Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Collection - In-Store Photos

I finally got a chance at lunchtime today to pop into Neiman Marcus and get some quick photos of the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2016 Beauty Runway Collection. I had to take my photos with my iPhone in the store or outside the doors, and the outdoor photo isn't wonderful. The sun was hiding behind a thick cloud cover. Sometimes, you have to make do.

The Spring/Summer Runway Palette ($120) is gorgeous - even prettier than it looks on the Web site. I took my photos of the tester. The photo directly above shows the first tier of the palette with a warm pink blush that will thrill many. The second tier, shown directly below, presents three beautiful eye shadows. It looks like someone really dug into the center shade with a knife.

The colors are better represented by Armani's photo directly below. I think it's more accurate than I was able to achieve indoors.

I took swatch photos inside and outdoors. I selected one taken outdoors for this feature. It isn't a great photo, but it was the best I could do on the run today.

I swatched all shades with a sponge-tipped applicator. The leftmost shade is a beautiful base champagne shade. It is not white as it might appear. I wish you could see the tone of the beautiful grey shade in my photo. It has a slight periwinkle tint that makes it unique and extravagant. It's worth the price of admission. The light copper shade is a beautiful shade for spring and also daytime. I'm smitten with all three.

The blush is shown on my arm below the three eye shadows. I blended it slightly into a circle. It's a warm pink shade that works perfectly for me. If you want to enlarge this photo, just click on it.

I promise to get better photos once this exquisite palette is mine. For now, I hope these photos will give you enough information to decide whether the palette is a must-have for you.

One photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty; other photos by Best Things in Beauty

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you reviewed this. I ordered mine already from Neiman Marcus and can't wait to get it! You have great taste and I'm so happy to be seeing posts from you again.