Monday, August 19, 2013

TATCHA Gold Camellia Beauty Oil

TATCHA's relatively new Gold Camellia Beauty Oil ($125) is, like the rest of TACHA's skin care, a wondrous product. A light and rich beauty oil for face, hair, and body, the camellia oil is infused with licorice extract that gently calms the skin, and young bamboo and green tea fragrances that offer a momentary transport to the Kyoto countryside. TATCHA gave me the opportunity to try this oil, and I've made quite a dent in the 50 ml container.

The benefits of the precious camellia were first discovered thousands of years ago by Japan’s Oshima Island farm girls, who applied the flower’s extract to their skin and hair. The Ama (Japanese female free divers) evolved this ancient beauty secret, coating their bodies with camellia oil to protect their skin during frigid ocean dives. Centuries later, geisha began applying nutrient-rich camellia oil after bathing, a luxurious addition to their daily beauty rituals.

Rich in essential antioxidants and moisturizers that deeply nourish and protect skin, the TATCHA Gold Collection harnesses the timeless gifts of the camellia. Flecks of 24-karat gold add a touch of opulence, celebrating the geisha’s timeless practice of elevating the everyday to exquisite. The result is a sumptuous collection that marries old world wisdom with modern sensuality.

Camellia oil and squalane nourish the skin and seal in moisture, while the 24-karat gold flakes give the skin a sensual glow. I love oils, used a moisturizers or cleansers, and this is the most non-oily oil I've tried. It comes with a dropper so that you can dispense just the right amount into your palm before applying it. When I apply it to my face and neck, patting it in, it's absorbed immediately. I never feel oily after application, and that's not the case with all the oils I use. I don't feel oily after applying TATCHA's Camellia Beauty Oil. It feels like I've applied a fabulous moisturizer, and my skin feels and looks moist and hydrated for about eight hours afterwards. I'm using it at night, but I could easily use it during the day to replace my serums. I love the way it smells as I drift off to sleep. The divine fragrance is comforting because it's got a slightly herbal or subtle medicinal scent to it. It leaves my psyche thinking I've done something good for myself.

I think the reason that it's a great product for all skin types is its quick absorption. You won't feel oily after you apply it. The only think you'll notice is how supple and hydrated your skin looks and feels. I've become quite a TATCHA fan in the last year, and the Camellia Beauty Oil has cemented our "relationship."

One reviewer at TATCHA's Web site called it "heaven in a bottle." That aptly sums up TATCHA's beautiful Gold Camellia Oil. You can find it at TATCHA's Web site and Barneys New York - only the best.

Photo courtesy of TATCHA


Anonymous said...

Do you think it is better than the Rodin Olio Lusso?

Eileen said...

As most of you know, I'm a huge Tatcha fan so you won't be surprised when I sing the praises of this elegant and refined beauty oil. I am also a huge fan of beauty oils in general and have tried dozens over the years. When it comes to meeting my particular skin care needs, though, Tatcha has blown the others out of the water. Any oil will create a protective occlusive barrier, but Tatcha's combination of oils provides an especially nourishing treatment that calms and sooths my skin. It also works wonders on my long hair. Although I keep my hair in good condition, as I've aged, my hair has become somewhat coarse and has lost much of it's reflective lustre. Tatcha helps smooth the strands and adds a soft sheen without weighing it down.

Before retiring at night, I use just three drops, one at a time, which I rub into my nails and cuticles and all over my hands; pat on troublesome areas of my face, neck, and chest; and run through my hair. Yes, just three drops of this light oil is all it takes.

When using high quality beauty oils for the first time, the biggest mistake people make is in using way too much. Start with just a drop or two and see how far it gets you. You can always add more as needed. The oil should absorb completely and you should feel soft and smooth; never greasy or slick. If your skin does feel oily, you're needlessly wasting product.

Whoever described this as "heaven in a bottle" couldn't have been more right for Tatcha's Camellia Beauty Oil has certainly been the answer to my beauty prayers :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello :) have you tried Sunday Riley's Juno oil? If so how does it compare to this one by Tatcha?

Thank you!

VancouverChic said...

Hi CGirl and Everyone,
I'm a huge fan of Tatcha too, and that's because of this blog. I use the gentle rice powder (and always have a spare one on hand), I have the cleansing oil, and the moisturizer which is awesome even for my rosacea skin. I have not tried the Gold Camellia oil as of yet, but all these great reviews are sure making me want to get it.

In case any of you with sensitive skin are looking for a way to exfoliate without turning beet red the Tatcha gentle rice powder is absolutely the best. It has changed my skin forever and has my skin absorbing the Vitamin C serums so much better. The Tatcha products are a miracle in a bottle!

Best Regards,
Joanne ~ VancouverChic

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, I do. I know many swear by the Rodin oil, but I wasn't impressed. Maybe I'm weird.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I loved that heaven line.

