Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meeting Erwin Creed

Pandemonium. Apparently it swirls around Erwin Creed when he visits department stores. I walked into Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria toward the end of his two-hour visit this afternoon, and the crowd of customers waiting to get his signature on their CREED purchases was impressive.

After spending a few minutes observing the polite chaos, I understood the enthusiasm for Erwin. First, he is absolutely charming. Young, talented, and enthusiastic, he is the perfect ambassador for his family and the company.

Second, he was signing very special bottles: the new Fleurs de Gardenia, along with a special offering for clients: new, unique 8.4 ounce hand-blown glass decanters hand-painted with their choice of gold (or gold-and-silver) accents and engraved with their initials. Inside is their choice of CREED’s Royal Exclusive fragrances: Spice and Wood, Jardin D’Amalfi (as beautiful as it gets), White Flowers (I am smitten), Pure White Cologne (adored at my house), or Sublime Vanille (which I must purchase sometime). Had I not already purchased more than half of these, I would have pre-ordered one. The bottles were gorgeous. I tried to purchase one of those glam gold atomizers, but they were sold out. Wendy will find me one - or I can look online at the CREED Boutique.

In case you haven't tried Fleurs de Gardenia yet, it's a floral blend in which no single flower is dominant - not gardenia, not roses, not peonies. It's soft and beautiful - and unique. That's a good thing. A lot of people find gardenia-heavy scents too sweet or too indolic. Not this one. The top notes are pink berries; fresh, ripe blackcurrant; and engaging galbanum. The middle notes are First Love gardenias, Double Blush roses, lavender peonies, lily of the valley, and pink jasmine. The base notes are soft musk, pink patchouli (no, I cannot smell it at all), and Virginia Cedar.

The photo at the top of this feature shows Erwin standing between Thomas Saujet, President of CREED North America, and Francesca Camacho, CREED representative at Neiman Marcus. Heaven only knows who Francesca was acknowledging as she pointed. There were so many people waiting to get Erwin's signature, and I was begging forgiveness as I tried to get a few "action" photos without stepping on anyone.

The photo directly above, taken with flash, shows the beautiful Wendy Grigelis (also a CREED representative at Neiman Marcus) standing between Erwin and Thomas. It's so cute that Erwin appears to be surprised by all the attention. I'm sure he understands the popularity of the family's fragrances, but these store events ought to erase any doubts - should they ever cross his mind.

The last photo on my camera disk, taken right before my battery died for the day, shows me with the CREED team. I had slipped into my house on the way from work to Neiman Marcus, taken out my contacts, and replaced them with my granny sunglasses. Had I planned the moment when time stopped for these wonderful men to take time out for me, I would have removed the glasses. From left to right, my photo shows Thomas Saujet, Senior Vice President Dale Lewis, me, and Erwin Creed (once again looking camera-shy, don't you think?).

I would love to have had time to interview Erwin. It wasn't going to happen. The store was crowded with adoring CREED customers, new fans who were making their first CREED purchases, and store employees watching the event. The team's time of departure was near. They were headed in two directions as they left: Erwin and Thomas were flying to Las Vegas, and Dale was meeting up in Los Angeles with Roberto Ferreira, National CREED Educator and Curator of the CREED Collection, another member of the CREED team, who is a fabulous ambassador.

That was my late afternoon. I'm starstruck.

Photo of the Royal Exclusive courtesy of CREED; other photos by Best Things in Beauty, with an assist by Wendy


Mary Ann said...

Sounds like an exciting afternoon! Great pictures, Erwin almost reminds me of Ben from The Bachelor, but much more handsome. I never tried Creed before but they all sound lovely especially the Sublime Vanille, I love a vanilla scent. Thank you, enjoyed this feature.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Mary Ann. You will love Sublime Vanille.

Having never watched The Bachelor, I can't comment on Ben. :)

Eileen said...

Love your tinted "granny glasses"! The light blue really suits you. I'm glad you had a lovely time and met such charming people. Erwin is obviously doing his family proud :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I was surprised at how blue my dark green glasses looked in the photo! Perhaps it was the dark navy jacket? Anyhow, I love those glasses. I had them custom made (long before variable shading lenses were developed) with just the right amount of shading so that I could wear them inside and see. Their shape has gone in and out of vogue so many times, I'm starting to consider them "vintage." :)

Meeting that darling young man was a treat.

Vanessa said...

Charleston Girl;
What handsome men! No wonder there was a crowd...I love your glasses and you look lovely in the picture: very sophisticated and hip.
Since you like poetry, have you looked at Caroline Kennedy's collection of poems for women? The choices are varied and I find them a fascinating glimpse into the feminine spirit. I like to read one in the evening as I wind down from my day. Oftentimes I read them aloud and I know my kitties are listening.
Enjoy your day, Vanessa

Enjoy the fragrances!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Vanessa!

Yeah, I have to admit those were three gorgeous men. :) The guys standing the crowd were as starstruck as I was. I watched as one who had never worn CREED purchased two bottles. One was Aventus. I missed the other. Another with his wife appeared mesmerized. "Here, take the credit card, honey."

The first time I met Thomas, I decided he had to be one of the best looking men in beauty. It was a chance encounter at the same store. He had popped in for a training visit. He had a teeny tiny vial of Royal Service (before it was introduced), and he gave me a whiff. He explained the notes and was very kind to me - the customer who just happened by the same time he did. He certainly didn't need to do that. His warmth matches his looks.

Thanks re: the glasses. I wear them all the time when "off duty."

I haven't read Kennedy's poems, but now that you mention them, I must. I wonder what Charlie and Sav would think of my reading allowed to them.

Vanessa said...

Charelson Girl;
Cute play on the word aloud. My very first cat hid under my bed for months The bed was very high and so he could observe and still feel protected. He only ventured close at night. Smokey took 3 months to venture past the front door. I actually have a picture of his first "step into the world." I read a lot and so I would sit by the bed and read aloud to him. Smokey would pay attention and gradually he would come close and sit next to me. I cried the first time he snuggled close. These days, Gracie Rose closes her eyes and smiles when I read her "The Owl and the Pussycat." That is really one of my favorite poems as I love the image of two happy, in love together beings dancing "on the edge of the sand by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon." Plus, I really do wonder what Gracie Rose is seeing as I read the final stanza.
My vet said that animals respond to voice tone just as babies and really all people do.

I am sure Charlie and Savannah would enjoy the poem too!

Charlestongirl said...

That's so sweet, Vanessa!

Savannah still spends most of her time under the bed in her room, the guest room. Part of each day on the comforters on top. She is seriously psychotic. She was coming out of it a year after I adopted her when Charlie moved in as a pint-sized kitten. That was the end of her "normalness."

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover said...

How awesome!