Friday, August 9, 2013

The Friday Forum - August 9

The anticipation is building. Dustin Lujan, Tom Ford representative at the John Barrett Salon, expects to receive the Tom Ford 2013 collection on August 18 - nine short days from now. I know exactly what I want: She Wolf and In the Pink Ombre Eye Color Trios. Both are limited editions, so I'll be chasing Dustin down this weekend.  If you want to pre-order, give him a call at (212) 872-2714. I can live without the rest of Ford's fall collection, but I must have these two palettes.

Chantecaille's Wild Horses Palette may be a few weeks off, but I'm also expecting to see the Cheek Crèmes soon. They are slated to arrive mid-August. We are awfully close to mid-August.

I had planned to show you Giorgio Armani's new Eyes to Kill Intense last night, but I had an energy meltdown. The night before, I slept about four hours, even though I hit the bed on time. After many sleepless hours, despite the "help" I swallowed, I finally gave up and sat up to pour over Facebook and other sites until it was time to get out of bed. By last night, the only activity I could muster last night was taking out the trash and recycling for today's pick up by the county.

Have you ever tallied your least favorite weekly chores? Lugging out the trash is high on my list. It hurts my back - and it's no fun. What chores do you put off every week?

It's time for the Friday Forum. I love this part of our week. What new products did you discover this week? Did you find any deals you couldn't resist? Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? What's new in your life? Just use the comments. Don't be shy. Just make sure to ask any question you might have over the weekend. By early the next week, most (not all) readers will have moved on.

Don't forget our current giveaway contest for Tarte's Gifts from The Lipstick Tree Achiote Color Collection. The deadline fo entries is tomorrow, Saturday, August 10, at midnight. It's a gorgeous set.

Photo by Tom Ford Beauty


grlnxdor said...

I went to Sephora a couple weeks ago and bought the new Nars creamy concealer. The SA was super helpful and matched me up perfectly. However, I think I need a new eye cream, because this concealer looks a little dry on me. Can someone recommend an eye cream that is good and can be purchased at Sephora? I will be heading up to Green Bay next week for a bridal shower and plan on stopping off at Sephora in Appleton on my way home. I think they are also having "triple points" for VIB's and I just achieved this status.

wendy said...

hi charleston girl! i like both of the eye trios from tom ford too! how would you wear the pink trio? i was thinking that you could do a "mix" of both pallettes? i've only seen images of the model(s) wearing she wolf. i'm not sure i understand the ombre concept that tom ford has visioned. please let me know your thoughts. if you were to pick out one of the pale lipsticks which 1 would you choose? i have similar coloring like you. i've never worn a tom ford lipstick and only heard great things about it. unless i'm mistaken, i thought chantecaille's new wild horses eye pallette was available to purchase on the space nk website. i'm wondering if they'll offer additional lip colors (besides the tomato-red shade you had in 1 of your great posts) and lip glosses. i was looking on neiman marcus' website and was looking at the aerin brand. i've never worn estee lauder either. i wondered if you or anyone could tell me about the quality of aerin's line. the gift with purchased offered for estee lauder looked very nice from neiman's. did you hear that lisa eldridge was working on a video for the chanel spring collection?! did you hear who took over peter philips position? i'm sure that the video is top secret under lock and key. happy weekend to you and everyone!! xxxx

Nemo said...

My Armani Scarabeo eye and cheek palette arrived Wednesday, and I have been wearing it ever since. I love it! Got a call from my area CHANEL counter to come up and check out the Les Beiges. Fine. I did. And I did not buy. Truth: I think they are among the ugliest colors ever. Now I am looking forward to the upcoming CHANEL collections, especially the Collection Moire with its exquisite lip and nail colors. As for chores, boy am I a creep. I love house work, cleaning, organizing and taking out the garbage, and the whole tamale.

Nemo said...

Er, what is She Wolf? Where is it in your photo?

Eileen said...

Happy Friday Everyone,

I'm still loving my Les Beiges. I think it is one of those products that will appeal immensely to powder fans. If you're not into powders and the various finishes and effects they can produce, then I'm sure you're wondering what the big deal is. Those of us who are powder afficianados, though, will find much to love about Les Beiges. Lately, I've been wearing La Mer's foundation. I usually use La Mer transparent finishing powder or Météorites to set it, but this past week, I've been using Les Beiges. It produces a lovely real-skin glow--a real-skin that is virtually flawless :-) I'm totally in love with it. I've been using my Tom Ford bronzer brush to apply it and find that brush to be perfect for applying that perfection-creating veil of light.

