Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday This and That

What gloomy day! I awakened to fog that was supposed to burn off by 10:00-11:00 am. It's still hanging in with a vise-like grip at 1:30 pm, leaving me with no hope that the predicted sunshine will materialize.

I checked out the makeup counters yesterday. I went to Nordstrom because Neiman Marcus had almost nothing new when I was there mid-week (I did find a few new things there, but very little). I've noticed over the years that right before their annual inventory, stores hold off on receiving new makeup - I assume to keep their stock down. It has happened too many years in a row for me to ignore the phenomenon. Plus I've been given some covert suggestions from those in the know that is indeed the case.

I found the new Lancôme In Love Spring 2013 Collection at Nordstrom, and I purchased nothing. It struck me that the company had aimed this collection at a much younger age group. I hope that's not the start of a trend, but having Emma Watson as the face does make me wonder.

Look at the strange way they displayed the color block blushes  - as two, rather than one. In order to test the colors the way I'd likely use them, I had to pick up both colors from each color-block palette and blend them together to see the "end result." Both were bright and, in my opinion, garish. Péche Joue-Joue is orange, and Pommettes d'Amour is an unnatural pink. The only thing on the display that almost caught my wallet was the limited-edition Midnight Rose Baume in Love. It looks purple in the tube, but applies as a beautiful tinted lip balm.

Estée Lauder has introduced a set of fabulous new cream eye shadows. I think I purchased five. They are divine. I had hoped to get photos of them today, but the fog is getting thicker, not burning off. Definitely check them out the next time you go beauty shopping.

I learned that there are two new Tom Ford fragrances "on the way." Sahara Noir was given out at the Emmy's this year in a gift bag. It will come in 50ml (1.7oz) and 100ml (3.4oz) at the traditional price range of $105/150, however the pricing structure could change to the new $110/160. From what I've been told, it will release somewhere around Valentine's Day, although that's nowhere near concrete. The packaging is similar to that of all the other Tom Ford signature fragrances, with a ribbed box and is closer to the new Tom Ford Noir look. The box is close to a rose gold shade. Some think it's the best of the Signature Collection - although that's always subjective.

The bottle looks exactly like White Patchouli, except that its completely gold. The box is also all gold. It is will debut at Tom Ford Kuwait. The top notes are Italian bergamot, mandarin orange, violet, ginger, and basil. The middle notes are grapefruit blossom, orange blossom, tobacco, and black pepper. The bottom notes are Indian amber, Tibetan patchouli, cedar, oakmoss, and leather. A friend who was able to test it noticed a licorice note that could be benzoin. It's definitely an oriental floral and is a new direction for Tom Ford. I sure hope the patchouli isn't detectible.

The second, Shanghai Lily, will be a Private Blend. The information abut it has been hush-hush. I am told that the bottle color will not be brown like most of the line. I was given no details on notes, but apparently the marketing strategies have been revealed. It will debut at Tom Ford Shanghai with a huge launch, alone with new lip and nail colors. The focus will be on Shanghai lily, champaca absolute, and jasmin rouge as they have the strongest ties to Asian culture. It sounds lovely.

Oscar de la Renta, who has hit the ball out of the park with his recent fragrance collection, has a new introduction: Something Blue. I have a decant on the way. The fragrance, which was just launched at Saks Fifth Avenue and will also be rolled out to Bloomingdale’s. The juice, formulated by perfumer Frank Völkl of Firmenich with Ann Gottlieb, echoes the wedding theme. “It’s a white floral that’s opens with a sparkly, fresh start of linden blossom and mandarin,” de Bourbon said, adding that “the heart is stephanotis,” a white flower often called the “bridal veil” and used in wedding bouquets (courtesy of WWD). It sounds divine.

In another new fragrance, Serge Lutens has chosen to capture a city - Berlin - in a bottle. The new scent, called La Fille de Berlin, aims to conjure a thorny wild spring rose - powdery and peppery. I've ordered a bell jar from a U.S. personal perfume shopper who goes to France frequently. I hope I like it!

We're still awaiting the new Chantecaille Gel Liner Pencil in Geode, a cool, silvery pyrite that I must have. It's part of the Spring 2013 Color Collection. It will be priced at $33 and is expected any moment. The fabulous pencil, with a gel liner in an extraordinary shade at one end, with a brush at the other, is sure to please many of us. I'll tell you tomorrow about the new Chantecaille skin care.