I am going to try your trick of using it in my hair before bed. I wash my hair every work day, and so I wouldn't be oily the next day. My hair doesn't normally like oil.

I have noticed that it's shine could be improved. Maybe TATCHA will do it.

Charlestongirl said...

Hello, Anonymous 2:08.

No, I haven't. Do you like it?

No one here sells SR, so I have to order blind. Because of that, I experimented with the brand's color a bit, but then quit.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joanne,

TATCHA sent me some samples of that gentle rice powder exfoliator. I ditto what you said.

Eileen said...

Hi Anonymous@2:08,

I had a generous sample of Juno Oil which was supposed to last two weeks but I never got that far because of the unpleasant salad dressing smell :-( It proved to be a real deal breaker for me. In contrast, Tatcha has a very clean and refreshing smell that's been described as green tea and bamboo. Tatcha's smell also disapates very quickly whereas the Juno Oil's smell haunted me a bit longer. As for the oil itself, Tatcha's feels lighter going on and absorbs without the need to massage it in or mix it with other products. It's raison d'être is to calm, sooth, and heal the skin while protecting it. Juno Oil is promoted as a botanical based, natural, facial serum which claims to be anti-aging and sun protecting. It's pretty obvious to me that the two oils are targeting different needs. As for packaging, I much prefer Tatcha's dropper dispenser over Juno's squirt top. It gives better control over how much or how little product is dispensed. So, which is better? It just depends on what you want from the product. I use some pretty strong actives (i.e. prescription strength retinoic acid as opposed to plant based retinol alternatives) and I get occassional mild rosacea flareups, so I want something that is going to calm and sooth my skin in a major way. Juno Oil didn't do it for me; Tatcha does. Your experience could be totally different based on your skin's needs, what other products you use, and your own personal esthetic.

Anonymous said...

Hi CG, this is behind the times already, but I loved your "Lessons Learned" post. Thanks for sharing your many experiences and some great advice. Knowing what it must be like to keep this blog going and work a hard day, I also want to thank you again for still being here. I continue to read you daily, but lately life has handed me a bucket full of challenges and there's little/no time to post comments. You and Best Things In Beauty, plus a couple YouTube channels I subscribe to, are keeping me sane at the moment!

Now more than ever I look to your posts for the information I need to make buying decisions. You've mentioned a few times how the fall will bring many new and exciting beauty pieces...I heard loud and clear when you advised us all to save up and plan our purchases!

Denise (a loyal follower!) at aeiokid at comcast dot net

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Eileen. Now I'm not even curious!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you so much, Denise.

I have many new things to show you, but the sun hasn't made an appearance for days! I can't take photos without sun - not willing to set up a "studio" in my house and never got good results with a light box.

Maybe tomorrow? Hope springs eternal.

Inez Hansen said...

Hi to all the faithful followers and lovers of the Tatcha brand.i too love the camelia oil and using that with the deep enzyme powder has made a beautiful difference to my 64 year old far I don't seem to need Botox etc to aid my skin.They just had an eye cream special so I will let you know how it compares to LaMer.

Eileen said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

With your sensitive nose, you wouldn't be happy with Juno Oil. A lot of reviewers have likened it to the smell of oregano. Great for an Italian restaurant, but not for my face :-P But, isn't the smell of Tatcha delightful? I wish they'd come up with a diffuser or bath products with that clean, simple scent. It's so relaxing. I'd keep a diffuser like that in my bedroom and master bathroom by the tub.

Have you tried your gentle rice enzyme powder yet? I like to use it every other night after the cleansing oil. It keeps my skin looking so refined and the serums I use afterwards just soak right in. And, as Joanne, said, it is very effective and yet so kind to sensitive skin. I guess the other two strengths are equally awesome for their targeted skin types. I just continue to be impressed with Tatcha.

Charlestongirl said...


I use the eye cream. It's fabulous!

Charlestongirl said...


I did use my gentle rice enzyme powder, and I loved it. I don't generally like physical exfoliators, but TATCHA's was very gentle.

Karin said...

I want to try this line so bad. Just not sure if I can justify the price.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eileen, you are very informative. SR is very effective as is Tatcha however Tatcha is more pleasant to use.

CG, I do like SR especially the night serum called good genes. It works incredibly well when mixed with a hyaluronic serum.

Also, CG you mentioned you like the Tatcha eye cream, how does it compare to the cle de peau eye cream you featured a couple days ago?

Unknown said...

I have never heard about this brand!
Thank you for such a great review! How do you think if I have oily skin may it cause some acne?

Ashley said...

Hey Oksana, I too have oily to combination skin and honestly I was skeptical about trying Tatcha! Wow, I'm soooo glad I took the plunge and tried both the cleansing oil and the rice powder. Like everyone said, Tatcha soaks right into the skin when applied so never feel greasy afterwards. Almost anytime I try new skincare products I break out. I've been faithfully using Tatcha for over a week now and I'm in love! Now I just need to try there moisturizer. :)