Saturday, August 9, 2014

The New Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick Collection - Live and In Person

Here is a photo of the new Guerlain KissKiss display at the Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas, taken by my sweet friend, Johnathan, who make sure I got my seven new KissKiss ($37) lipsticks faster than the speed of light. Yes, seven. I shouldn't have stopped there, but I had that feeling of old-age poverty nagging at me again.

I wasn't able to take photos of any of them yesterday, but this morning, there were some breaks in the clouds that I used to my advantage. Now, of course, it's bright and sunny outside, so I may go out and get photographs of the other three. I selected four pink and rose shades to show you today.  With luck, tomorrow I'll show you the other three, which include that gorgeous Peach Fizz I featured in my preview.

The iconic KissKiss is a proof of a perfect osmosis between the worlds of beauty and art. Crafted by designer Hervé Van der Straeten, its understated case shows off the elegant curves of three sleek cubes. In 2014, KissKiss is changing its dress code, encasing itself in sleek black for an eternally chic look. The original gold shines through on top, demanding attention. For the first time, KissKiss will show its iconic name through a stamp on the color itself - a symbolic pause between an application and a promise.

My photo above (somewhat dark due to those darn clouds) shows, from left to right, Fabulous Rose (#363), Pinky Groove (#364), Baby Rose (#368), and Rosy Boop (#369). I selected a few of the shades I ordered, using the photos Guerlain had sent me, and Johnathan selected a few. I love them all.

Interestingly, the new KissKiss shades come in a variety of finishes, from satin to subtly sparkling. They are not as sheer as the old KissKiss lipsticks were. Some will love that; others may not. I would call them pigmented, but not intensely so.

An ultra-smooth texture, KissKiss’ unique formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres, which gives KissKiss an incredible lip-shaping and plumping effect. Commiphora myrrha oil and mango butter ensure that lips are smooth and hydrated. KissKiss’ fine, even, and rich creamy texture provides a vibrant finish with impeccable hold.

I took my swatch photos in "sort-of" full sun, in numeric order, starting at the top of my arm with the stupendous Fabulous Rose (#353) and ending at the bottom with Rosy Boop (#369). They are all in the same "Pinks" family, which is listed at the bottom of this feature. The other families are the Reds, the Beiges, and the Oranges. There are 25 shades in all.

Fabulous Rose is shown above. The moment I saw the press photo, I knew it would be mine!

My favorite? Without a doubt it's #363, Fabulous Rose, at the top of my arm and shown in the tube above. That shade looks good on me - natural, but dressy. The brightest? Pinky Groove, which is a blue pink and probably not for everyone. It makes my eyes pop blue, though, so it's a keeper. The warm shades are the last two, Baby Rose (#368) and Rosy Boop (#369). As you can see, Baby Rose is light, and Rosy Boop offers more color. I love both of them. I had asked Johnathan to help me pick out some warm pinks, which I've learned in the last few years look good on me. I also asked him to make sure that the shades I ordered all had a little sparkle to them.

Despite their membership in the same color family, they all look different on my lips. They feel "moderately hydrating." I might be delirious if they had more slip, but then they wouldn't offer long wear. You have to compromise if you want a lipstick that's going to stay put - and they do stay put. I added a clear Guerlain gloss over one to give me that gooey lips feel I like, and it worked nicely.

I'm thrilled to have my first introduction to the new KissKiss Collection. Why do I call it my first introduction? I'm sure that once the displays appear at my local Neiman Marcus stores, I'll be forced to select at least one more - left behind simply because I hadn't had the opportunity to see it.

If you want to order now, call Johnathan at Las Vegas at (702) 732-7008. Keep in mind that Las Vegas doesn't have to charge you tax! That adds up for me because I buy so much Guerlain. The KissKiss Collection will be available starting this month at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and the Guerlain boutiques; and starting September at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Dillards, Sephora, and Nordstrom.

Photo at top courtesy of Johnathan at Guerlain; Fabulous Rose photo courtesy of Guerlain; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

That's a beautiful bouquet of roses you've got, Charlestongirl :-) But who comes up with Guerlain's color names? Rosy Boop? Probably the same person who thought up Brownie Clap and Guimauve Glomp! No wonder the MA's prefer to talk about the colors by number rather than name. LOL

I was so pleased when I learned that the reformulated KissKiss lipstick came in a variety of finishes and varying levels of opacity. Not everyone wants a super sheer color and not everyone wants a perfectly opaque one. In fact, I think most of us like a bit of variety in our textures and finishes--at least, I do. They haven't hit our local counter yet, but hopefully they'll be here soon.

Behindthepillar said...

They do look distinctively different. I think my favourite is Baby Rose although it may show insufficiently pigmented on the lips. I do admire the packaging. I so do not need any more lipsticks for at least a year and yet .....
Susan, London

CGirl said...

So pretty! From your swatches, Fabulous Rose looks like it had a hint of plum. Would you say this is true? I am never able to see Guerlain in-person, so I rely on the wonderful service you provide!

LilyBiscuit said...

From the swatches, I love 363 as well. I may just splurge :)

Rebekah said...

Beautiful selections CG!! I have fallen in love with shade 320 Red Insolence, it's an absolutely perfect daytime red that's not at all over-the-top or bright...right up my alley! I'm excited for the Rouge d'Armani Sheers being released with the Fade to Grey collection. I thought of you the second I saw them! :)
Thanks for another gorgeous post!

Charlestongirl said...

Just a hint, CGirl. Yes.

LSBD said...

Oh my goodness. These look gorgeous. I will have to peruse the selection when they arrive.

Fabulous Rose has a hint of plum? Sold :)

Anonymous said...

C.G. You have a good selection of gorgeous makeup.
Do you ever use the majority of the? I have a lot too, but no where like you.

Anonymous said...

Are these highly scented?

Charlestongirl said...

Anonymous, barely scented. I didn't smell the colors on my lips. I smelled to tube to answer your question, and detected an insignificant fragrance.

Ginny said...

I already four of these baby - Fabulous Rose, Rouge Kiss, Air Kiss, and Forever Brown. Have tried the Fabulous Rose and Rouge Kiss and they are so so beautiful! The color payoff is great, very emollient so easy to apply. I'm definitely going back for more colors, maybe getting the Golden Girl in your part 2 post, or one of the warm pink. Thank you for your fabulous review. I picked Fabulous Rose after reading your post!