Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in TISSÉ CAMÉLIA

When I looked at Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in TISSÉ CAMÉLIA (#202, $61), I wondered what I had been thinking when I ordered it. Pink? Lavender? Honestly, I think I got confused. Nevertheless, it's pretty and can be worn under some conditions, i.e., when I don't look tired.

I try to avoid bright pinks and lavenders. They make me look tired or bruised, while they make women with other skin tones or eye colors look fabulous. There's something for everyone, right? Fortunately, this one is not outré. The colors are muted.

I took my photos - quad and swatches in mid-morning. I swatched using a sponge-tipped applicator and started with the lavender in the upper-left corner, moving clockwise around the quad as I worked down my arm.

I'm glad the lavender, shown at the top of my arm, isn't very red. It's actually mauve to my eyes, and I think I can wear it - carefully and layered or blended with a color that mitigates any red it carries. The lovely near-white base shade is as perfect as any of the base/highlighter shade in the new quads.

The darkest shade surprised me. I was not expecting it to look charcoal on my skin, but it does. I expected a color that was more like the color that I saw in the compact. The pink? It's bright pink on me. I try to select pinks that are more subtle.

I know this quad will have many devotees. I don't want you to shun it - it's really pretty - because of my personal preferences. The not-so-wonderful-for-me shades are going to delight many women. Because I think ordering it was a mistake on my part, it is my least favorite of the four I ordered.

Now, I am tempted to order one or two more from the collection. I might. I'm trying to stay strong, telling myself I have enough - enough makeup. Do I really need a few more quads? I guess you will find out soon enough.

The new quads are winging their way to all Chanel counters and online retailers now. I know from comments that many of you have already selected and purchased your favorites. For those who haven't sprung for one of the new quads, make sure to look for the collection soon. I hear it is being unveiled Saturday at one local Neiman Marcus. I published helpful sources in the Introduction.

Now, because of a storm, I must shut off my computer. I will monitor for comments on my iPad.  Good night!

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Jo said...

Save some pennies for the Cle de Peau CG! It pains me that you are in such pain. It's a good thing you have a love of makeup to keep you going - you have to get out to the counters! I hope the epidural provided some relief and you're able to rest easy.

Anonymous said...

This was the first quad of the new range I bought. The SA insisted as a perfect cool palette for me. I usually go for the warms. I can wear it and its muted and soft on my skin tone. The darkest colour is not charcoal on me at all, but I used it as a liner. The pink is a very soft pink on my skin tone. I think I am a NC/NW20??? With pale blue/green/grey eyes.

Eileen said...

Tissé Camélia was the second one I swatched when I visited the counter (right after Vénitien <3 ). I pretty much knew just by looking at it that it would be going home with me. The sophisticated selection of colors work in perfect harmony to create a look that is soft and smoky yet delicate and refined. The pink tinged taupe and the rich cassis colors ground the palette and prevent it from looking girlish while the fragile blush shade and the white pearl highlighter add warmth and re-enforce the subtle pink effect. All the shades have shimmer, but it is ultra fine and gives the shades a luminous rather than sparkly look. Camélia would be an ideal set of neutrals for anyone who likes a hint of pink.

Hi Jo,

Thanks for the heads up about Clé de Peau. I've been eagerly awaiting the release of their new quads. I love CdP eyeshadow. The quality is superlative and the colors stay true on me from morning until I remove them at night. I can hardly wait to see them. I wonder if there will be more of CdP's satin-mattes or if they'll be shimmery. I'd really like to see more of the satin-mattes like the spring/summer quads but I also love CdP's shimmer so it works either way for me :-)

Lena D said...

Does Tisse Camelia look anything like Rose Envolee from Asian release a few years ago? Mine was stolen and I am desperately looking for replacement! I am hopeful! Thank you!

Jo said...

Hi Eileen, based on the pictures on saks.com and an instagram I saw the CdP eyeshadows look like they have a little shimmer in them but knowing CdP's excellent quality it is not likely to be too garish or glittery. I imagine they will make the lids shine. I can't wait to see them in person!

Eileen said...

Hi Lena,

Yes, the two are very similar but Camélia is more richly pigmented, softer in texture, and because of the taupe, it leans a bit cooler. I'd also describe Camélia's finish as more luminous whereas Rose Envolée is more crystalline. I think of Camélia as being a much improved version of Rose Envolée because it is so much easier to build up the color. I think you'll fall head over heals in love with Camélia--I certainly did :-)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Great pics! And for hazel-eyed me, a great choice (as long as my allergies aren't going bonkers!). These are ALL such lovely quads, that it would be very tempting to blow it all on Chanel.
I'm having an epidural tomorrow. I hope yours goes well, CG, and gives you relief!