Monday, August 18, 2014

Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Chronos

The excitement at the Rouge Bunny Rouge Headquarters is now public. I can finally give you a look at a special, limited-edition product that the team and a few beauty insiders, myself included, have kept a treasured secret for months. Finally, on the eve of its introduction, I am able to announce Rouge Bunny Rouge's Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Chronos (55 euros). It will be available next week.

I received this stunning palette many months ago. Sitting on it - well, not literally - has been extremely hard. You will see it was winter when I took my photos. It's really hard to keep my mouth shut for months on end, but that's what I did.

Chronos is an extravagance that is fun, time-saving, with a brand new texture, and limited. It offers a brand new metallic texture for your makeup pleasure - and a brand new, luxurious palette design with a large mirror and magnetic holders to carry your favorite refills.

Chronos has been designed to become your perfect partner in crime - in particular, for a magnetic smokey eye. Do you know what the most common smokey eye pet peeves are? Rouge Bunny Rouge shared its experience with us.

First, it’s choosing black or grey as your only color. There’s the risk of ending up with a grungy, bland-looking patch of darkness around your eyes that's not really attractive. However, if you choose a colored eye shadow - green, violet, or blue - you need smoky colors to tone it down, and you need time to practice. Another problem is that it can get a little messy and quite time consuming if your product creases or is difficult to blend.

With Rouge Bunny Rouge's brand new, limited-edition Eye Shadow Palette Raw Garden, you get a palette of muted metallics that are ideal to create a perfect, enticing, and quick smoky eye in the formula of your favorite eight-hour wear, flavonoid-enriched Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Eye Shadow.

When Chronos arrived at my house, I nearly hyperventilated with happiness. I couldn't believe that the company was sharing its treasure with me. Month after month, I've wondered when I'd be able to show it to you. Finally! This palette is divine, and the colors will take you into fall and winter with glee.

I took my photos in full sun, and I used a sponge-tipped applicator to apply the shades, starting on the left at the top of my arm and moving toward the right down my arm. There is a dual-ended sponge-tipped applicator in the palette, but I used my own.

Look at these shades! I love every one of them. I would call them shimmering, not metallic, but that's a minor detail. The taupe at the top of my arm is drool-worthy. Every taupe lover will rejoice. The next shade is a taupe-plum hybrid that's heavy on the taupe so it's eminently wearable. The brown-olive shade is simply perfect. What more can I say?

The grey is just this side of charcoal. It's a very flattering shade to use with all of the other shades in the palette. Use it as a liner or an accent color, it's much prettier than your "average charcoal." In certain light, I see some blue in it. I'm sure the last shade, a teal from heaven, was inspired by the plumage of the Enchanted Garden's birds.

All of the shades are very nicely pigmented, with no fallout, and a texture that's almost creamy. Although I applied them to show you their intensity, the brush you use for application and your own hand can guide the look you wish to achieve, from a soft wash of color to a full-on, intense eye. This palette is the ultimate smoky eye treasure.

Rouge Bunny Rouge has a draw at its own site. Four bloggers have also been offered a giveaway, and, my lucky readers, BTiB is one of them. I will start our giveaway contest tonight. Come on back to enter. Make sure to enter all of the contests to increase your chances of winning one of the prettiest palettes I've ever seen. All I could think was Yabba Dabba Doo when I opened Chronos. You will too.

Photo at top courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


dawn garcia said...

do you know the price point on this yet? thanks!

evo said...

so where and when can we purchase this?
and how much it will be?

Charlestongirl said...

You can purchase it next week from RBR. I am sure Beautyhabit will sell it too, although I don't know when.

I am checking on the price for you.

Sara said...

I received an email about this today! I can't wait to order this next week! -Sara

Anonymous said...

Dear CG,

I received the promo email from Rouge Bunny Rouge today for this gem. But on the photo the palette was closed. So I am super excited and happy to see the colors on your blog! They look absolutely perfect!!! Thank you so so much for sharing this beauty with us! It is now on my wishlist - which keeps getting longer and longer, sigh ;-)
Many greetings from Germany

Jo said...

This palette is gorgeous and a must have!

Meredith said...

Wow, this palette is a real stunner! All the shades are wearable and I love that they are shimmer instead of sparkly. Sounds like the consistency is perfect too, soft and creamy makes it nice and comfortable for those of us with sensitive eyes. I hope I can get my hands on one when they come out, it's going to be a rush.

kellinicole86 said...

this palette is gorgeous! waiting to see how much it is... : )

Charlestongirl said...

55 euros, which today is $73.49 US Dollars

iluvmidge2 said...

Wow these shadows do look lovely! This palette just may end up on my wish list for Fall!

Inez Hansen said...

Of all the palettes you have shown the last few weeks this is definitely my favorite. I will get one the day they go on sale so wish me luck since I'm sure they will sell fast. It reminds me of an old favorite Chanel Ombres Perlees from Xmas a couple years ago.

Mo said...

Very pretty. I would love to try this brand but they don'sell it in the country I'm in. Do we enter the contest via a comment like we used to do or is there another page I need to enter on?

roxymisha said...

Wow is all I can say. What a clever concept! I received the promo email today and then opened your blog and saw the item in detail - serendipity!

VancouverChic said...

Truly stunning colors! It will be a first for me to buy any of their eyeshadows. Their blushes are amazing too!

Thanks for the swatches CG!

Joanne ~ VancouverChic

Tatiana said...

What a stunningly beautiful collection of colors. RBR has one of the best shadow formulations out there. Hoping I can find this somewhere.

Unknown said...

Very pretty palette! I've never owned or used any Rouge Bunny Rouge. It looks so pretty swatched. I can certainly see why you would be excited about owning this palette. You bring us some of the most beautiful items out there. Thank you CG.

Bonnie C. said...

I feel like we are some of the luckiest readers around, because you always show us such lovely things! :-) The top two colors on your arm (especially that top taupe) are beautiful! It looks like a lovely, well put together palette, and that's congruent with everything I've heard about the brand, they just really seem to think-through everything they put out. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)