Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks

I always get excited about cream eye shadows, and so it was with Marc Jacobs' Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks ($28). I saw an array of shades at Sephora and ordered five. I will tell you that I was confused by two shades that looked so similar in the little square swatches that I didn't know which one to order. I ordered both. That was probably a mistake because they are almost indistinguishable.

I only swatched one of Volver (#402) and Honey Bunny (#400). Look at them in the tube, and you won't be able to tell the difference. I became impatient for a couple of reasons. When I was taking my photographs, it was 95 degrees outside. I was sitting on asphalt in full sun, trying to figure out the difference. Once you take them out of the box, as far as I can tell, you will never know the name again. Each stick is unmarked. Because my poor butt was burning from the hot asphalt, I gathered them all up quickly and moved into the shade the moment I took the photo above. That's where I discovered that I couldn't tell which was Volver and which was Honey Bunny. You don't need both.

The tubes have a color indication at the top (that's not product), but the two on the left, Volver and Honey Bunny are so close, it's impossible to distinguish them. The other three, from left to right are Au Revoir (#406), Shoshanna (#414), and Leila (#416)

I found them melting as I tried to swatch them, so I swatched very quickly and a bit unevenly. I just wanted to get the eye shadows and myself inside. All the time I was doing this, I was being swarmed by mosquitoes. It was not pleasant - even though these eye shadows are really nice.

On my arm, you will see the champagne Volver at the top; Au Revoir, and exquisite pewter next down; Shoshanna, the turquoise; and Leila, described a rose copper, but fairly orange. There are other shades available. I thought five was enough for me for now.

I will enjoy wearing and playing with these. I love them. I wish the experience of photographing had been a bit more enjoyable, but, hey, it's August.

You can find these beauties at Sephora and Marc Jacobs' Web site. They are definitely worth a look-see. Just don't hang outside in the heat, direct sun, and surrounded by insects as you make your introductions.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Melanie said...

The things you do for us readers! They remind me of Chanel's LE Stylo Eyeshadow from last summer. I will have to check these out. I am also very curious about Clarins's new Ombre Matte cream-to-powder shadows. These textures can make life easier.

Unknown said...

Hello CG! I enjoyed the laugh at your post because being in Charleston,SC...I can relate the heat and the little flying critters! The twinkle pop eye sticks are pretty. I especially like the Au Revoir and possibly the Honey Bunny or Volver. I will take a look/see at the site again for other shade options.
Stay's going to be another hot one tomorrow!

wendy said...

hi charleston girl! reading melanie's comment, if these are like chanel's from last summer then they are a definite must have! i used to get up extra early to do my makeup and hair for work. now, i need all the sleep i can get! these type of eyeshadows are just the best for all of us tired, working girls! they really cut down on application time and last 8 hours plus. i too am looking forward to clarins fall creme shadows. i really hope their formula works well. this has been the worst year for bug bites. mine were so bad i had to get a prescription from my dermatologist. stay cool, be well, happy wednesday! xo.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Heat, Mosquitos, and asphalt...pretty much my nightmare!
I love the tone of Au are our, but it's not different enough from my Bobbi Brown Long-Wear, Laura Mercier Eye Crayons, or Jouer Eye Crayons to purchase.
Thanks for braving the nightmare!

Kiss & Make-up said...

Thank god we live too high up on the mountain to have mosquitoes :-) As for these eye sticks, they look good, the swatches look really nice.

LSBD said...

I think I need more Marc Jacobs in my life. Your swatches look beautiful despite the horrific conditions outside.

Makeupremastered said...

Great swatches-thank u for enduring Mosquitos for the sake of your readers!

Bonnie C. said...

I'm so glad that you did a post about these, as they are one of the things from MJ's line that I was quite curious about, and they look beautiful! :-) Like you, the first two shades that I would be most interested in would be Volver and Honey Bunny, though I am surprised that there isn't a little more distinction between the two, but as you know that is one of my favorite types of color, a pretty lighter neutral with enough shimmer/sparkle to give a little "glow". :-) The Au Revoir is quite pretty too, some pewters are too dark for me, but this one looked like it might be light enough and also looked slightly taupe-y. I'm also curious about his Highline eyeliners, and in general think his packaging looks very sleek and hopefully functions well (I don't have any personal experience with it), but I have to say I am surprised the name/number of the color isn't actually on the product, that seems rather odd (I get you can see the color on the tip, which is great, but it would be good to also have it written on there somewhere). You would think if they are going to go through the trouble of having a good product with fancy ingredients like Alpine snow water from the Swiss Alps that they could have the name or number of the color actually on the product. :-) Anyway, looks like a really beautiful item, thanks so much for sharing it with us! And thanks for your sacrifices in trying to get us good swatch photos, your poor bum! Your hard work pays off though, every time I do a search for swatch images I can always tell which ones are yours in the sea of everything else, as you always usually do them on your arm, and you usually have your beautiful flowers and plants in the background. :-) Thanks for the hard work you do for us! :-)

Emmy said...

I want this!!! I like the colors and the packaging.