Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inauguration Fashion and Beauty

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden looked gorgeous yesterday. So did everyone else in the two families. I was avidly watching the fashion choices, particularly proud of the First Lady's impeccable taste.

Except for one thing. What did you think of the belt? It was a J. Crew sash that Michelle Obama had converted to a belt. It added a decorative touch to the navy-silk, checkered-patterned coat and dress by Thom Browne that were inspired by a menswear necktie. The simplicity of the A-line coat and coordinating dress were perfect for her statuesque figure. The belt cut her in half. I'm on the fence about the belt because it occasionally disrupted the perfect line of her coat, but I think everything else she wore looked perfect.

She wore J. Crew shoes to the church service, but changed into boots for the ceremony and procession. During lunch at the Capitol, she added a cardigan by Reed Krakoff over her dress.

The President looked very conservative, with his blue tie, white shirt, dark suit, and overcoat. Isn't it funny? No one told us who designed his clothing. He coordinated nicely with Michelle in blue. The kids were adorable. Malia Obama had on a plum-colored J. Crew coat with the hemline of an electric-blue dress peeking out and a burgundy-colored scarf, Sasha had on a Kate Spade coat and dress in a similar purple shade. They clashed a bit, but who cares? They were adorable. Malia is growing up to be a stunner.

Jill Biden looked absolutely stunning in a blue-gray coat and dress by American designer Lela Rose.  Rose said that since the focus would be on the coat, she wanted to give it a flourish. Hence the large bow. Not clearly visible underneath her coat was a white embroidered, flower appliqué sheath, also by Lela Rose. Here it is below, shown on a model. I should note that I loved her hair style.

Jason Wu should be a very happy man today. At 30 years old, he has the accomplishment of dressing the First Lady for two inaugural balls, and the gowns will go to a museum. Michelle Obama looked as perfect as it gets in the flowing red gown.

I loved the way she changed her hair style from straight and sleek to a flippy style for the ball. Her choices were spot-on.

Jill Biden looked radiant in her Vera Wang gown. A blonde can't go wrong with blue. She wore black peep-toe shoes to go with the black sash on the gown. As with Mrs. Obama, I'm not sure the sash added anything to the look.

Wasn't Joe Biden the life of the party - all day? He is such a lovable guy. As I watched him during the toasts and later during the procession, I wanted to hug him.

Both Michelle Obama and Jill Biden had extraordinary hair styles - full of volume, they moved with the breeze, but never looked like they needed a refresh. I'd love to know who styled their hair and what products were used. Michelle Obama's enhanced eyelashes were also noteworthy.

That's my adoring wrap-up. I can find little (perhaps nothing) to criticize. It was a beauty-full day.

Photos courtesy of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other media


Nemo said...

Couldn't agree more. I watched the inaugural online. The first person my eyes went to was the President's mother-in-law. What a wonderful lady, and I do mean lady; you can see how she formed Michelle. And yes, they each looked stunning. I was so proud of them. Obama reminds me more and more of JFK. President Kennedy did not like balony, as he called it, all the baby kissing and cowboy hats that still go on, and neither does Obama. Michelle is so real! I watched the video today of her sitting between her husband and Boehner (with his own big balony of a rug, hair dye and the fake tan); she was enjoying her lunch, but exasperated at the politickin' going on between them. I think the Bidens are a perfect couple. So alive and real. I think Joe Biden is a handsome devil, and his wife is lovely. I love her hair for you, Cg. I loved the girls' outfits. They all look like they could sit down and have a good talk about anything, and nobody would be excluded or shut out. Now that's what this country is really all about.

solanace said...


morelikespace said...

I fell madly in love with that Thom Browne coat for certain. I thought the belt was fine, although I agree, it would have looked nice without as well. I thought her predominantly navy with the girls' plum and violet created a really gorgeous effect- variations on a colour theme.

I guess I wasn't as thrilled with the red dress as most, but I think that's because of my personal taste- I don't care for halter-style tops. Like I said, that's just me.

To my eye, Jill Biden looked especially stunning. You're right about blondes and the colour blue- I get compliments whenever I wear it. But in particular, I thought that dress looked so sleek and- dare I say it- sexy.

