Friday, December 3, 2010

Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss - French Lace, Amor, and First Kiss

There are new additions to the Edward Bess Deep Shine Lip Gloss ($30) collection! Or course, I had to have them, so when I "lined up" my purchase for Bergdorf Goodman's gift card event, I bought all three pretty pinks.

My new Deep Shine Lip Glosses arrived at my door yesterday. They are shown in my photo at right in this order, top to bottom: French Lace (#10), Amor (#12), and First Kiss (#11). Was there more in my Edward Bess box? You bet! I'll save the rest of my adventures for another day.

These photos were taken in my office window in strong, direct morning light. I swatched in the same order I placed the glosses. You would think I could count, but somehow I used the order 10, 12, 11. All were swatched directly from their doe-foot applicators.

There had to be a colorful flower in the background of my Edward Bess swatches below, so fortunately I always have an orchid blooming in my office. Edward was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and his makeup takes me there. From the gardens tucked away from the street behind Charleston homes to Rainbow Row, with its pastel town homes, color is part of Charleston's milieu. Edward's makeup is evocative of Charleston's elegance, beauty, and class.

French Lace, shown at top, is a very pale pink. Just pinker than flesh, it's a pretty topper for any lip color. Amor packs a lot more punch. It's a vivid pink, not fuchsia, but close. First Kiss is pure, saturated pink. All three shades are delightful - a wardrobe of pinks! I managed to wear all three of these glosses today. Was that eager?

French Lace reminds me of Edward's Endless Love. It's a very light, sheer pink, one that will brighten your lip shade if you are wearing lipstick underneath, or will give you a hint of color and lots of moisture if you choose to wear it alone. I call this color baby pink. It's light enough that your own lip color (or lipstick) will determine how it looks on your lips. I wore it alone this morning. It enhances my lips with a moist pink shine, lending a very pretty pink presence to my lips. I'm reminded of the warm pink glow of early morning light in Charleston.

If French Lace represents the glow of sunrise, the more colorful Amor and First Kiss evoke a brilliant pink sunset. Both of these shades are easily worn alone if that's your preference. Both will lend a glossy pink shine to your lip color. I like to create my own lip colors by mixing shades (pink gloss over rose-brown lipstick, for example), and I love the way Deep Shine Lip Gloss clings to my lips and retains its luminous finish for hours. It actually helps my lipstick stay on longer.

Deep Shine Lip Gloss does have a fruity scent and taste. I would prefer that it didn't. Fortunately, the scent and taste don't stick around as long as the gloss does! If you like some flavor on your lips, you'll find Deep Shine Lip Gloss to be sheer perfection.

I purchased my first Edward Bess makeup last April, and I've become a true devotee. I love hearing from Susan Babakhanova and Jennifer Schwartz at Bergdorf Goodman. They take great care of their customers. You too can become an Edward Bess regular - even if you don't have a local source. Just give Susan and Jennifer a call at (212) 872-8826. The provide professional and friendly assistance - no hard sell, just great information. They will help you select Edward Bess shades that are perfect for you.

You can see the line at Edward Bess online and visit with Edward Bess at Facebook. See if the magic of this elegant makeup lures you.

Photo at top courtesy of Edward Bess


Gaia said...

You just can't go wrong with Edward's creations. And it's amazing how well they work for a vast range of skin tones. I was at the counter last week and loved all the new stuff. Got one gloss, one of the new lipsticks (all three are fantastic, really) and a blush. A few days later I decided I need more, so there's another cream blush on the way and also more eye shadows...

Eileen said...

Ah, Charlestongirl! Your description of French Lace had me standing out on the veranda, cup of strong French roast coffee in hand, watching the sun rise. Sweet dreams are made of this :-)

I bought French Lace and Desert Bloom blush from Edwards's new collection and couldn't be more pleased. I love his refined taste, unerring eye for color, softly luminous formulations, and sophisticated minimalist packaging.

Charlestongirl said...

Gaia and Eileen,

One of my dreams is that some day, we are going shopping together!

Dlori said...

I recently bought the "Endless LOve" Gloss which is also absolutely gorgeous. You can't go wrong with any of his lip sticks or glosses. All are absolute perfection. And what's really nice is that you can generally find Edward doing make overs at the Edward Bess counter at Bergdorfs in Manhattan. He is truly a southern gentleman, soft spoken with a very kind heaart. I've been meaning to get my makeover for the last month but I think this is finally going to be the week after seeing all these beautiful shades of lip products available. I think I'll choose that week to do a one week "CLEANSE" which is short for I bought way too many beauty products and now I have to give up food for a week to compensate. As a beauty addict, that's a little to give up for a nice pavkage full of beauty goodies.
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