Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Camera Disaster

I have a lot of nice, brand new makeup to show you and a broken camera. Basically, the memory card had to be "forced out" of it, I don't know why, and now I am looking for a quick repair site. The closest one seems to be in Connecticut!

I will have to send it off to be fixed. In the meantime, I need to find the spare camera I purchased not too long ago and get it all fired up. I had set it aside for safekeeping - real safe, apparently. I'm hoping to do that tomorrow.

For now, I'll sign off since we have a wicked storm raging. I could lose my power at any minute. Oh joy!

Update 7/9: I ordered a new camera body this morning, along with overnight shipping, so it should arrive tomorrow. Then I will be able to send off my existing camera body for repair and not worry about urgent and more costly service. We played with it at the hardware store yesterday, and, despite the fact that the guy helping me thinks the "metal sticking out" is normal, I don't. I have tried to talk to Panasonic, but you really can't. Customer Technical Service means you can talk to someone who will tell you how to send it back. Argh!

Photo courtesy of thesundaytimes.co.uk


Eileen said...

Stay safe from the storm and take the opportunity to enjoy a bit of a break from the blogging stress :-)

Tatiana said...

Hope your storm wasn't too bad. Is there a local, independent camera shop in your area? I know there are fewer and fewer of them these days. But quite often they have repair departments tucked behind or above the shop and can do repairs even if they're not listed on the brands website. Also if it's something like a stuck memory card, even someone who works at Wolf or Ritz or whatever chain camera shop is near you, can tell you if what your dealing with is normal and can make suggestions. Just call around first. You don't want to be driving all around town when you don't need to.
Whatever solution you find, I hope you're able to get your camera repaired quickly.

Charleston Girl said...

Tatiana, you won't believe this. They have all gone out of business. There is one very close to me, and I took it there. You know what they were going to do? Send it to Panasonic! I'd get it back in six weeks. I could do that myself.

Everyone else, including Ritz, is gone. There are no independents listed. I asked one man who only does industrial work, and he said Best Buy would be the only bet. Do you think cameras are a thing of the past, with everyone using their phones?

Charleston Girl said...

It's raining again, Eileen. At least my Chanel quads showed up to cheer me up. The bad news is that my orthopedic surgeon finally decided today that my prosthetic knee is loose and has to be replaced/or at least part of it! I'm ready to just curl up and die.

Eileen said...

Oh, no! That's terrible news about your knee, Charlestongirl. I wonder what happened. I know several people who have had their knees for years and years without any problems. I wonder if some of the bad tumbles you've taken were a factor. In any event, I hope the "repair" won't be as excruciating as the original ordeal. Don't curl up and die. Curl up with Charlie and snuggle :-)

S Derrick said...

I hate to hear that about your camera. It is sad to think that repair service might be a thing of the past. More troubling is the statue of your knee. Hopefully this new one will take you out of your misery and you'll be as good as new. You do have a wonderful snuggle buddy that is better than all the medicine in the world. Feel better soon!