Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Série Noire Jewel Lipstick Compact

I was surfing Sephora when I saw Guerlain's Rouge G de Guerlain Série Noire Jewel Lipstick Compact ($47), a limited-edition lipstick that is available online at Sephora. Even though I love Guerlain's Rouge G lip color, I don't love the heavy, mirror-laden compacts. These black ones caught my eye.

Then I read that the Série Noire formula is a light and creamy version of the original Rouge G lipstick. Hooked! I love light and creamy, and the color descriptions all said "sheer." With four shades available, I rolled the dice and selected the lightest and the darkest pink/rose tones: Rose Désir and Rouge Sensuel.

Here are the four shades, with their descriptions.
  • Rouge Sensuel (24), sheer berry red
  • Orange Euphorique (45), a sheer, apricot orange shade that's shown as new
  • Fuchsia Delice (70), sheer hot pink
  • Rose Désir (71), sheer light pink.
When they arrived, I tried on both of them immediately. I will get a lot of wear out of Rose Désir. Rouge Sensuel is a little bright for my taste, although I think it's flattering and makes my eyes pop blue. Bright rose shades always do that.

Here are some swatch photos of my two shades, taken in full sun. Some of the sparkle you see is pure sunlight. Rose Désir is shown at the top above right, and Rouge Sensuel below. I would like Rouge Sensuel more if it were as sheer as Rose Désir. I'll have to get brave to wear it.

These lipsticks are pleasantly hydrating. Given their weight, though, they will have to stay at my house. I don't want the extra weight in my handbag, which defeats the purpose of the gorgeous, sleek black compact. At least I satisfied my curiosity and perhaps yours too if you were thinking about ordering one of these.

They are available at Sephora. I have never seen them in a department store, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora


Bridget S. said...

These came out with the Spring 2011 collection and were available at the department stores, so beautiful! Rose Desir is such a great non-corpsey-nude colour! The magnet on these black cases does not seem as strong as the one on the silver cases though. I make sure to put it in a separate compartment in my handbag in case it opens on the go during the day. How is your recovery going? Able to straighten your knee fully yet? I hope so!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Bridget,

Yes! Thanks for asking! I have been able to straighten my knee since March, when they finally kicked me out of PT. :)

I figured these were new. Thanks for the launch info. Thanks also for the warning about the magnet. While I won't be traveling with them, most gals will be. They need to know that.

Love the Rose Désir shade!

Me said...

I'm a sore sucker for pretty packaging, and that looks lovely. I especially like Rouge Sensuel, as I don't do very well in nudes. Thanks for the great post.