Monday, September 19, 2016

Coming Soon: Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Color

Months ago, the day I sat in the Neiman Marcus Café taking photos of the upcoming introductions, I snapped this photo of five of the eight Rouge Allure Ink Matte Lip Colors ($37). This is certainly the year of the lipstick!

The mark of your allure. Smooth gloss meets intense lipstick in an innovative new formula from Rouge Allure.

Chanel calls Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Color perfection in just one stroke. A long-lasting liquid lipstick that glides on like a gloss and dries with a luminous, velvet-like finish. Polymers, waxes, and plant oils smooth and nourish the lips, while jojoba oil and a unique antioxidant complex offer hydration and protective benefits. A sponge-tip applicator allows for comfortable and easy application.

The Rouge Allure Inks are available in a "provocative" range of shades, from tart pink to brown noir. They look intense to me.

I have read that they are starting to appear at Chanel counters. Officially, they are supposed to be on counter and at in October. Keep your eyes open. They are, apparently, arriving early.

Everywhere I turn, there are new lipsticks - full collections of new lipsticks. The Dior display of Rouge Dior is almost too full of new colors in a new formula. Matte lipsticks are everywhere. I was struck this weekend as I perused the Saks Beauty catalog (in advance of their Beauty Event) by the full-face photos of models, all wearing perfectly applied matte lips. Did they strike me as pretty? No. Alluring? No. I really hope Chanel "did it better." I'm looking forward to seeing and playing with these new Rouge Allure Inks.

Photo by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Hi lovely Charleston Girl! I spent my lunch break today at my local Chanel counter where they already have the "ink collection". I tried the lightest color( I'm sorry but I don't remember the name). Now, I'm the one who had issues with Cle de peau's radiant rouge liquid. In my opinion and with limited time, I believe they're 2 totally different products. I don't recall any glossy shine upon application with "the inks" and, it dried matte on me very quickly. It would be crazy of me to consider this product because I prefer shine and my lips are very dry. I'm a crazy chanelphile though and will probably purchase this and apply a clear goods on top, kinda like their Rouge Intenste's (not sure of spelling). They also had some beautiful Rouge allures and at least 1 Velvet formulation( ?). Anyway, all the colors were very pretty. I only have a hour break and I only can try 1 lip color on at a time. But, I'd like to see how the "lightest red" looks on me and I'll be back later this week to take another look. Do you know of a really great clear gloss in a squeeze tube? Chanel has 2 but their in standard tube form. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts and review!! xo

Anonymous said...

I have been quite interested in these as they promise to be a comfortable matte. Since early September they have been available in Australia and I got my daughter to swatch a couple of the colors since she was going past a Chanel store. She says there is little to no scent which is a plus, however I find most of the colors are unappealing to me. They lightest, Amourex, looks too peachy pink pale on instagram when people wear it even though it swatches a dusky pink on paper. Experimente - the darkest one, a plum red and the one Kristen Stewart wears in the promo would be the most workable for me. But then I am also waiting for the Armani Lip Magnets to come out!

Eileen said...

Chanel's "inks" have already arrived at the local counter and I can't say that any of the colors really spoke to me to the degree that I'd purchase one. I'm not a huge fan of mattes anyway and on those rare occasions that there is a matte shade I can't live without ;-) I have to moisturize my lips very well and use a generous coat of balm underneath it--sort of defeats the purpose of wearing a matte, doesn't it? Consequently, unless I'm really wowed by a color, I just pass on by the mattes. Besides, I've been reading mixed reviews of the new "ink". Supposedly they take about 10 minutes to dry down to their velvet matte finish, but once they do, they stay set for several hours. All that sounds OK until you get to the part about colors applying a bit streaky or patchy and then having to work with them to get an even color and finish. That's where I lose interest. For me, the colors simply aren't worth the effort.

I got a chuckle out of your mini-rant about the matte lips, Charlestongirl, because I instantly thought of all the Kylie wannabes and the slew of young Instagram beauty bunnies who are walking around with overdrawn, washed out, parched looking lips. I don't get it, but then my opinion isn't in the least bit important. I guess all my years working with teenagers has made me very tolerant of those cosmetic fads that sweep through their ranks. They want something that speaks of youth and a "I don't' give a f---!" attitude. As soon as they see it being watered down and imitated by us oldsters, though, they're off in search of something new. They just want something that is uniquely their own and bless them for that :-) When I think back to some of the looks I sported as a teen . . . LOL

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, Eileen, if I see one more collection of matte lipsticks, I may have an in-store hissy fit!

You brought up this focus on the Kylie generation. I remain unimpressed. Fortunately, like all trends, it won't survive.

Tatiana said...

Even though I am open to trying new formulas, I have yet to find a matt lipstick, liquid lipstick or glossy gloss that I find comfortable to wear. I also don't know if my nose is becoming more sensitive, but I'm finding a lot more lipsticks and makeup with an intense perfume smell which I just do not like.
I cannot wait until the dry, matt lipstick trend is over.

Eileen said...

Hi LadyJicky; Hi Maureen,

Since we're on the subject of lip products I just wanted to let you both know that I did get to the Shiseido counter and selected one of the new Rouge Rouge. Wow! What a wonderful formula and I love the satin finish. I bought Red Queen to start and will be definitely getting more. It's so comfortable and hydrating. Thanks for nudging me along :-)