Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hanae Mori Eau de Collection No. 7

Think delectable, and you'll have a mental image of No. 7, the latest member of Hanae Mori's Eau de Collection ($95). Like her distinct designs that merge Eastern and Western elements, fashion designer Hanae Mori's signature scents are exceptional.

Mori's first scent, and her most well-known, was Butterfly, created in the 1990s. It is a complex blend of florals, fruits, and woods. I do not own it, but I plan to rectify that soon. Butterfly arrives in a jubilant flutter of wild strawberries, sweet blackberries, blackcurrant, and bilberries. Its heart opens in a melange of lush Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, lilting jasmine, and French peony. Butterfly's lasting impression is the deep warmth of rosewood, gentle almond wood, rich sandalwood, and French cedar. Since the debut of Butterfly, every elegant fragrance in Mori's collection has been a work of art - from the bottle to the scent. I got distracted by Butterfly. Today I want you to know how enticing No. 7 is.

The Hanae Mori Eau de Collection series of limited-edition, numbered fragrances started with Hanae Mori No. 1 and skipped No. 5 (which has left me with all kinds of theories, some of which lead to Brad Pitt). These fragrances have all been produced in France is from alternative energy sources, including sun and wind power. Their harmony with the natural world makes them special to me. Although I've never written about them, I have two: No. 3 (a fruity floral) and No. 6 (a green floral). No. 7 was introduced in 2012, and it's a fragrance you must experience.

This luscious creation was inspired by Paris desserts and confections and the pleasing, indulgent satisfaction they provide. Think macaroon. Think fruit tarte. Think eclair. The aroma of fresh fruit, a daring hint of French pastry, and the charm of exotic flowers comprise Hanae Mori Eau de Collection No. 7, the last in her Collection series, and a guilt-free gourmand indulgence every woman will savor. Délicieux!

The notes will leave you salivating. If you are anything like me, you won't be able to resist.
  • The top note is Pomelo, a lively citrus dessert fruit native to south Asia, topped with a bright burst of raspberry and just a hint of orange marmalade.
  • The middle notes are pink peony; soothing Sambac jasmine from India; and the exotic plumeria, a flowering plant from Tahiti.
  • The base notes are heavenly musk, rich sandalwood from India, and a light-touch of vanilla frosting, as enticing as the frosting on a cupcake or a champagne glass of vanilla ice cream.
In addition to its fragrance, Hanae Mori Eau de Collection No. 7 is delightfully pink and pretty with a beautiful mission. It honors breast cancer awareness with a swatch of pink organza inside its crystal cap. Part of proceeds from United States sales of the fragrance will benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund - another reason to check it out.

I have a vision of all of Hanae Mori's fragrances displayed together on a shelf in my dark closet - the chilly one where I keep coveted perfume bottles. Open it, turn on the light, and voila! A colored confection of elegant bottles and irresistible fragrances, beckoning me each morning, "Wear me!"

Hanae Mori Parfums are available at, Nordstrom,  Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Macy's, select Lord & Taylor stores, and regional chains Dillard's, Von Maur, and Halls. In Canada, Hanae Mori Perfumes can be found at Holt Renfrew. I remember one weekend not too long ago when No. 7 was the featured giveaway scent at Nordstrom. Did you get a sample?

Photos courtesy of Hanae Mori Parfums


AnneD said...

I have been so curious about these fragrances. Thanks for the review CG. I wore Butterfly way back when(I recommend the perfume)and have often thought I should wear it again. If these other fragrances are as good as Butterfly, then I must have one or two.

I always enjoy your fragrance reviews.

lovethescents said...

The Hanae Mori range isn't for me at all, but this mission is a lovely one, especially around this charitable time of year. And pomelo? I'd rather eat it :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anne,

Glad to hear that. I have decided I "need" Butterfly. I really love the three collection fragrances I now have.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

I have begun to think we have radically different tastes in fragrances. LOL

All the fragrances that the perfumista set go ga-ga over, such as the latest "dirty" oud craze, aren't for me. I just "wanna smell perty."

lovethescents said...

Oh Charlestongirl, I cannot do dirt or oud, as you know! I love smelling pretty too but I'm a true gourmande at heart!