Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble Diamond White Facial

Yesterday, I experienced the ultimate in luxury: the Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble with a Diamond White Facial, compliments of Natura Bissé and Neiman Marcus. I came home feeling relaxed and pampered, and my skin looked 100% better than when I arrived. This morning, it looks like I experienced an overnight miracle. My skin looks 200% better - maybe more. It is amazingly smooth, firm, and even-toned; the little expression lines under my eyes are gone; a nagging puffy pocket from sinus congestion is gone; and the dehydration that I've been suffering this month appears to be a thing of the past. The tag line for Natura Bissé is "My skin. My secret." It won't be a secret when I go to work. I look eight years younger.

The 99.9% Pure Air Bubble is a fairly spacious, isolated area specifically designed to enhance treatments, increase the efficacy of treatment products, and transport the client to a state of complete tranquility (check!). The innovative bubble of pure, sterile air (free of contaminants and allergens) is said to improve clarity and energy and detoxify the skin, helping the Diamond White Facial provide maximum results.

The Bubble02 used by Natura Bissé was developed by a Spanish company for athletes, those with respiratory allergies and asthma conditions. The pure air oxygenates every cell in the body (so it's a whole-body experience), but is very beneficial for the skin. Natura Bissé has exclusive rights to the Bubble02 for beauty purposes. I think it made every part of my body feel good.

The Diamond White Facial is a renewing treatment that clarifies and evens skin tone, revealing a fresh and brightened complexion. The facial offers the advanced ingredients in Natura Bissé's products to minimize melanin and gently exfoliate, lightening the skin and reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. An anti-inflammatory effect soothes the skin, providing rapid anti-aging results that last.

When I arrived, I saw something like a compact, round, white tent with a generator-like devise that was pumping air into the bubble. Space-age in appearance, it looks like a novelty - until you experience it. Was I concerned that the bubble would make me lightheaded? Honestly, yes, I didn't know what to expect. What I did know was that my Natura Bissé friends, Denise Thomas, Natura Bissé specialist at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria, and Michael Ann Guthrie, National Sales Director for Natura Bissé, wouldn't lead me astray. Once I entered the bubble, aesthetician Alexis put me completely at ease. All she had to do was remove my makeup with The Cure All-In-One Cleanser (she used Natura Bissé's Cleansing Sponges), apply The Cure Hydro Gel Toner, and I was putty - even before she applied the Glyco Extreme Peel.

After that? Alexis applied Diamond Collection products (primarily) and a few treatments that are used only for spa facials. Every so often, I detected the relaxing scent of lavender. The Pure Air Bubble ensures that each product used was super-effective - more effective than "normal" because the pure air facilitates absorption. The environment, free of pollutants - even indoor air pollution - induced my feelings of serenity. All of my little anxieties had been set free about five minutes into the facial.

My Pure Air Bubble Diamond White Facial lasted an hour. In addition to the facial, Alexis did a neck massage, arm massage with Diamond Body Cream (which provides exceptional hydration for a softer, sculpted, and firmer skin) and a lower leg and foot massage. When it was over? I didn't want to move. I haven't been that relaxed in a long time. Even better, I was stunned when I looked at my face in the dressing room mirror. My complexion was even, plumped, and lineless.

I've known for more years than I can count that the Natura Bissé products I know and love are top-notch. No matter what your skin concerns, Natura Bissé has a solution for you. It's a line that has earned a legion of celebrity fans, including Rachel Roy, Oprah, Beyonce, Melissa George, Nicolette Sheridan, Madonna - the list is very long. Just as long is the company's list of international skin care awards, from Vogue and Elle, to name just two.

Despite what I already knew, my Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble Diamond White Facial was kind of life-changing. Yesterday, I learned a couple of things. Pure Air is a trip - a skin-care and pampering high. I don't remember being as relaxed as I was in the bubble in well over a year - even after massage therapy (which is pretty darn good). My other lesson? Natura Bissé can fix your parched late-winter skin in an hour or less. Here I am after a night's sleep (too little actually), and my skin looks totally hydrated. I've been layering the best moisturizers I have in my house during the last two weeks, trying to banish the late-winter blahs, but nothing has worked well. One hour in the bubble, and I'm "cured." I'm still on a cloud - the Natura Bissé cloud. Who said clouds were just for weather watchers and tech geeks?

I believe that the Pure Air Bubble Diamond White Facial is fully booked for this visit to Neiman Marcus (if you're local, you could check by calling Denise at (703) 761-1600, extension 3305) Here are the takeaways.
  • If someone every offers you a chance to experience Natura Bissé's Pure Air Bubble Diamond White Facial, do it! You know the old Monopoly fate...Do not pass Go, do not collect collect $200. Go directly to jail. You'll have missed a truly memorable experience. Make friends at your Natura Bissé counter. Ask about the bubble.
  • If you've never tried Natura Bissé skin care, stop by a counter for a consultation. There are collections for many different skin types and conditions. There will be at least one that's right for you.
  • There are two new Natura Bissé miracles for spring: Tolerance Enzyme Peel (a two-minute exfoliating treatment), developed specifically for sensitive skin, and Eye Recovery Balm (which I used last night before I went to sleep). I'll tell you more about these great new products as soon as I've tested them more thoroughly. I think you'll love them.
Many thanks to Neiman Marcus for introducing us to the Pure Air Bubble. I'm already looking forward to the bubble's next visit!

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Nemo said...

As you know, I love NB products. They are the only ones that ever worked with visible results. Not too pricey, either. Can't wait to learn more about the 2 new ones which sound perfect for me.

Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl!
Sounds just wonderful and what I badly need too at the moment! No chance to experience this treat though, no store in France (?) and Spain is just our nextdoor neighbour!!! Can you understand such a silly thing?
Anyway I'm happy you had this miracle-opportunity:-)

katie said...

Sounds fabulous! What a treat. I am torn now. Was just about to place an order for Lmdb skincare (day and night cream....)from (I've only tried their day cream but quite like it). Now I'm wondering if perhaps I should track down NB products instead??? What do you love Charlestongirl?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo!

NB products have a nice mid-level price point, which I really like - that plus they WORK. You will adore the new Eye Balm.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

You are almost neighbors with NB. Hard to believe you don't have a counter. Bummer. Great products. The hydration from my treatment was unforgettable.

Charlestongirl said...

Gosh, Katie, I really like both lines. What I often do is alternate products every 3-4 weeks to give my skin a fresh "jolt." Seems to work for me.