Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sephora VIB Sale

Just a quick note in case you didn't receive notice of this Sephora sale...

Are you a Sephora VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider)? If so, you are eligible for a 20% discount on all purchases through November 15. Use code VIB20 at checkout.

Supposedly, there were postcards distributed before the Thursday night in-store event. I never received one, but I did get an e-mail notice on Thursday morning. If you have your postcard, take it to the store with you. They will honor it through November 15. Otherwise, shop online. It's more convenient anyhow.

I'm not sure what gives with Sephora's communications. I wrote them last week, expressing my dismay that I could possibly be one of their biggest VIB spenders, but hadn't received any notice of Friends & Family - or this VIB event. The next morning, a VIB e-mail appeared.

This sale "extends" Friends & Family, so if you are a VIB and the items you wanted during Friends & Family were sold out, you may want to check again. Or go see the temptations that arrived right after Friends & Family ended.

Photo courtesy of Sephora


Laura said...

Agreed. I also spend a good deal of money at Sephora, and did not receive a Friends and Family card/email, nor was I notified of the VIB sale. I have become disappointed in Sephora's treatment of its best customers.

Kelly said...

I had that issue last year. I had opened my VIB card in the store. It turns out they didn't have my online account and my store card linked. So that made me never get any emails or postcards. After we figured out the problem, I started getting everything.

Charlestongirl said...

Lucky you, Kelly! I opened my account online, almost all my purchases are online, and they still can't get it right. I didn't receive the fall catalog until I requested one, two months after others got it. When I complained this week, they wrote me and said they had forwarded my e-mail to the proper department. I'm afraid that means the circular file.

Laura, I think Sephora got too big too fast and "forgot" what we recognize as the basic principles of customer relationship management. That's management consulting speak for taking good care of the folks who spend money with you. I would love to have the money to give them a serious competitor. :)

Dlori said...

Kelly, I spend a lot of money at Sephora and this past January, they first informed me that I was getting my VIB status again but the following day told me I hadn't spent enough and that they were removing it. After 3 weeks of speaking with at least 12 people from their customer service department and getting all different excuses, I finally spoke with someone in corporate who informed me that my online account and store purchases were not connected so everything I bought, all the points I had earned, were "Floaters" as they called them, not linking to any account.After 11 months, they still can't get it right and I have not received any VIB listings and have missed out on all their specials. It's so frustrating that maybe it's time for all of us to simply boycott them until they start caring enough to fix the problem.


Charlestongirl said...

Dlori, that's incredible! And I thought I had issues.

A boycott won't work. I boycotted Exxon for years after Valdez, and they're still around. Not sure how to get the message across.

What's interesting is that Sephora has so many pluses. Their Web site is easy to use, and they pack well. While their shipping seems about a day slower than it used to be, they still ship quickly. On the minus side, I wish they wouldn't send me substitute fragrance samples that stink, and I wish their 100- and 500-point samplers were more interesting. I'm building up way too many points because they seldom offer anything I want.

MB said...

Unlike the F&F sale, you don't need a postcard to shop in store. Both of the e-mails I received about the VIB sale say you can bring the e-mail to the store to get the discount.