Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A DOZEN ROSES, New Fragrance Collection Exclusive to Neiman Marcus

A DOZEN ROSES, a fragrance collection inspired by the emotions that roses can evoke, will launch exclusively at Neiman Marcus on July 17. Roses have inspired poets, artists, designers, and perfumers, of course. Now, they have inspired the fragrances of A DOZEN ROSES - modern, eclectic, and sexy fragrances created with a passion for art, perfumery, and unique bottle designs.

The creative fragrances are luxurious, delightful, and inspiring, spotlighting their shared rose essence uniquely. They may even win over some who have forsworn rose scents. The perfumers were given free rein to create the fragrances in the collection based on original artwork and the emotion of roses that inspired them. The results are artisanal scents, themselves works of art. Each original fragrance is imbued with 100% natural rose absolute essence wrapped in a complex, contemporary blend.

A passion for roses in art is showcased on the front and back of each fragrance bottle in the collection, paying homage to the beauty of the rose. Works of art themselves, the bottle designs evoke complex emotions and passions similar to the scents within.

A DOZEN ROSES is launching with three unique fragrances - each developed by a female perfumer at Givaudan. Although they share a signature rose absolute, the fragrances are very different.

Shakespeare in Love is a warm, comfortable scent, meant for the sweet, down-to-earth lady. She drinks red wine, lives in cashmere sweaters, and enjoys staying in on the weekends. It's a warm scent, luscious with jasmine, gardenia, and fresh pear, blended with creamy woods and vanilla, with a heart of blush rose and A DOZEN ROSES' signature rose absolute. Shakespeare in Love comes in a royal blue bottle.

Gold Rush is a rush of ecstasy - a sexy, rich scent, meant for the wild, confident gal. This gal drinks tequila, loves Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie, and spends her weekends at cocktail parties. Gold Rush is a blend of blackberry, neroli, and ylang ylang layered with the richness of bittersweet chocolate and ebony woods, all wrapped with the aura of the gold rush rose and the collection's signature rose absolute. This sultry fragrance comes in a black bottle highlighted by yellow.

Iced White is a clean, fresh scent - edgy and effervescent - meant for the cool, natural gal. She drinks gin and tonics, dresses simply in white cotton, and enjoys spending time outside. Iced White sparkles with a brisk mix of white on white: white peony, white primrose, and osmanthus. It cools down with vanilla, white musk, and rose absolute. Iced White was captured in a white bottle, accented by white, green, and violet.

I had an opportunity to try all three scents before this month's launch, and I am smitten! It would be hard for me to select only one. Sophisticated florals, the three fragrances are all captivating. They fall into that "I could live in these!" category of my fragrance collection.

I do have a favorite that might surprise you. It certainly surprised me. I would best be described as having a Shakespeare in Love personality. I do love red wine, and I'm likely to hang with the cats on the weekends. The divine Gold Rush captured my heart, even though I'm not a wild, tequila-drinking party lover. I was in my younger days; perhaps some vestige of those crazy days lies dormant in my personality.

Gold Rush will appeal to men - I have no doubt - but it's also for a confident woman, one who knows what she likes and isn't afraid to make a statement. While all three draw my nose to my arm, with Gold Rush I detect notes that are familiar. Rose, neroli, and ylang ylang are among my favorites. Enlivened with a thoroughly intoxicating blackberry and warmed by the chocolate and ebony woods, the familiar notes are suddenly new.

It's almost a tie between the other two for my affection. I like them for different reasons. Iced White is clean and fresh, with a powdery dry-down that I adore. Shakespeare in Love snags me as it settles in. The soft vanilla, paired with rose, is comforting.

The fragrances have arrived at the Neiman Marcus doors listed below, but are not scheduled to be available in store until July 17. I suspect you can sample the testers if you ask.

You can enjoy the passion, art, and perfumery of all three and decide which one you'll take home. Each 3.4-oz. fragrance is priced at $95. You will be able to purchase it at neimanmarcus.com (available now) and the following Neiman Marcus locations.

Neiman Marcus Doors
Beverly Hills
San Francisco
Coral Gables
Honolulu - Ala Moana
Chicago - Michigan Avenue
Chicago - Northbrook
Las Vegas
Short Hills
Dallas - North Park
Dallas - Willow Bend
Fort Worth
Houston Galleria
Newport Beach
Tysons Galleria

Photos courtesy of A DOZEN ROSES


Anonymous said...

This exclusive fragrance will also be available in Newport Beach, CA July 17th. Come and check it out. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Neiman Marcus
601 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Anonymous said...

These sound lovely!!! Oh, I hope I can make it down to the States for a shopping trip soon! I have a list a mile long now!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks! I wasn't given the California info, and I'm glad you left the comment. I added it to the list - too early in the morning to check with New York, but I will later to ensure future lists include our SoCal friends.

Charlestongirl said...

Tracy, they are seriously lovely! Hope you can get to a NM to try!

lovethescents said...

Thank you for this info! I didn't hear about these until now :-) I do love roses....Les Parfums de Rosines does some lovely interpretations, one of my favorites being Rose Kashmiri. I also love Floris's Snow Rose, all soft and fuzzy. You must try those too! If a certain box ever arrives.....*sigh*

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents!

I don't know how they kept a lid on this news, given the beauty of these fragrances. :)

Boxes delayed by that postal strike could be anywhere! Was never so glad for FedEx. Even if it is more expensive.

Miss Brahms said...

Come on over to Tysons Galleria in Virginia and ask me for a sample - I'd be happy to give you one! The bottles are PURE ARTWORK. Very nice dressing table appeal for your fragrance wardrobe!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi everyone, I was just able to confirm Newport Beach AND neimanmarcus.com. Thanks to our first comment and a follow-up with PR.