Thursday, August 14, 2014

YSL VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY Glossy Balm Crystal Color - New Shades

I was thrilled when I saw at Sephora that YSL had introduced new shades of my favorite glossy tinted lip balm, YSL VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY Glossy Balm Crystal Color ($34). I ordered three instantly: Belle Cannelle (#14), Rose Candy (#15), and Fraise Ganache (#17). I don't know why I didn't order the fourth, Cherise Desir (#16). It must have been a moment of temporary insanity. I'll go back for it later today.

This balm dresses your lips in a sheer veil of brilliant color boosted with vitamin- and antioxidant-rich fruit extracts. Its ultralight, sensual texture leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated, although not for up to eight hours, as YSL claims. It is ideal for year-round use, and I use my Sheer Candys in any season. I think I have all - if not close to all - shades. Look at how many I purchased the moment they were introduced in 2011.

Here are my three new shades, shown in numeric order from left to right. I was able to get some photographs during a 15-minute, late-afternoon break in an all-day conference call I struggled to hear via phone. It was actually nice to dash outside for a few minutes on a lovely day.

I swatched these shades in the same order, starting with Belle Canelle at the top of my arm, moving down with Rose Candy, and ending at the bottom with Fraise Ganache. I had to swatch quickly, and it was fairly late in the afternoon, so these aren't the best photos I could have taken.However, given the sheerness of the Sheer Candy Glossy Balms, it's possible more time wouldn't have allowed for better photos.

I love these hybrid lipsticks! They are sheer, but colorful enough to add a polished gleam to my lips. The Sheer Candy's do have a fruity taste. The mango fragrance doesn't bother me at all. However, if you don't like any fragrance on your lips, try before you buy.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


VancouverChic said...

Hi CG,

These lipsticks are the only ones I ever go through right until the end. I use them everyday. Absolutely love them. The new one Rose Candy looks like a winner for me. And of course guess what I am at the very bottom of my YSL lip balm right now and need to buy a new one!
Great timing CG!!!!!

Thanks for the swatches!
Best Regards,
Joanne ~ VancouverChic

crismarie4 said...

These look gorgeous! I only own the shade in Sweet Fig but it is one of my favorite lip products. A couple weeks ago I saw the new shades on Sephora's website but could not find any swatches or info on the new shades so I was happy to see this post! I've now got my eye on Belle Canelle and Fraiche Ganache!

Anonymous said...

Dear CG,

Thank you so much for that review. For the longest time I only used reds or "my lips but better" colors, but during the last weeks I am more and more falling in love with sheer lipsticks like Chanels Rouge Coco Shine :-) Those YSL look absolutely stunning and exactly like a possible new addiction and I will definetely check them out as soon as possible! I also love your review on the other colors. Thank you! I hope you have a great weekend.
xoxo Stephanie