So, why did I also buy the kabuki brush if I'm devoted to my TF brush? I think everyone who uses cream products should have a good kabuki in their collection and this one by Chanel is a beauty. It's the best travel friendly kabuki I've encountered to date. Because of its dense yet super soft composition, it buffs products out to that proverbial air-brushed finish, it blends product edges for a seamless appearance, it's great for applying and blending contouring products, and, of course, it is perfect for applying powder foundation if that's what you wear. Anyone in the market for a good kabuki--travel friendly or not--should take a look at Chanel's new entry.

This week I'll be picking up my Guerlain selections and then shortly after that it will be Tom Ford. I am completely taken with the swatches I've seen of the two new trios. At first, I was unsure about She Wolf, but now that swatches are appearing, I'm thinking it might be a contender. As for The Pink, I'm a complete goner when it comes to such peachy-pink goodness. The two new-to-the-US quads that will be joining his permanent line are, as one of your other readers mentioned, the former Asian Exclusives. I particularly like Seductive Rose, but my focus right now is the fall collection.

Hi Wendy,

The Chantecaille Wild Horse palette on SpaceNK is a pre-order item and is not actually available yet. It won't be much longer, though.

Hi Nemo,

She Wolf is the dark eyeshadow trio. Based on swatches I've seen, the darkest shade appears to be satin-matte, the middle shade appears to have more glimmer, and the lightest shade is TF's famous adult glitter :-) I think it will create a light-reflective smoky eye with a lot of depth and dimension to it as opposed to the hum-drum dark, flat versions that are so ubiquitous.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Jo said...

Hi CG,

I too am looking forward to the Tom Ford collection, especially the pink palette and the nail polishes. I'm also looking forward to something new from Cle de Peau - I was browsing Barneys website and they have a CdP cream blush and set of eye/lip pencils available for preorder - to be shipped in October. Wow did that get my heart pounding! Barney's also has the Chantecaille wild horses available for preorder. My only makeup purchase this week is a new love. I bought one of the hourglass nude lip pencils in #6. It is a perfect match for my mauve-toned lips. The formula is creamy and hydrating too. It feels great on. The perfect nude lip for me! This weekend I'm going in search of Les Beiges.

I hope you have a restful weekend.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Charlestongirl said...

Wendy, I will mix the two palettes, I'm sure.

There are sites pre-selling Wild Horses. I don't think they actually HAVE the palettes yet.

Aerin's line is EL. Same quality, and I think it's great. I want that EL GWP at NM.

Dovey said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

Happy Friday! I thought the Tom Ford promo photos were stunning! Though the lipsticks are permanent line colors, I thought they looked even more appealing when placed all together!

I can't wait to see swatches when Chantecaille's Wild Horse palette comes out as well

I've been feeling the need to pick up something new recently, but I just can't decide on anything right now. I've been using less makeup due to less time, so I'm thinking it should be something basic that I can use a lot.

Isla said...

I can't wait for some swatches of these...I can't decide if I want both palettes or just one...

Claire said...

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know if any dept. store/counter in Menlo Park/Palo Alto, CA that may carry Tom Ford or Guerlain Fall? We are leaving there next week, there's no TF counter nearby me. San Francisco is nearby but with a toddler, usually it is too much of a hassle to drive just to get parking, etc. and see cosmetics (seems to be way self-serving for this mom).

Wendy, I've done a couple of reviews of Aerin products (I don't know if this is self-promotion, if so CG please feel free remove). From my experience, I'm pleased with the quality of lipsticks/lip glosses, but not so much of the powder products aka eye shadow palettes (hardly any pay off). Do check out the line by yourself if you have access to it.

Eileen, I'm still on the border about Les Beiges. My skin is dry so I normally don't powder at all and I don't own any finishing powder. With that said, I do need something with SPF to cover myself with on my commute after work and since this contains a BIT of SPF, I thought I may try it (I know, hardly enough coverage, but better than nothing and I normally don't have time to slather a full on SPF cream before commute home).

I hope everyone have a good weekend!

Nancy said...

I just wanted to say how I loved the way you organized (and photographed) your make-up.

Eileen said...

Hi Claire,

I wouldn't buy Les Beiges for sun protection because it is only SPF 15. Chantecaille makes a lovely loose powder with natural mineral sunscreens that is transparent, ultra fine, and gives a soft glow thanks to those protective minerals. It is rated SPF 46+++ and comes in two intensities: Light and Bronze. It comes in a dispenser that has its own brush or you can buy the refill and carry your own brush. If you're interested in a powder for sun protection during that ride home, Chantecaille is a much better option.

Claire said...

Hi Eileen,
Thanks for the input. You know, I do have that Chantecaille Protection Naturelle Loose Powder that you are talking about, so thanks for saving me for another needless purchase. I think I'll restock my Chantecaille Just Skin and add Lip screen just to match.. I've forgotten how good Chantecaille products are. So yeah, back to the drawing board with Les Beiges.