There are several stores in the DC area that have either renovated their beauty departments or are in the process. I think the renovation and expansion trend shows the power of beauty. Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria made way for a large Tom Ford section, with all of the makeup items available. Nordstrom will soon undergo a large renovation, adding new brands there and moving the location of others. Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase is almost finished with a huge expansion that will give premiere brands "showcase" space and add new-to-the-area brands, including Frédéric Malle (I'm very excited!). Maybe retailers finally realized that the DC area is not a beauty backwater.

iPhone photos by Best Things in Beauty and courtesy of WWD, Fragrantica,, and Chantecaille


Nemo said...

I too have noticed a lack of new makeup. I stay tuned to your blog constantly, bc if it's new, you've got it. At least to show it. I want to take a second to thank you again for the NEST rollerball fragrances I bought some time back. I love the idea of a rollerball for fragrance. I wish more fragrances came that way. If it is any consolation, it is bleak weather here, too, in Michigan. But it is fun to watch the tiny, naughty little red squirrels chasing the big regular squirrels through the trees. Go, red squirrels!

Evelyn said...

I woke up to foghorns blaring from all the ships in the harbor this morning. I kind of like it, well, if it doesn't go on all day that is.

It has been a little quiet lately in the stores, it's not that I haven't picked up a few times like the new Meteorites and the Chanel highlighter but I'd like to see the new collections already. lol Still haven't seen Lancome but from your description I think I probably won't like it. oh well.

I'm kind of surprised that retailers would think of DC as a backwater. Maybe it's just me that thinks all the politicians and hangers on would like to be made up to the teeth. Maybe it's not the craziness of NYC, but still.

Now to do some Sunday chores and finish in time for the Golden Globes! I admit, I'm less interested in the winners than in the dresses, jewels and makeup! :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo!

I adore red squirrels and hate the fact that we don't have them here.

I love rollerballs too. Often, during NM beauty week, there will be a rollerball GWP. I got Amber Queen last time. Ask Marilyn Schubert at Tysons to keep an eye out for you. The next beauty event is February.

Haru said...

Looking forward to your reviews of more spring collections - you always have the best scoop and swatches! It's been foggy on and off here too in Switzerland, looking forward to a good spot of snow over the next week.

Tammie said...

Well I am 26 and I thought the Lancôme blushes were too much as well. I just bought the Urban Ballet (hot pink) Baume in Love. I love sheer hot pink things because they really brighten up my face. Other than that I didn't really care for anything else.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Evelyn,

I am already watching some cool "prep" shows on NBC.

If DC isn't a backwater, why do we have no Edward Bess counter, no Burberry counter, and just got TF? They hate us! :)

Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl!
Here in France, it's the Sales season, so no new items out yet, though I'm looking forward to the next Serge Lutens fragrance: it has a gorgeous red color and is all about roses and spices...As you love roses, I'm sure you'll love it, but we have to wait until February...

Mary Ann said...

We have a beautiful warm day here in Western Pa , had the fog yesterday. Look forward to the new Chantecaille gel pencil, I bought the bronze on your recommendation and I love it! Got a gift card to Saks for Xmas, ordered Chanel highlighter and Merville gloss. Thanks for info on BW at NM.

Sabrina said...

Oh my, thanks for all this awesome news. I'm so excited about the Tom Ford - but exclusive to Shanghai? I hope not!

Rola said...

I am a sucker for cream eye shadows. I haven't tried the EL ones, love the colors. The gel liner looks interesting too!

Charlestongirl said...

We are getting it, Sabrina. It's just a big launch "do" in Shanghai.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Rola,

The new EL creams are really smooth and nice.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Mary Ann,

Well, it's getting dark and it's still foggy. The weather guys blew this one.

I wish my friends would give me gift cards. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse,

I think Suzan plans to come back with them. I'll have to check on that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining the inventory issue......Nordstrom was out of every blessed thing I searched for today. Neiman's saved the day by having the new Estée Lauder paints you mention in stock. Halo and Steel for me!! Big hugs, Carolina

Charlestongirl said...

Hey Carolina,

I am dead-sure I'm right. It has happened for too many years.

Elizabeth said...

Good to know about the inventory issue-I was just in my local Nordstroms and try as I might, couldn't purchase anything on my list. It seemed as though Nordies were out of everything.