Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mémoire Liquide Amour Liquide Reserve Edition Eau de Parfum

Recently, Mémoire Liquide sent me a full-sized bottle of Amour Liquide Reserve Edition Eau de Parfum ($95) for review, and they included in the box a lovely sample of Amour Liquide Reserve Edition Crème de la Crème ($24) to match. This was the perfect fragrance to tide me over a polar vortex and snow storm.

The scent can best be described by its notes...
The memory of exhilarating, romantic love, at once soul soothing and breathtaking Pure Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Incense. Top Note: Black Orchid, Middle Note: Tonka Bean, Madagascar Vanilla. A base of Incense.

When I spray Amour Liquide on my skin, I smell the vanilla and tonka bean immediately. It's a warm, gourmand fragrance, and it stays that way throughout its long life on my skin. Fairly quickly, I detect a modest incense - one I love. Incense and I have a difficult history. I associate it with priests burning incense in their liturgical vessels, thuribles, and swinging them toward the congregation. That holy ritual was always followed by me, gagging and coughing. For a long time, I wouldn't touch fragrances with incense.

Then, Giorgio Armani showed me the way, with a gorgeous and relaxing incense in one of my favorite fragrances of his. After that, I began to open up to incense, but never blind-bought. I had to give it a sniff test first. Fortunately, with no prior sniff test, I love the incense in Amour Liquide. It has the most relaxing effect on me. I like to wear it to bed. There's something about it that helps me unwind and drift off to sleep, smelling comfortable vanilla and tonka. Perhaps the Angels are visiting me.

The Crème de la Crème, which you can sometimes find in a boxed set, is just as divine, but not as strong as the EdP. It has the same effect on me when I wear it: cozy, comfy, and relaxed.

My friend Gaia of The Non-Blonde and I are almost fragrance opposites. If I like a fragrance, she is unlikely to love it - and vice versa. She reviewed Amour Liquide and found it pleasant, but not as complex as I know she prefers her perfumes. While she envisioned the addition of zesty notes, I'm very pleased with the way Amour Liquide runs its course on my skin, and I'm thrilled to have it.

You can find Mémoire Liquide Amour Liquide Reserve EdP at Mémoire Liquide's Web site, Nordstrom, and Amazon, among other sources. If you order from the company's Web site and use the code Blog2016, you will receive a 20% discount.

Photos courtesy of Mémoire Liquide


Evelyn said...

It's so hard with perfumes. Gaia explains them so well and then I might try one and only certain notes pop up on my skin or my nose just can't pick up the very fine details. Makes me grumpy but I keep trying. :) I'd probably like a little more incense in it since I find some church incense comforting, it's tied to my childhood particularly to my grandmother who passed before I could remember her - she was very religious and would bless the house with incense when I was little. I may like this!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Evelyn,

Give it a sniff. That's really the only way you will know if the incense concentration suits you.