Friday, July 29, 2016

The Friday Forum - July 29

I finally have a computer. I had to purchase a new one because my old desktop did not have enough memory to run Windows 10, an operating system that Microsoft installed overnight without my permission. Beware of them. They cost me about $1000.

My computer doctor was supposed to copy all of my prior e-mail files onto this new computer. He missed quite a few, so now I must spend time on the phone with them doing a file by file comparison. I sent them the old hard drive back yesterday. I can only summarize this debacle as a royal pain and time-consuming.

Today is my first day as a free woman. My consulting job ended, so I'm going to run over in a few minutes to a Chanel event at Neiman Marcus. I have lots of new things to show you. I'll try to start tomorrow.

In the meantime, it's time for the Friday Forum. The Friday Forum has always been an opportunity to share information. Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Tell us about it! Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Tell us why! Do you have questions others might be able to answer? We can help! Want to talk about skin care? I'm game. Just use the comments. We have busy weekends and slow ones on the forum. I hope to see you in the comments.

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TravelingBlush said...

I have a free offer to upgreade to Windows 10 but I am ignoring it. My laptop is 4 years old. I don't want to risk it.

Look fwd to reading your Chanel report!

Eileen said...

Well, there you go! Always have an external backup drive attached to your computer. You can set the frequency at which the device backs things up and the drives are cheap, cheap, cheap. 1TB starts at about $50 and the price goes up as you increase the number of terabytes. (I have a Seagate 1TB from Amazon) To put it into perspective for you, 1TB will hold 85,899,345 pages of Word documents or 310,000 photos (and even more if you use a compression program). The external backup is user friendly and makes transferring files as simple as attaching the device to your new computer and downloading the files you want. Between an external backup drive and The Cloud, you'll never have to depend on a "computer doctor" when it comes to salvaging and transferring your files.

I've been enjoying my Candeur et Expérience so much, by the time autumn actually rolls around, I'll probably be bored with it! LOL I did go back to the counter and purchased the Crayon Yeux in Agapé which is a pretty, basic bronze in a wonderfully smooth formula and I also purchased the Illusion d'Ombre in Rouge Brûlé. To amp up C et E for an evening look, I had used a bit of Tom Ford's copper micro-glitter (from the now discontinued Cognac Sable quad) lightly pressed into the movable eyelid. It looked stunning, but the micro-glitter seemed dated and so I went to test drive the I d'O. I showed the MA my TF palette and said that I wanted something reminiscent of smoldering embers. She immediately said, "Rouge Brûlé!" I was already wearing C et E as I would for evening so the MA just used a blender brush to lightly glaze the movable eyelid with RB and then build it up ever so slightly on the ball of the lid. She said I could use anything to apply it, but that using a blender brush kept it light while polishing and diffusing it evenly. I smiled as she was instructing me because that is exactly how I apply my Tom Ford cream eyeshadow--with a TF #13 which I think is far superior to the MAC #17.

Speaking of Tom Ford, I'm looking forward to the release of his new Shimmer Shots. They are pearlescent liquid highlighters--one light shade called Spin Spin Sugar and one darker shade called Lust for Life. This is not TF's first foray into liquid highlighters. Who could ever forget his legendary Firelust? Consequently, the bar has been set very high. I hope the Shimmer Shots can live up to it. TF will be releasing some other products at the same time. He has a new waterproof foundation/concealer coming out and a fiber gel brow product. Neither one of those have me excited because they simply don't fulfill any of my needs. For those of you who haven't seen any of this TF newness yet, you can check out Really Ree. For some reason, the Brits get TF way ahead of us here in the US.

That's it for me. I hope you're all enjoying some lazy summer days and staying cool. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Nemo said...

Welcome back, CG! And Eileen, I love your comment! I too am enjoying my CHANEL fall stash! I just ordered another Candeur et Experience quad. Before that I ordered the other crème shadow in Rouge Brule. I now have the entire collection. It is by far the most beautiful CHANEL has ever done. And I want you to know I ordered the CHANEL No.5 hair mist! It is nice. Lovely. Very feminine. I doubt if I'll reorder another because it is kind of silly. But I am enjoying it.

Meredith said...

I too ordered the Chanel No.5 hair mist. It is light and lovely, no overpowering scent here. Just what you would want it to be.

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, I used to have an external back-up drive, but ditched it because it was too much trouble. I'm always in a hurry. I know they have improved, so I'll check out a new one.

I watched the Chanel artist yesterday, and he made all of his clients look great. I won't be surprised when the limited items in the fall collection sell out.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, I don't remember you ever being excited about a collection as Chanel's new one. That's kinda fun!

Charlestongirl said...

Traveling Blush, scroll back a few weeks. I have written a few times about the Chanel fall collection.

Charlestongirl said...

Meredith, I think I need that! I've wanted the Carnal Flower mist for years.

Eileen said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

Definitely look into a new backup drive. They're no trouble at all. You just set how often you want it to backup and forget about it. It will backup automatically. You don't have to do anything.

All this talk of hair mist reminds me of my mother. She always lightly misted her hair with fragrance as did my grandmother and my great grandmother. (All three were long haired beauties) It was the custom of the time most probably because women didn't wash their hair as often back in the day. In any event, I'm glad to see it getting some attention again because we all know how enticing clean and fragrant hair can be. If that were not the case, our shampoos and conditioners wouldn't be redolent of flowers, or berries, or . . . :-) I mist my hair, too, but I don't have a special spray. I just use whatever I'm wearing that day. Since hair does such an epic job of holding scent, easy does it is the way to go. It sounds like the Chanel No 5 mist is right on target.

Eileen said...

Oh dear! All that talk of hair mist has given me an earworm! I'm going to be hearing Frnak Sinatra's "It Was a Very Good Year" running through my head all day:

When I was twenty-one it was a very good year
It was a very good year for city girls
Who lived up the stairs
With all that perfumed hair
And it came undone
When I was twenty-one


Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, now you've given it to me!

Charlestongirl said...

BTW, Traveling Blush,

Do not upgrade to 10 until you have to. If you have 7, keep it! If my experience hasn't convinced you, Google the problems people have reported.

Nemo said...

Hi, Charleston Girl! Yes! This collection IS fun! It's like being out on the town with someone beautiful & sophisticated (which I've never done, by the way). I can't wait for the holiday collection! My husband asked me when that would be coming out; October, probably, I replied, and the dollar signs disappeared from his eyes! I am also enjoying my new CHANEL No. 5 hair mist. It is so feminine and lovely. Very nice.

TravelingBlush said...

Thanks CG, yes, I am not upgrading, I am quite haopy with Windows 10 at moment. I will buy a new machine next year, so keeping the status quo for now....