close to the lashes, using smooth strokes. Gently blend by pressing with your fingers. Use it alone or follow with a layer of Creamy Concealer. You can even use it over your concealer.

I was stunned when I applied it the first time. Suddenly, I looked bright and perky. Tinted Eye Brightener is definitely worth the small investment.

Photos courtesy of Bobbi Brown


Midwestern Mama said...

Hi CG:
Thanks for posting! Did the BB SA recommend the color of your regular concealer or corrector? (I have used BB for years [both concealer and corrector] and only stopped recently when I tried It Cosmetic's Bye Bye Undereye.


Jo said...

I bought this online in light to medium peach. It's in the mail today so I'll try it out tonight. Thanks for featuring this.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lizzy, the SA and I didn't discuss concealer shades. I believe I'm a Warm Ivory. However, I have to go lighter with one - could be the corrector.

Charlestongirl said...

Enjoy, Jo!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Yup. You're right about that, CG. The corrector goes on after the undereye cream, then the concealer. So the purpose of corrector is to "cancel-out" the undereye darkness/circles, which is why it's somewhat lighter and pinker in tone. Then you go with the concealer that is named the same shade as your Bobbi Brown foundation (i.e. Warm Ivory Foundation = Warm Ivory Concealer...Usually! There are always exceptions to the rule!).

Unknown said...

I going to try this because I absolutely love her Corrector, my color is dark peach so i'll have to go and swatch some of these in person as the colors are so misleading for ebony complexions.

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

I am very, very curious about this one now! I always wished that Bobbi Brown would release a thinner, more fluid version of the cream corrector. It's nice but in the past year, I've found that the Corrector and Creamy Concealer have begun to accentuate my suddenly very dry under eye area. For this reason, I purchased the Giorgio Armani Maestro concealer. I love it but I still want to try this Bobbi Brown brightener, as Bobbi Brown has always been my go-to for base products!

Thanks for the info, CG!