Monday, July 7, 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm - Three Shades

I decided it was time to invest in some "new" Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Balms ($17). Yes, there was a nice GWP. First featured here in February 2013, I was ready for some new shades. You can translate that to mean I love them.

These lip pencils provide a soft cushion of color that's not quite opaque, but close. Let's call them semi-opaque - not too intense, not at all wimpy. Loaded with mango and shea butters, these wonderful sticks will make your lips pop with color and feel comfortably soft and smooth. I selected three shades - two of which are new to me and one that's a repeat because my original is worn to a nub.

My new purchases are shown below. In left to right order, they are Curviest Caramel (#01) shown above and below at left; Chunkiest Chili (#02), shown in the middle below; and Broadest Berry (#07) - a repeat purchase. Berry shades and I have a "thing."

Sorry the sun chose to focus on those shiny silver bases. It left the tubes slightly out of focus, but I think I made up for it with swatches, which I swatched in numerical order, starting with #01 at the op of my arm and ending with #07, my repeat fave.

I took my photos in full, mid-afternoon sunshine. I applied each shade moderately - not too light, not too heavily. As you can see at the top of my arm, Curviest Caramel, which is characterized as a nude, is really a warm pink "on the nude side." It's a perfect color for me; I don't look very good in beige lip colors. I need for them to lean toward pink or peach.

Chunkiest Chili, in the middle, was an experiment. I will admit I wasn't sure if it was a good shade for me. Also characterized as nude (a misnomer, I think), it is a very warm rose. It's actually quite flattering, so I guessed well. I won't claim to have planned its lovely look.

I'm still in love with Broadest Berry, show at the bottom above. Categorized as violet, I'd call it a berry shade - something like wild raspberry. It's lovely on the lips, adding a vivid color that's believable.

Loaded with mango and shea buttersl these lip pencils make my lips feel comfortably soft and smooth. They are great for throwing in my purse for color on the go. The price at $17 is a steal. I know that many of you have expressed your preference to spend your money anywhere but Clinique. There is some perception that Clinique is for kids. I don't agree. I see Clinique as being the same as its Estée Lauder "cousins." It's well known that beauty companies tweak very little from line to line when they introduce new products. I like to think of Clinique as being the bargain of the family.

I purchased my new Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms from the Clinique Web site. You can find them at every retailer - in store and online - that offers Clinique products.

P.S. I had planned to publish this feature today, before my feed e-mail went out. I'm sorry I didn't make it. Work or fatigue can get in my way. Today it was work. 

Photo at top courtesy of Clinique; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Fran says: Just this morning I ordered the Continuous Rescue Moisturiser and the Take the Day Off makeup remover. The intense eyeliners are my big love. The Butter Shine lipsticks sell out in a flash on Strawberrynet. I've always viewed it as EL without the fragrance. My only beef is the eyeshadow colors and I'm not sure I like the new formula.

Evelyn said...

I think I'm going to have to purchase the Berry color, as berry colors are my favorite to wear. I don't look good in beige lip colors either, I pretty much look dead so a touch of pink or a mauve leaning nude works better on me. :)

Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup said...

Curviest Caramel is such a lovely nude pink!

Charlestongirl said...

Fran, I love EL without fragrance! I wish I'd thought of that. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Evelyn, we love our berries, huh?

Charlestongirl said...

Carolyn, the category nude can range from ghastly to pretty. I think I could just as easily have called CC a pink shade, preventing the fear of ghastly that springs to mind when we hear nude.

Charlestongirl said...

Jo, elephants are one of my causes. I will read it, and you can be certain I will cry.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I have several of these, and I have to admit, in my "beauty snobbery," I'm usually dismissive of Clinique! But these are good and there are SO many great color choices. I still can't believe that Chunkiest Chili is a nude and not a red!

Jo said...

CG, I was at Nordstrom today and picked up one of the Chubby Cheek sticks in Robust Rhubarb. You are going to love it. It is such a pretty summery shade. I also have another recommendation. I'm not really a MAC person but I saw Moody Bloom lipstick on Liz at Café Makeup and really liked it. Well I stopped by the MAC counter and tried it on and fell it love. It is a plumy-bronze. I might need a backup of this as it will take me into fall. It looks perfect with the Clinique cheek stick. I have a new summer look!

Resham said...

I love this product!