Monday, February 1, 2016

Chanel Les Sautoirs de Coco Collection for Spring 2016 - Part 1

Inspired by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel’s love of pearls, a glorious new makeup collection glimmers with iridescent and luminous shades of white, pink, and soft grey, while classic black elements bring an unexpected contrast to the soft color range. In short, the collection is stupendous.

How could you pass the display without stopping to play with the Perles et Fantaisies Highlighter ($70)? It stopped me in my tracks. Because my skin is so light, Rahman, the Chanel representative who has darker skin than mine, offered to model it in the store. He blended the pink and pearl shades, and you can see the results below. He applied the swatch very heavily with his finger. You could get a heavy application with your finger or a sponge-tipped applicator. Naturally, if you use a brush, you will achieve a more glowing, less colorful effect. I think I'm going to crawl in a hole and die if I can't find the money to purchase this palette.

The other piece in the collection that will shop enthusiasts in their tracks is #258 Les 4 Ombres Tissé Ombre de Lune ($61.00), an eye shadow quad that I want very much.

Because I was playing with color in the store, I used their small applicators to apply swatches to my arm, and I took my photos indoors - never optimal. Nevertheless, I think you can see that all four of the shades are beautiful. I started swatching at the top right with the silver shade, moved on to ivory, to the charcoal, and ending with the pretty peach. I hope you can see the shine in the silver, and the glow in the ivory and peach shades. The charcoal makes a perfect liner shade with the other colors. I need this quad too.

I will try to get better swatch photos later. I also want to swatch the two gorgeous, pigmented shades of lip gloss, so I have a great reason to go play with Rahman at Tysons Galleria or Nicki at Mazza Gallerie.

You can see the entire Les Sautoirs de Coco Collection at Chanel's Web site. I believe you will have a hard time resisting the urge to pull out your wallet. You can find this collection at Neiman Marcus, and (I believe) Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other select department stores.

Photos courtesy of Chanel and by Best Things in Beauty


Senna said...

I have been following your blog for a long time now but have never left you a comment until today, I guess I've just been lurking around and enjoying your great swatches and reviews for everything luxe. I ordered this powder yesterday from nordstom site unseen because I have no chanel counter near me, the disadvantage of small city living I guess. I'm happy I gambled right with this powder, it looks gorgeous on Rahmans arm. Since I'm nowhere near a counter I wonder if you could swatch the stylo eyeliners and the two illusion d'ombres (I'm particularly interested in the white one) in this collection as well if you go back to the counter? It's hard to tell if I "need" these or should pass on these. Thank you

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Sienna! Thanks for commenting. Your answer is yes, I will. This week, I hope.

I would have bought this powder sight unseen too. :)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Oh that compact is gorgeous! I sometimes think I should just buy these palettes and put them on display because they are so pretty. Haha! Nope. I'd have to use it. And that's the type of Chanel Tisse eye palette I love.

Anonymous said...

I like this collection very much, too. In my opinion, the Illusion d'ombre (Iridescent) is a must and very unique. The eye liner is a re promote.
Have a good week,

Nemo said...

I bought the eye quad, both lipsticks, and all but one of the glosses. I did not spring for the highlighter. Here's why: I already own a CHANEL highlighter that is almost identical to it. The one I have is called Fleurs Celestes de CHANEL. Don't know how long it's been in my stash, but it looks enough like this new one to do the job for me.

Nemo said...

I bought the eye shadow quad and it is lovely. Very sparkly, which you need to know. I also bought both lipsticks and all but one of the glosses. I did not buy the fancy highlighter. This is because I already own an almost identical CHANEL highlighter from years ago called Fleur Celestes de CHANEL. It goes on the same as this new one and that's good enough for me.

Eileen said...

Between LA Sunrise and Les Sautoirs de Coco, the delicacy and glow of Les Sautoirs is far more appealing to me for a spring look. Although I'll be good and ready to put aside my deeper, richer winter shades in the coming months, spring's mild weather and the tonal quality of spring's sunlight still tell me it isn't time for the bold and burnished colors of summer. I guess that's why LA Sunrise seemed so "off" to me. The unfortunate name aside, the color concept was out of sync with the season. Now, all that rambling aside, I must confess that the only thing I bought from Les Sautoirs was the Glossimer in Pinctada. LOL. It's a beautiful shimmery fuchsia and because it is somewhat transparent, it is more delicate than the bright fuchsia we see in summer. When I first saw Les Sautoirs, I oooo'ed and aaaa'ed, but as I swatched, it became apparent that it wasn't going to play nice with my coloring :-( At least I got a lovely springtime gloss.

Nawi said...

Have I missed the part two? And the quad gets very poor reviews from most of the bloggers but you love it? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.