Winners all around.

CGirl said...

I loved watching yesterday. My absolute favorite moment was a few minutes that took place just after they sat down for the parade. Sasha was telling her parents to kiss so she could take a pic with her phone. They kept doing it and she kept missing it, plus Malia photobombed one. It was just refreshing to see them as a normal family. Adorable.

I liked the belt, but I think it would have been fine without it too. Loved all of the outfits yesterday.

Here is a photo of Malia photobombing Sasha's pic:

ame said...

Could not agree more. Loved it and them. And those girls are going to be KNOCKOUTS.

Clarisse said...

I love the two couples! of course with a little preference for President and Michelle Obama and their family: I wish we had someone like your president to represent France! How we would all be proud! and I don't mean only from the physical point of view, I mean the whole family is composed of wonderful persons:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo,

Wasn't the clip of Michelle rolling her eyes telling? :)

I don't think it's that Kennedy or Obama didn't like the baby kissing, etc. They are men of a different era - one aristocratic (and the behavior to go with it - good or bad) and one reserved.

It was great fun watching the pageantry yesterday - and the fashions.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Solanace,

Can't tell what that reaction was. Hope you saw and enjoyed.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Kate,

Sure, you can say sexy. She did look like a catch. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi CGirl,

Malia's hijinks have gone viral. Funny kid!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Ame,

They are, and clearly they are developing their mother's fabulous fashion sense.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse,

You recently had a change of president. How is that going?

Clarisse said...

He has no charism at all, no style..and even in his behaviour: it's "maybe yes, maybe no"...we haven't been lucky for a long time! (sigh.....)

VancouverChic said...

Michelle is smokin' hot!!! Love her new look and her outfits - simple perfection. The red gown just blew me away. All of them including the Bidens, the girls and of course the President looked amazing. But Michelle stole the show!!!!
(Our Prime Minister etc ... they are soooooo boring - they need major make-overs!)
Warm Regards,

Isla said...

I think the color of the red dress was perfect, but I think a different shape would have been nice. I didn't mind the belt and the sash--they would have been fine without, of course, but on the plus side, it defines their (rather trim) waistlines. Sort of gives them shape. The belt nearly blended in with Michelle's coat. The black sash on the blue dress really stands out a lot though; a matching or slightly lighter or darker blue would have been better, IMHO.

Charlestongirl said...

Clarisse, that's too bad. The prior administration had cachet.

Charlestongirl said...

Ditto, Joanne!

Charlestongirl said...

Great idea, Isla. I like the idea of a different colored sash against the blue.

tweenymama said...

Those girls are the most engaging and attractive First Children we've had in a long, long time -- maybe ever. And I am OLD enough to say this! Okay, maybe Caroline Kennedy as a toddler -- otherwise, I stand by this!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi tweenymama,

Those kids do have an unscripted charm.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I love tweenymama's comment! My Mom swears that my brother and I looked just like "Caroline and John-John" when we were little (and I think she did everything in her power to enhance the resemblance!) I was impressed with ALL of the fashion choices yesterday. And I think we have the best looking administration around! (and the brightest women <3 )

Little Red said...

Everybody looks great yesterday. Like you, I could have done without the belt but she does love wearing them high on the waist.

I know my hairstylist and his wife did the hair and makeup for some people at the inauguration. He's the exclusive stylist to Maya Soetoro-Ng so they probably did the hair and makeup for other members of the Obama family.

Evelyn said...

I loved the coat and especially the red dress. I like it far better for style and color than the one she wore at the previous ball. But of course I would love a well-made red dress to any white-toned one. I liked the coat with the belt as well, I thought it was more interesting. The girls looked lovely as well, how they've grown!

Eh, who cares what the men wear! Like at the Golden Globes, I doze off when they start talking about men's fashions. A suit, is a suit, is a suit.

M/ said...

I LOVE your columns. I must go a little broke at times because I usually seek out your recs. PLEASE find out ( you have the power!) what makeup line she was wearing. Such a natural wonderful look. LOVE YOU!!!!

Charlestongirl said...

It may be impossible to find out about the First Lady's makeup. However, Tim Quinn of Armani did Jill Biden's makeup.