Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss

I had been contemplating a long weekend with no makeup deliveries - agony for a makeup addict. No UPS, no FedEx, no Postal Service after Saturday (when they typically deliver nothing of importance - sometimes I think there's a strategy to convince us we don't need Saturday delivery). Then, I got lucky on Friday. My Zuneta box arrived filled with Rouge Bunny Rouge treasures. I've been doling them out to myself one at a time. I think I can stretch them though the weekend's makeup drought.

There are six shades available in Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss ($34.12).
  • Jungle Fudge
  • Fleur Parfait
  • Frappe Forever
  • Sweet Souffle
  • Trifle Rich
  • Crisp Sorbet
While imagining the sweet treats after which they are named, I selected Crisp Sorbet (#055) and Fleur Parfait (#056). Those are two of the desserts I would have ordered in a restaurant. It was a tough selection process. Each of the shades looked delicious.

If you've been reading my odyssey through Rouge Bunny Rouge, you'll know there's a story to go with each item. With this story, there are fewer butterflies and bunnies. The Enchanted Garden must have a dessert bar!

This line of glosses is an exceptionally tempting interpretation of the ambrosial table of sweets in the Enchanted Garden. Naughty, but oh-so-nice!

Think of lusciously ripe fruit dipped in the shiniest of honeys. Your lips will be optically plumped to a mouth-watering fullness and a lavish dream-star shine. Irresistible. Like a scrumptious dessert that cheers you to the bones just by inhaling it, these glassy glosses radiate spicy sweetness and utter intoxicating decadence.

All of these candy drops of color are heaped with exotic ingredients, and some abound with minute pearlized particles to sparkle your lips with glittering bejeweled effects. People will gaze at you with shiny-eyed infatuation, longing that you will possibly get ... a ... little ... bit ... closer.

Ultra-glossy finish with a soothing and protective blend of paper birch extract and woodland figwort speaks of the wild freshness, naturally. Antioxidant and anti-aging, our formula also contains cotton tree fruit extract to hydrate and revitalize.

What unusual ingredients! The boxes, as all Rouge Bunny Rouge boxes, are delightful. I hate to recycle them! So far, I've kept each, but know that at some point they will have to go. The glosses? Here was my first view taken through a camera's lens. I immediately saw that the two shades had a different look in the tube. I quickly learned that they did on my lips too.

Crisp Sorbet is described as a cushiony soft sheer coconut ice pink, with coral and gold opalescence. Fleur Parfait is described as a cushiony soft semi-opaque mauve pink with subtle silver highlights. That offers my clue for selecting my next shade. It will be "sheer." I prefer that look in this gloss.

My swatch photo was taken in full sun. Even with the sun's reflection, I think you will be able to detect the difference in formula. Crisp Sorbet sparkles with a sheer wash of fireworks. Fleur Parfait offers more color and a less flamboyant shine. Both colors are delicious, as their titles suggested.

The sheer Crisp Sorbet has an overall effect of peach, with a ripe fruity flavor that is fleeting. Fleur Parfait is light on my lips. I might not have selected it in person, but it's a delightful blue-pink gloss that will be fabulous over the brown-toned lipsticks I adore. The shades have some substance on my lips, meaning they last beyond the first hour of wear.

I am batting 100% with my Rouge Bunny Rouge orders. I have a few more treasures from this shipment. As I experience them over the next few days, I'll share them.

You can purchase Rouge Bunny Rouge at Zuneta, a fabulous online boutique for beauty addicts.

Photo at top courtesy of Zuneta; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Flyavsted said...

They look gorgeous!! I have been dreading ordering RBR from Zuneta as I know I will at a least pay $100 dollars only in customs when everything I want arrive. I am putting these two on my list though! ;) I just searched your blog for storage ideas and didn't find anything. Could you give me (or everyone) some great storage ideas?

Charlestongirl said...

Flyavsted, check with Zuneta. I don't think you will be paying customs charges. I don't want to say more here.

I use those plastic shoe boxes. They are perfect for storing makeup by brand. They stack too.

Unknown said...

I've been curious about these glosses as I've only tried their Gleaming Temptations glosses thus far. They look gorgeous. Thanks!

Charlestongirl said...

You know me, PerilouslyPale, I just dove in and selected a few! Glad I did.