Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Guerlain Météorites Pearls Carousel for Summer 2016

For spring and summer, the iconic Guerlain Météorites Pearls have been reinvented in delicate, pastel colors. The limited-edition, skin-enhancing Guerlain Météorites Pearls in Carousel ($62) will gently give your complexion a fresh glow. Warm pink pearls revive. Soft mauve pearls catch the light. Sunny yellow pearls fight dullness. The pearlescent white pearls reflect light. Guerlain's innovative stardust technology transforms UV rays into visible, soft-focused, perfect light (using a spherical pigment contained within each pearl), while the mix of harmonious shades customizes luminosity to your skin tone by your own application - light or layered.

I was a grateful recipient of the Carousel Météorites Pearls, which Guerlain sent me. I did a happy dance the day I came home from work, found them on my doorstep, and looked up and saw just enough sunshine to get a few photos. The colors in Carousel are absolutely perfect for spring and summer, a time when you want to enliven your complexion, even if you are stuck in an office all day.

Lest you ever doubted that I take my pictures at my house when I say I do, look at that gnat who flew in and landed on my tableau! Now it's too dark outside to get additional photos, so we might as well name him the now-famous Carousel gnat.

Look at these gorgeous colors! You can see them blended on the applicator shown in the photo above. The beautiful spring pink will liven up any winter complexion.

I held the container toward the sun so that there would be little shadow from the container on the pearls. You can see the beautiful pastel shades, made more vibrant by the warm pink pearls. They contribute significantly to the overall effect when you blend all the shades and apply the Météorites to your skin.

As always, I had a crazy blogger desire to show you a swatch photo. I used the applicator that came in the Météorites to apply them heavily to my arm, and I held my arm directly at the sun. I really layered the color so that you could see how lively it is; it makes my skin glow. The result is shown below.

Fortunately, unlike some of my past photos of finishing powders, you can see the color on my arm. I think it's exquisite. It glows, but doesn't sparkle. The warm pink will flatter most of us. I applied it all over my face with a fluffy powder brush, and I was thrilled with how good Carousel made me look. I also noticed that I can wear it, applied heavily with a denser brush, as a subtle blusher because my face is so pale. Another way you can apply Carousel is in a "three" on each side of the face - over the temples, across the cheekbones, down the edge of the face, and partially across the jawline.

The Carousel pearls have the same light, distinctive Guerlain scent that all Météorites have. It dissipates quickly, and it never fights with my chosen fragrance for the day.

I've never met a Guerlain Météorites introduction I didn't love. I have many versions, and I'll never discard them. When I'm not using them, they live in my makeup museum. That's how special I think they are!

I did a quick online search and found that you can purchase the Météorites Pearls Carousel at Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom's Web site. I know they must be available from other retailers, so I'll update this feature when I can identify them. If you've seen them in stores, please let us know in the comments.

Update 3/18: Carousel is available at the counter at Neiman Marcus.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty; last photo courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman


Evelyn said...

Meteorites are taking over my bedroom, it's a serious problem. lol I really love and enjoy them all because they make my skin look so much better.

rachlovespenguins said...

Ohhhhhh I've been eyeing these online and wondering if the pink would come through. So glad it does!
At least Carousel Gnat has impeccable taste?

Eileen said...

I bought these magical pearls on Tuesday and so I've only worn them twice, but I'm absolutely in love with them. As you can see, Guerlain incorporated their spring color palette of pastel pink and light buttercup yellow in designing this combination of pearls and the result is the essence of a warm, spring day. They're simply beautiful and even if I didn't collect Météorites, I'd put these on my must buy list. Used all over or to highlight, Carousel is a winner. And, like the incredible holiday Météorites, they look phenomenal when swept onto the décolletage.

Charlestongirl said...

My apologies. I lost 1-2 comments here. Can you please re-post?

Unknown said...

Oh no! These are gorgeous. Look out vanity, a new Meteorite will be landing soon! Spectacular as always.

Anne said...

Anne, I recovered your comment in Gmail.

They are so beautiful. Unfortunately, they are too pink for me. My complexion is already very pink so anything pink just makes me look even pinker.

Sandra said...

Well, I have to sadly admit this will be my first Meteroite purchase,thanks to CG and all of the fabulous comments! I cannot wait for their delivery! I love the beautiful glow of your swatch, CG, and am looking forward to "glowing!" What a wonderful product to welcome Spring!

ColorThrillsMe said...

ACK! Those look beautiful.

The blush meteorites are the perfect blush and these will put a perfect finish on top of it.

I like your photos best of all- they seem most accurate.