Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Bronzer

In case you didn't know, one of my favorite friends in the beauty industry (and a superb makeup artist) changed companies recently and is now with Dolce & Gabbana at Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store in New York. I'll be shopping there a lot more now that I have someone inside the company who knows my face and what will look good on me. Like I need a new obsession.

I called my friend last week, and we talked about items I might like. He recommended the Animalier Bronzer ($57). He said that many had incorrectly described it as a re-promote, but it's new. It has been tweaked from D& G's first incarnation with an animal print.

The Animalier Bronzer incorporates opulent shades for the eyes and complexion, encased in specially created leopard print packaging, and adding a new dimension to the irresistible luxury of Dolce & Gabbana makeup. The palette is inspired by the colors of the original leopard print, "while touches of glistening gold and fiery red [red?] provide the perfect dramatic accents." A nice touch, it is made in France - not China or Taiwan. Not that I have anything against China and Taiwan, but I prefer to have my luxury makeup made in Europe or the United States.

You can tell the moment you pick up this bronzer that it was made to feel luxurious. It's heavy. The animal print is replicated on the box as well as on an insert with application instructions (placed in a leopard print envelope). The velveteen pouch holds the compact and has its own compartment for the flat brush that will do in a pinch. Actually, some may carry this in their handbags and will find the brush useful. I'm all about lightening the load in my purse (given the state of my spine), so I am sure I'll be leaving it at home.

My friend shared with me a little secret that I found fun. As D&G admits in the application instructions, the animal print is an overspray. He said to use it as an eye shadow while it's intact. Darn, was he right! It's a gorgeous shade on the eyes. The bronzer is pretty nice too. [This is the point at which I resist adding a little smiley face.]

I accidentally rubbed my finger across the lower-right corner of the "virgin" palette when I opened it to take this photograph. You can see how easily the overspray starts to blur and then come off. That means your new eye shadow will be temporary, but it was an extra-added benefit anyhow, right?

I took swatch photos using a sponge-tipped applicator at the top of my arm and a kabuki brush below. The shade at the top has some of the overspray print in it, while the larger swatch below is pure bronzer. My photos were taken in full sun - something that has been scarce here for almost a week.

The top shade is a really pretty brown eye shadow. The overspray is too dark for a bronzer on my skin, but the cool brown is gorgeous. The bronzer shade (apparent after you easily break through the overspray) is a medium brown - not too warm, not too cool - which is why, I'm sure, D&G portrays it as perfect for all complexions. It looks natural, when applied lightly, on my super-pale skin.

The finely milled powder applies like a dream and blends beautifully with blush or highlighter. I can't find anything not to love.

I think you will find this bronzer a superstar. Give it a try. It's exclusive to Saks. You can call the New York store at (212) 940-4949. I'll be showing you more from the line as soon as the sun returns. I have an eye shadow duo and liner that are pretty.

Look at this pretty travel brush set D& G is offering.

Photos courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Yin said...

Hiii! Do you know how similar is this to D&C's tan blush? I use that as a bronzer sometimes

VancouverChic said...

Absolutely beautiful bronzer! I go weak in the knees for bronzers!
Great pics C-Girl
Warm Regards,

Charlestongirl said...

Sorry, Yin, I don't. Call Dustin. He will know.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joanne,

This is a really nice one too. :)

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for the contact info. I have placed orders from there before and never got the same SA. Now I feel more comfortable calling there.

Charlestongirl said...

Yep, Mary Ann, it's going to be totally different now!

Meredith said...

This looks pretty, like it has some grey in it which works so well to look natural instead of a reddish bronzer or too yellow-y. Do you know how it compares, color-wise to Tom Ford's "Terra" bronzing powder? That is such a great match for me. I don't know if I need both as TF is a large compact too. Thank you!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Meredith,

I don't have the TF - yet. Been eying it since the counter opened last month.

Call Dustin and ask him to compare.

Dustin Lujan said...

Yin- its the desert bronzer marbelized with the eve highlight!

Meredith- It is not as red and a bit more more refined in texture.

Thank you talk to you soon! xoxo, Dustin Lujan

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Dustin! Mwah!

BooBooNinja said...

Such a blessing to have a friend who knows you as well as Dustin. Here's to many future posts on D&G products!