Sunday, December 5, 2010

Natura Bissé and an Upcoming Special Event at Neiman Marcus

I've been using Natura Bissé for more years than I care to count. The Spanish company makes excellent skin care for every type of skin.

My original introduction to Natura Bissé was made by Marilyn at Neiman Marcus. Marilyn had been to a Natura Bissé training class, and she had had an opportunity to try what is now called Glyco Peeling Exfoliant Treatment. Glyco Peeling comes in two strengths - 25% and 50%. Both feature glycolic acid and natural alpha hydroxy acids in a gel with a pH level that's complementary to the skin. Despite its heavy-duty strength, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells and reveals younger-looking skin with high-tech treatment ingredients. It was the first super-charged chemical exfoliant I found I could use on my sensitive skin, and I haven't been without it since. You should check it out if you find that physical exfoliators injure your skin.

Natura Bissé has a newer line, the NB-Ceutical Collection, that targets "inflamm-aging." The term inflamm-aging refers to aging caused by inflammation. It's a type of inflammation that you often don't see until the structure of your skin starts to degrade. Natura Bissé designed the NB-Ceutical Collection for sensitive and distressed skin, with 30 pro-tolerance ingredients to help prevent visible skin aging; stimulate the skin's natural defense, repairing, and regenerating systems; and raise the tolerance threshold for even the most sensitive skin to protect it from damage.

No matter what your skin concerns, Natura Bissé has a solution for you. It's a line that has earned a legion of celebrity fans, including Rachel Roy, Oprah, Beyonce, Melissa George, Nicolette Sheridan, Madonna - the list is very long. Just as long is the company's list of international skin care awards, from Vogue and Elle, to name just two.

This week, December 9, anyone living within driving distance of Neiman Marcus at Tysons Corner Center will have a unique opportunity to meet Michael Ann Guthrie, National Sales Director for Natura Bissé. Michael Ann is described as a pistol - a larger than life personality with a passion for skin care and a talent for connecting with customers. She has worked in the beauty industry for 25 years, and for the past 11 has been with Natura Bissé. Because she believes that having an educated customer is critical to having a happy customer (with great skin), Michael Ann travels extensively, introducing women to healthy skin care and the Natura Bissé line.

You can reserve time with Michael Ann by calling Denise Thomas, Natura Bissé Product Specialist at Neiman Marcus at (703) 761, 1600, extension 3279 or 3288. Or you can e-mail Denise at (she said it was OK to use her personal e-mail). Spend a half-hour with Michael Ann and get a personalized skin treatment plan - and, I'm told, some of the best entertainment you'll find at a beauty department counter.

Word has it that Neiman Marcus will have a special drawing for anyone who mentions Best Things in Beauty that day. Make sure to mention the blog! The event will be during In Circle, so there will also be a gift with purchase (and free samples, I'm sure), along with refreshments while you are there. Work nearby? Try to pop over at lunch or slip out a little early after work!

Photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Unknown said...

The only product I ever tried by NB is Hand Silk. I absolutely love the fact that it is waterproof and absorbs into my hands very quickly (and it has an SPF 15 in it too!). This is the only hand cream I ever liked.

The Beauty Bug said...

I have been using the Glyco Extreme peel for years, I won't be without it. Unfortunately, I don't live near a NM so I usually order it when the have a good GWP,

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anna - now I need samples of that! I'll be at Neiman Marcus politely begging this week!

Hey there, Beauty Bug, just let me know when I need to go into the personal shopper business. I could pick it up for you this week during In Circle. The "gift" with a $300 purchase is a bag with deluxe sample sizes of Presell Shock Complex, Diamond Extreme Eye, Diamond Extreme, Diamond Drops, and Diamond Mist. Want!

Miss Brahms said...

I love glycolic acid. I have extremely dry, but very sensitive skin, and I cannot use most mechanical exfoliants without damaging my thin, dry skin. Every winter, my forehead resembles the cracked, dry floor of Death Valley! A good friend once told me that the way to get rid of the "peelies" that winter brings was to use a glycolic acid exfoliator. Since then, I have been on a quest to find the holy grail of glycolic peels - and I have finally found it in Glyco Extreme Peel by Natura Bisse! Denise gave me a packet of the peel, which I rushed home to try. I was worried that the strength would trigger my rosacea, but my worries were unfounded - not even a sting when I applied the honey-consistency liquid to my face and chest. I left it on for the suggested time - still no sting, as i used to get from the MD Skincare Alpha Beta peel - and then I removed it - perfection! Dewy, soft, luminous skin! Denise says that because it is buffered, it is strong but gentle. I highly suggest this peel to anyone who needs or loves exfoliation but cannot use a scrub or microdermabrasion - the results are superlative!