Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stila 24kt Gloss Goodness

Turning to Stila makeup I adore, Stila's 24kt Gloss ($25) is a must-have. You don't even have to be a lip gloss addict like me to love it.

You can add some sizzle to your look with Stila’s 24kt lip gloss! It's infused with genuine 24kt gold, but don't get too excited - no goldsmith is going to take it for meltdown. This non-sticky formula gives you a vibrant, glistening, gorgeous smile. The security guards at work always comment on my smile. I love the guys (they are so considerate, and they make me feel safe), so why not smile when you greet them? Apparently, not everyone does.

The smooth texture is loaded with moisture-locking ingredients, including vitamin E to nourish and condition and vitamins A and C to provide antioxidant protection and keep your lips hydrated. The 24kt gold powder nourishes and protects the lips and gives you a beautiful golden shimmer. This "gold thing is happening" in beauty land. Gold is turning up in skin care and makeup. I'm not sure it's as exciting as jewelry, but who cares? It's pretty.

Adorned with a genuine handmade Indian bindi, which makes the tube very classy, this glimmering gloss can be worn alone for a natural shine or over your favorite lipstick for a dazzling effect.

Here is an arm photo of my two newest shades: Golden Charm and Vintage Merlot. I purchase most of the 24kt glosses. They are "proven" in my book, with their gorgeous color, nice feel on my lips, good staying power, and luxurious look. Sorry that my application wasn't quite even. I'm manic as I rush to get photos before the sun goes down. The Gold Charm looks fabulous over any lipstick, particularly ones that need a lift (read matte or satin finish). I can wear Vintage Merlot without a lipstick underneath it. It's nice for lip color on the run because I can apply gloss without a mirror and know that I won't end up looking like a kiss-smeared barmaid - or worse.

Stila offers both of these shades in a value set, the 24kt Luxe Lip Gloss Collection ($30), which I also bought. I wanted to have one of each of these for my makeup bag. They are that nice! They also come off when I want them to disappear, unlike my newest Lip & Cheek Stain (grin).

You can purchase Stila products at Stila's Web site, Sephora, SkinStore, and These are worth checking out, and that set is a great value, particularly today as Sephora's and's F&F discount events wind down.

Photo at top courtesy of Stila


Liz said...

I bought the set earlier this year, and while I love the look and feel of the glosses, I really don't care for the applicator. I put up with it for the sake of the excellent product, but I've never liked tthe click-brush thing.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Liz,

The brush doesn't bother me, but I understand how it could annoy others. It isn't great for immediate gratification. :)