Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rouge Bunny Rouge LOVE LIGHTS Highlighting Powder - Reformulated and Re-introduced

I first told you about Rouge Bunny Rouge's LOVE LIGHTS Highlighting Powder ($48) in 2011. These highlighting powders were fabulous then, and they are even better now. They have been reformulated with triple anti-aging benefits, and Rouge Bunny Rouge has added a new black, high-luster case with a magnetic lid. The compacts come with an applicator, shown in my photo above. They weren't as beautifully embossed in their first incarnation.

When Rouge Bunny Rouge sent me these highlighting powders with other new introductions for review, I had a moment of déjà vu. I figured out why very quickly with a quick blog search. I had featured them in June of 2011.

Rouge Bunny Rouge said, "We interpreted the sublimely haunting beauty of this powder and released it here for you. Feather-light and creamy, to softly stroke your skin with pearly velvet light from dusk 'til dawn. A natural, even, and radiant look is yours, while the tiny dazzling micro-particles add teasingly shimmering twinkles. Let the firelight in to accentuate cheeks, arms, legs...anywhere you dare to bare. With such a bewitching halo about you, those who lay their head upon your warm lap may not want it back."

This radiant powder, enriched with exquisite anti-aging benefits for a firmer and healthier skin, feels like a gossamer sweep of creamy silk. The powder’s miraculous “blurring” finish and smoothing effect will instantly transform your complexion - your personal secret to perfect, clear, porcelain-like skin.

New-generation pigments create a lasting flawless, luminous coverage and a unique blendability. State-of-the-art technologies in powder treatment and coating make for the superb smoothing properties, and delightful skin feel. An exclusive Aglianico Grape Marc Extract is added to boost natural anti-aging and healing processes, such as detoxification and synthesis of hyaluronic acid and type I and type III collagen. These powders are free from parabens, fragrance, and D5.

The new packaging is even more elegant and practical. Inside the tall matte box with a glossy floral print, a foam inserts cradles a high-luster, piano black case with a magnetic lid. All of Rouge Bunny Rouge's packaging is inspired.

You can see the two shades in the photos above. Goddess is a satin-finish, very light cream with pink undertones. Sweet to Touch also offers a satin-finish; it's a medium amber with a golden glow effect.

Like all of Rouge Bunny Rouge's products, LOVE LIGHTS comes with a story. When night falls in the Enchanted Garden and soft moonlight bathes the resplendent beaches of the Grand Moon Seas, nymphs will emerge and dance and whirl weightlessly around a fire. The secret of their weightlessness lies in the starlight powder coating the beach - every night the nymphs luxuriate in it to sustain the magic of their skin and grace of their movement.

I've joined the nymphs in their dance around the night's fire. I took swatch photos of the powders in full, mid-day sunshine, though, not around the fire. I used a sponge-tipped applicator and applied them heavily so that you might see them on my arm. They are beautiful and subtle finishing powders when applied normally, with a fluffy blush or powder brush. When applied with a more dense brush, you can build the coverage on your skin wherever you want light to be reflected.

Goddess is shown at the top of my arm. It is a very light pink, one that will add a touch of color to your skin with a subtlety that is radiant, but conservative - a glow. Instead, it looks makes my skin appear lit from within. That's worth every cent of the price.

Sweet to Touch adds more color, leaving an amber-tinted gold on my complexion. It warms my skin, making me look less bland than I do after a winter without much sunshine. Both shades add a fresh, healthy look to the skin.

These powders really don't sparkle much, despite those "teasingly shimmering twinkles." That makes them perfectly wearable during the day. I'll use both and probably select a shade based on what I'm wearing. I'd have a hard time choosing between them, so I'm excited that Rouge Bunny Rouge sent me both shades.

If you go to this link, you can find a brochure on these lovely powders. Definitely worth a download!

These re-introduced highlighting powders are being launched on Friday, April 1. You can order them from Rouge Bunny Rouge, or wait a short time for them to be available at Beautyhabit.

Update: There is a GWP!  Special offer until April 11, 2016: Buy any Highlighting Powder and receive a Sheer Lipstick Jasmine-weighted Air as a gift. Buy any Highlighting Powder plus any Highlighting Liquid and receive a Face Contour Brush 012 as a gift. Find all you need to Read more...

Photos by Best Things in Beauty or courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge


Christina said...

Perfect timing, CG! I was just looking at these powders on their website and wondered if I should pick one up! I don't see the twinkle either, but I do see a subtle sheen which I think would look very flattering on the skin. The pink is calling my name (probably because I don't wear bronzers), but both look really gorgeous.

Sandra said...

I love the color of,the bronze swatch, CG! So I have to decide whether It will be Rouge Bunny or Guerlain's Teracotta. Any thoughts to help me make up my mind?

Charlestongirl said...

Sandra, they are so very different. One is a sheer highlighting powder, and the other is a more colorful bronzer. Which one do you need worse?

breri said...

Hello there! How different is the original version from the new, reformulated version? I have, and love, the original bronze color and I am wondering if it is worth getting the new version. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Breri, I am not sure. My old one is packed away (cleaned before my knee surgery), and I can't find it in less than 3-4 hours!

When I come across it, I can answer. Or you can write RBR.

breri said...

Hi CG! I will definitely contact RBR. Thank you so much for your help. :)