Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eye Shadows for a Soft Smoky Eye

You know my Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eye Shadow buying strategy. Every time I go to the counter, I buy a few more True Color Eye Shadows ($30), hoping to own them all some day!

Last week, I went to the Black Friday event at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie. The event was very nice - who wouldn't love a sip of champagne to start shopping? I love the Mazza team; they really know how to throw a party! I left with two Armani jackets on hold for pre-sale. I'm sure that champagne loosened up my "frugal resolve." OK - I lied. The jackets were must-haves. The moment I tried them on, I could see that they were definitely my colors and fit perfectly. Anyhow, I decided to select a few eye shadows to create a slightly colorful smoky eye to go with the deep blue jackets - shadows that could do double duty by taking me from day into evening.

My choices? Shown from left to right above, were Blue Steel, Platinum, and Midnight Sky. Blue Steel is anything but boring blue. It's aquamarine - some might call it turquoise - a pastel color of the moment that can be applied as a sheer wash of color or layered for an accent. Platinum is the perfect silver. Shimmering on the lids, it's stunning on the lower lid alone for a pure grey look or worn with an accent color to give the eyes some drama. The drama can come from Midnight Sky! Applied with a heavy hand, it's the perfect blue-leaning grey. Applied lightly and blended, it's even wearable during the day. It loses the steel blue and instead looks more like taupe. All three colors combined in one look? Gorgeous!

To show you how they look on skin, I used a sponge-tipped applicator and applied them to my arm. My photo was taken in full sun. At the top, you'll see Blue Steel, with Platinum right below it. I swatched Midnight Sky two ways - applied heavily right beneath Platinum and blended below that. Depending on the intensity of the application, Midnight Sky is two shades - you get a "two-fer" when you buy it.

Aren't they beautiful? Can you look at the swatches and see how to create a gorgeous eye for day and a more dramatic look for night? Apply Platinum on your lower lid, use Midnight Sky for the crease and outer corner of the lower lid, and pop an accent of Blue Steel right over the iris. Finish with a nice mascara application. You don't necessarily need liner, but if you want to add a liner to your eyes, you can use black, charcoal, or navy with the look. You can even use Midnight Sky as a liner. No matter how you use it, your eyes will be stunning with this trio.

Every time I purchase Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eye Shadows, I wonder how I ever managed without them! Have you tried any of these shades?

Le Métier de Beauté is available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Nordstrom (online only). You might want to consider these luxurious shadows at Neiman Marcus when In Circle starts during the first week in December (December 7, I think), when there will be gifts with purchase galore in the beauty department. Lisa Lingis (Neiman Marcus at Mazza Gallerie) e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that the Le Métier de Beauté GWP will be a preview of Le Metier de Beaute Volumizing Mascara - the perfect touch to finish your eyes!

This richly pigmented mascara kicks up the volume of each individual lash for a look that's bigger and bolder this holiday season. The mascara is good for your lashes too - it's free of paraben, charcoal, tar, and mercury. Recently, I learned that some luxury mascaras, manufactured outside the U.S., have mercury in them! Who would have thought? Le Métier de Beauté is very careful about ingredients, a care I appreciate.

Photos by BTiB and Le Métier de Beauté


Eileen said...

It sounds like the folks over at Mazza really know how to party. Nothing like a sip or two of champagne to put everyone in a festive mood.

I'm so glad you got Blue Steel. It's always with a bit of trepidation that I recommend a blue eyeshadow to anyone, but on your eyes with Platinum--wow! I can easily imagine how gorgeous that look is on you. And with an Armani jacket . . . You're a classy lady, Charlestongirl :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen, your recommendation was spot-on! What a gorgeous shade! I especially like its sheerness, so I can control how much color I apply.

Too bad you don't live a bit closer - you would love the Mazza team! Speaking of Mazza, I need to go get my pre-sale items later. Excited. I haven't treated myself to new Armani for a long time. The clothes are timeless, so I have worn my existing Armani jackets for what seems like forever.

I think I was feeling sorry for myself, having finally scheduled my first knee replacement. Nothing to cheer you up like new stuff! :)

Sparklehead said...

Love the pic and the swatches, thanks! I'm really interested in the new mascara - I love the aubergine one I have now. I have to know - do armani or dior use mercury?

Charlestongirl said...

Hmmm... Armani doesn't!

MarciaF said...

I can't believe you picked three shades I don't have. You are such a lemming creator!

sparklehead said...

Wow, thanks. Time to immediately call my sister about her mascara choice... I'm so glad I bought her the Le Metier one in Jade a couple of weeks ago, no excuses for her.

Charlestongirl said...

Marcia, I awakened to a good laugh when I read your comment. :)

I love spending other people's money. I think should be a personal shopper in my next life.

Unknown said...

Pentagon City Nordstrom has LMdB now. Uh, oh.

Charlestongirl said...

Oh Oh - is right, Ava! Better start taking your lunch to work to save money for makeup. :)

I didn't know Nordstrom was bringing the line into the stores. I wonder if Tysons or Montgomery will get it. Time to put on my detective hat!