Tuesday, May 3, 2011

La Prairie Colour for Summer 2011: Cellular Lip Colour Effects by Raychel Wade

La Prairie's Cellular Lip Colour Effects ($40) is available in two gorgeous new shades designed by Raychel Wade for the summer color collection. The luminous, transparent glazed gloss in Berry Glace was irresistible to me. I wanted the other new shade, Cocoa, too. It's brown and beautiful (shown below). I had an issue, though; I looked at my credit card bill online - something I try to avoid.

This irresistible "semi-gloss transparent glaze with lip-plumping properties helps restore youthful fullness while producing a natural luminosity that lasts and lasts." I can't tell you it plumps my lips, and I'm very glad it's not one of those bee-stinging plumpers that makes you miserable. The plumping effects come from its many conditioning and moisturizing ingredients.

Fortified with vitamins and botanicals, Cellular Lip Colour Effects soothes, conditions, and hydrates the lips. It is luxuriously smooth and easy to apply, with its nice doe-foot applicator. I love the windows on the tubes. It's easy to see the color when you are reaching for just the right La Prairie lip gloss.

Designed to be used alone or applied over your lipstick for added gloss and depth of color, this lovely gloss is extremely nice. I can get enough color by wearing it alone.

The colors Raychel designed for her summer collection coordinate perfectly with the eye shadow palette. I'll make sure to get you the swatch photos of that tomorrow. For now, rest your eyes on Berry Glace.

My swatch photos were taken outdoors in full, afternoon sun. They show the shade pretty well, I think. I included both photos because one shows more shine (reflected from the sun) than the other. I applied Berry Glace very heavily for the photos.

The shade is a a bit hard to describe - berry with a hint of warmth, maybe? It has attributes of pink, mauve, and rose, and it glows, even without sunshine. It's a beautiful shade.

Looking at you, I'm closing my eyes, and it's a work of art, a thing of beauty... and I will finish that off with a double helping of ooh-yeah. - Steven Tyler

What would you expect from Raychel Wade, a color expert? Want to know more about Raychel? Check out my interview with her at this link.

You can purchase Cellular Lip Colour Effects at La Prairie counters or at La Prairie's Web site. I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus.

Photos at top courtesy of La Prairie


lovethescents said...

Beautiful Berry Glace!! Since you've said your lips are quite pigmented naturally, what does this colour do to them, if anything at all? Just a swipe of gloss?

The website doesn't seem to have swatches of the colours. How delicious does 'quiet fig' sound?

Charlestongirl said...

There are swatches on the Web site. Click on The Shades tab, gal.

Quiet Fig is truly gorgeous.

My lips have medium pigmentation (I think), and Berry Glace gives them nice color.

Eileen said...

Oh, Charlestongirl, that Berry Glacé is scrumptious! Just when I thought I had wrapped up my lip purchases until the fall collections come out, you go and show a lip gloss that is right up my alley. When I drive to the Valley next week, I'll have to go have a look.

La Prairie is expensive to be sure because they're selling the concepts of privilege and exclusivity along with their really exceptional lip products. That being said, I remember vividly my first La Prairie lipstick. It was a stunning creation called Rose Bronze. When I first saw the price ($55), I balked thinking that I could easily find a more reasonably priced dupe. Well, I bought product after product in my attempt to fnd a dupe for La Prairie's beautiful color and lip nurturing formula, but there was always something lacking. I ended up spending much, much more than I would have had I simply purchased Rose Bronze to begin with. So, a wiser woman, I returned to the La Prairie counter and bought my beloved Rose Bronze. It's one of the very few shades that I've ever repurchased. The moral? Sometimes you just have to spend a bit more to get the treasured product because there really is no dupe for excellence.

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, I got up this morning and had a great laugh over that. I bought Bronze Rose, and I'll bet if I search the archives, I might find a stub of it. :)

It's so true! We balk at buying, but come back. There's nothing like some of the La Prairie colors. I've had an approach-avoidance conflict with LP for years. It is ridiculously expensive. With my new blushes, I didn't need to expensive case. I wonder how many women do. Maybe the compacts could have cost $10 less?

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

Oh goodness me those glosses look heavenly. I've never seen such pretty packaging. I particularly liked the look of the berry glace!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Hopelessly Devoted!

The gloss is "dynamite." It feels so good too. I'll bet you will like it. :)