Monday, December 13, 2010

Chantecaille for Spring 2011 - Sea Turtle Palette and New Hydra Chic Shades

I'm having one of those breathless moments, as I stare at the Sea Turtle Palette ($79) that Chantecaille will introduce for Spring 2011. The limited-edition palette, inspired by the beauty of green sea turtles and their warm, sandy nesting grounds, reflects the fluid ease, billowy freedom, and insouciant chic of vintage Parisian fashion.

Three eye shades and one cheek shade reflect the golden warmth of new spring neutrals, complemented by a trendy deep, sea-green eye-defining shade. Composed with the finest pearl and pigment particles, the Sea Turtle Palette will create a natural, satin, and sheer veil of color on the skin, leaving us glowing. Chantecaille will donate 5% of the proceeds from the sale the Sea Turtle Palettes to WIDECAST to help ensure the survival of sea turtles (read more below).

To complete your graceful and sophisticated look for spring and beyond, Chantecaille will be introducing three new Hydra Chic ($30) shades. Hydra Chic is a modern, full-impact lipstick that is hydrating and luminous. Natural extracts of papaya and orchid help to soften the lips, while providing antioxidant and anti-aging protection.

I love the Hydra Chic lipsticks, and from the looks of these photos, I am going to need all three of them! I know I will be delighted with these shades.
  • Aster - a bright, vibrant floral pink, not too cool and not too warm, to emphasize and brighten your lips
  • Canna - a soft peach shade to warm the face
  • Willow - a deep beige, snazzy nude
Sea turtles are in danger. They define all that is ancient and magical about our planet, yet they are endangered and struggling for survival. Their numbers have been severely reduced from historical levels. Persistent exploitation, especially of adult females on nesting beaches, and the widespread collection of eggs are largely responsible for the depleted status of the Caribbean species. In addition to intentional harvesting, the turtles are accidentally captured in active or abandoned fishing gear, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of turtles every year. That makes my heart break. On top of that, coral reef and sea grass degradation, oil spills, chemical waste, plastic and other marine debris, high-density coastal development, and an increase in ocean tourism have damaged or eliminated nesting beaches and feeding areas.

Sea turtles once shared the earth with the dinosaurs, and they have been quiet evolutionary participants for eons. Among the most migratory of all creatures, they touch the hearts and economies of over 100 nations. Chantecaille will honor the impressive beauty and stature of these gentle giants with the Sea Turtle Palette.

The company is partnering with Dr. Karen Eckert of WIDECAST, who is focused on saving sea turtles in the waters of the Caribbean. They have a vision to realize a future in which sea turtles and humans can co-exist, with the turtles surviving and thriving. Please check out WIDECAST and join me in applauding Chantecaille for its continued commitment to support marine wildlife, while introducing lust-worthy makeup.

Want to see larger photos? Just click on them!

Photos courtesy of Chantecaille


Eileen said...

Another gorgeous palette by Chantecaille! I'm sure we'll be seeing this palette getting lots of love from the bloggers which will hopefully inspire us to purchase it and support another worthwhile wildlife cause.

Elle said...

Gorgeous pallette! I can´t wait to see swatches... Do you already know when it will be available?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen, I hope this is a huge seller. That will mean lots of support for the turtles.

Hi Elle, the palette will be available in February. I will put up swatches as soon as I get my hands on it. I'm inspired!

Soni said...

I have yet to spring for a Chantecaille palette although I did plenty of drooling over the Dolphin one. I have already decided this one will be my Valentine's day gift to myself.
Thank you for the heads up and lovely "report". Anxiously awaiting your swatches.

Anonymous said...

A couple of seasons ago, Hermès came out with a scarf design focusing on the sea turtle. Can't think of the name off the top of my head, but I think it was part of the 2009 SS season. For your readers interested in more sea turtles, this may make their heart pitter-patter.

I know this palette is throwing me into all sorts of ecstatic convulsions. I really don't need more eyeshadows, and palettes are not my thing, but this is really special. Thanks!

Charlestongirl said...


I am not sure I "need" more makeup either, but "cause-medics" this pretty are must-haves for me. It's a good thing I haven't seen the Hermes scarf, or I would have bought that too - even though I seldom wear scarves. It would have made my heart go pitter patter. :)

I used to eschew palettes in favor of single colors, but I realized I was missing too much. I really like Chantecalle's palettes because they are filled with wearable shades. The Chantecaille ladies never put "filler" shades in them - those women have a magic touch.