Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tassi - To Keep Your Hair Outta There

Tassi is one of those "simple genius" products - you'll wonder why you never thought of this hair-wrapping wonder.

Everything I've used in the past to keep my hair out of my face while I was washing my face, using a treatment mask, or bending over for any purpose has had negative effects on my hair style. Hair clips create crimps; elastic ponytail holders rearrange my hair style; headbands give me hat hair (flat on top). I've never used an ideal solution - until now.

I was sent a bright pink Tassi to try. I was captivated the first time I used it. Granted, I look totally dorky in it - something like granny in a pink bonnet. It's not a look you want to share outside of your immediate family, even though Tassi is available in a range of colors and prints. Tassi is a tool you won't want to be without. Once you try a Tassi, you'll be hooked.
Just slip a Tassi over your head, roll it up over your hairline, and slip any long hair into the gently elasticized ring. It's as fast as any other method, but way more effective if you wish to preserve your hair style.

There's a sale underway. Instead of the usual price of $14.99 per Tassi, you can purchase one for $10.04, a holiday discount price. Buy two so that you can share this little miracle with a friend over the holidays, and shipping will be free. Can't beat that for a stocking stuffer!

Don't want pink? How about Purple or Aquamarine? Don't want a solid? How about Leopard or Zebra? Charlie might be startled by the new cat in the room, but I'd be right in style. Got a kid with a small head? You can buy a Tiny Tassi, 30% smaller than the regular Tassi (regular works for me).

Interested in more simple genius products? Check out Simple Health and Beauty. You can link to Tassi from there, but you'll find many more items to simplify your life. I already know and like Strap Tamers. I am a member of the age group that finds visible bra straps unacceptable. I'm intrigued by Exfolia, a microexfoliation cloth for face and body. I may have to order one this week.

Photos courtesy of Tassi


Goya said...

It's not a look you want to share outside of your immediate family?

I doubt if this kind of look I wish to share between me and myself!

Charlestongirl said...

LOL! Goya, I thought that until I started using my Tassi. It works so well, I "overlooked" its looks. :)